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  1. Hello, Please have a look at this topic I am surprised that Meteo information is so OLD ... V6 flying in South America? | HiFi Simulation Technologies Forums (hifisimtech.com) Thanks in advance Emile
  2. Hello, Since the latest WIn11 update I have the feeling that many of my P3D V6 file have been moved to the One Drive and when I start P3d I have to wait that these file are up loaded again ... How to avoid this? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, Windows Configuration Update (KB5030509) will not install. It keeps saying "Pending restart" I restarted, and it just goes back to "Pending restart" After the latest Windows update I have this problem on my test system and not on my Full P3d Game system. Sometimes after the restart my system just power off or start normally ... but pending restart On the Microsoft Community it is suggested to reinstall Window via ISO ??? Any other solution? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, Where did you find this tool? I looked at Simmarket and Pilot's but I did not see it.. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I have installed it on my V6 and i like it , I was using FreeMesh , is it beter .. I do not know I hope that they will propose some upgrades if needed.... I "fly" above Australia for the moment, north part and this is flat. ... I also use the texture from ALeclercqCreations available on Facebook and these are GREAT ... Hoop it helps Regards
  6. Thanks Rein2 Have a nice day
  7. PILOT’S release FL Global Mesh Ultimate 2024 – Prepar3D Who use? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks LorbySi Btw Win 11 does NOT accept to load your Tool...
  9. Thanks for your help Luke ...and Cheers very positive ???🙃
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