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  1. AMD is also releasing the new Radeon RX6000 series next week. And with more Vram than NVidia. Wait for them if you can.
  2. Black screen problems have been reported with some of the latest Nvidia drivers, so most probably not the sim causing it? Have you installed the latest 456.71 WHQL driver?
  3. Yes, correct. I mean performance improvement in terms of load spreading over more cores, which should lead to a smoother experience. I should've been clearer.
  4. Yes, DirectX 11 is not the best API to spread workload across cores and threads, which MSFS uses at the moment. The better API's for utilization of more cores and threads is DirectX 12 and Vulkan. So, the situation with MSFS will only really change when it is move onto DirectX 12. That is why XP11 also runs bit smoother, as it is running on Vulkan. No fiddling on earth is going to make a major difference with MSFS at present unfortunately. I believe the biggest jump in performance for MSFS will come when they move it to DirectX 12, hopefully sooner than later.
  5. Yes, always a good exercise, which will get your gamma, brightness and contrast more in line. Easiest is to type "calibrate" into your search on your taskbar, click on "Calibrate your display", follow the steps right through, and your done. Thereafter make sure you load the colour profile that was saved after this exercise as your default, and your set. It does make a nice difference to your graphics. Here's a link: https://winaero.com/calibrate-display-colors-windows-10/#:~:text=Click the button " Calibrate display ". The,create a Display Calibration shortcut in Windows 10. Regards
  6. Hi Mike, normally it is recommended to run full RGB if you connect TV as monitor to PC. Thereafter, recommend to do a calibration, you can use the one build in with Windows 10.
  7. Clock speed alone is never the only factor in terms of performance. You forgot IPC.
  8. This is a super board, one of the best on the market.
  9. Interesting note there F737NG on the non-stuttering of the Ryzen CPU's. I can attest to this, as I have been running MSFS2020 on both my i7 9900K and Ryzen7 3800XT, both machines with Radeon vii. I had some stuttering on the Intel machine, literally none on the Ryzen. The Ryzen is simply a smoother experience. I run both Radeon vii's at exactly the same settings and clock profiles. Both CPU's at stock settings, both machines on ASUS Strix boards (Z390 and X570 chipset based).
  10. You dont need freestyle for this. You can also directly download Reshade with the necessary shaders and play around with it in the sim.
  11. Excellent upgrade. Try and go for higher clocked memory up to 3800mhz, though not THAT important, but Ryzen loves fast memory. You will be very happy with the system.
  12. Strongly recommend you look at Asus x570 Prime-P. Very good VRM, no frills board at good price. I use this, and its brilliant with good support.
  13. Yours quite normal. My CPU max 70, GPU 63. (3600X, Radeon vii).
  14. Wow. Well done you guys. This is a buy for me. Any chance you may upgrade your great 441 and 402?
  15. Hi Greg, yes also flying the Shrike in v5 HF2, no problems. Regards
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