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  1. Corsair and AMD are in general not good friends. G Skill and Kingston on the other hand are. Is the Corsair memory model on the QVL listing of your particular motherboard?
  2. Some of, if not the best shots I have seen. Well done.
  3. Sounds youre running out of Vram. Lower your texture quality and maybe resolution and see if stuttering stops. If it does, your 3080 does not have enough Vram.
  4. 1. Did you disconnect from internet when using DDU? 2. Did you use DDU in safe mode? 3. Is the card seated thoroughly? 4. Does the card power up? 5. Does the monitor recognise the display connection type? (HDMI, DP) 6. Is your power supply sufficient? 7. Do you use separate power cables to the card from the power supply? There is a lot of things we need to know. From which card model did you upgrade to which card model? A lot of things can play a role. More info is needed.
  5. FSR3 has got nothing to do with DLSS. FSR is the COMPETITOR to DLSS. In the case of FSR3: All DX11 and DX12 capable Geforce and Radeon graphics cards will be able to use it. In the case of DLSS3.5: Only Geforce RTX 2000, 3000 and 4000 series cards will be able to use it. Both FSR3 and DLSS3.5 are Frame Generators.
  6. My experience: I switch from a RTX 3090 to 6900XT, and couldn't be happier. With the NVidia card I also had to do some tweaking, and constantly running with MSI Afterburner in order to keep the voltage and temperatures in check. With the 6900XT it was also plug and play, and the card is super smooth. I am running 3440 x 1440. My 3090 is now stored in its box on the shelf.
  7. Lol... But yes, the Continentals can be a word not allowed at best of times.
  8. Hi Ray, 1. Ensure your memory states AMD EXPO certified under the specs, this will ensure that the motherboard will load the optimized timings for your RAM automatically. 2. Try and get minimum 6000 Mhz memory for your PC, as this is the sweetspot for the new Ryzens, with CAS latency of 30 or 32. The price difference between the 5600 and 6000 is minimal. Congratulations on your new machine. The brands you picked are super, and you will have a blast with it. Regards
  9. Very nice build. Make sure though that the memory is "AMD Expo" certified, as this will ensure optimal timings will be loaded, very important. Also, try to buy CL32 or lower memory. (I cannot deduct from your list what CAS this memory would be). Regards
  10. Because of the dual CCD's in the 7950X3D vs the single CCD in the 7800X3D, and the fact that the V-Cache is only applied on one CCD whether it's the 7800X3D, 7900X3D or 7950X3D.
  11. Most probably more GPU bound in this scenario. I expect the X3D to only increase its lead with more graphics cards.
  12. I just wanted to post the same, hell no for those ugly winglets....
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