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  1. I haven't received the SP1 yet by mail. Anyone else having problems not getting the update? Bought directly from Milviz's store.
  2. For those with all AMD machines: Ensure you have SAM enabled in your BIOS. AMD is continuously refining SAM enhancements with each new driver release. And by the way, the new Adrenaline 22.8.1 drivers has been released yesterday.
  3. Same for me with 5800X and 6800XT. Very smooth experience.
  4. I agree. I cannot stop flying this plane. By far my favourite. Well done to Flysimware.
  5. Yes. Its the one twin I'm always thinking of when I start up my sim. It's the twin I want the most....
  6. O wow yes. I have been wanting a Vanguard since forever. Come on Just Flight.... please....
  7. Do your research with professional hardware review sites. You will find the Radeons equal to Geforces, and in some cases better. I have two RTX (3090 and 2080Ti) and two Radeons (6800XT and 6900XT). My Radeons serve on my main PC's (one of which is my MSFS machine), and they are rock solid, good drivers and cooler with lower watts than the Geforces. People are too fast recommending Geforces as if it was still the year 2004.
  8. I'm using one. Great card, stable and super performance. Without starting a war, I used a RTX 3090, but the Radeon image quality is better in a subtle way, images slightly sharper, colours more natural for me. And this card runs MUCH cooler and MUCH quieter, with performance close to that of the 3090 at nearly 100W less power usage. (resolution 3440 x 1440). And before anyone asks, I still enjoy my 3090, just in another PC.
  9. That 9900K is still an excellent CPU. I wouldn't bother, rather spend money on upgrading your GPU (shop carefully and you will get fair prices). Especially with DX12 eventually maturing on the sim, your graphics card with more VRam will give you bigger benefits.
  10. Running a 6800XT for MSFS, great card, drivers rock solid. Always keep in mind that the installation procedure between NVidia and AMD differs slightly when it comes to drivers. I also have a 6900XT, 3090 and 2080Ti in other PC's of mine, all great cards, though I prefer the Radeons for colour and clarity. Regards
  11. I can confirm the shader colour difference, much more natural. And yes, it is not placebo. Because of this difference in shading I am also running DX12 exclusively.
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