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  1. Hello, found this error [error.1] error=Unable to find model for AI_Guayaquil_No_Flag
  2. Hello, I use the same aircrafts in P3D 4.5 HF3 .... no jumps...
  3. Hello, CYYD but this is only an example : all airports in may case Correction : all airports where I have been....
  4. Hello, I had jumping aircrafts , I deleted and reinstalled Scenery and content ... BUT I still have jumping aircrafts. Sorry for the bad quality, video taken with my phone. Sorry fot the movements at the beginning How to correct this? Video taken with my Phone .. sorry for the bad quality and the mouvements at the beginning...
  5. Hello, "Thx Emile, what is your VRAM usage and diponibility in P3D V5 ? Did you notice a combination of vram with P3D V5 ?" To be honest I never checked the VRAM.....
  6. Hello, I use 2 video cards a 950 and a 1080 TI with 3 monitors on V5 HF , No problems
  7. Hello, P3d V5.1 I have the same "bumping" aircrafts (different ones ) also when taxying NOT all airports... I do not have this with my P3d V4.5 HFs on the same airports... no idea .. yet
  8. Hello, 2 nd question : how to uninstall rex HD Airports? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Rob, I have send a mail with screen shots
  10. Hello Rob, I use it in V5 HF1 but now I start to have an red error message "sound error" and this error at the left of the Groundhandling window. I wil lreinstall your tool and check again Have a nice day
  11. Hello, Witch effects do you recommand? Thanks in advance
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