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  1. He is using a Radeon RX 580 graphics card, not Geforce. Windows 1903 update has enhanced scheduler functions for the Ryzen CPU. I suspect it has something to do with that also. I would be very interested in what you have noticed further, as I am planning to go full AMD also with my new build for P3D. Very interesting observation.
  2. I use Opus for weather, Skyforce and Environment force, and very happy.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with bloom, HDR, etc. I run SF and EF on calibrated monitor, which I believe is important to have if one wants real world shading. I have compared my images within P3D with videos and photos, and it is as close as word not allowed to the real thing. Also run EF in auto mode. I calibrate my monitor once in terms of brightness, contrast and gamma, that's it, using Windows 10's build in calibration utility.
  4. I absolutely agree. Blown away by how realistic the whole environment looks and feels. For me this at present is the perfect package.
  5. I do exactly what John and Pracines do, and it works. Always keep a can of Electro Cleaner handy.
  6. Ken, Logitech updated all drivers, available on their site. I'm using all panels, with yoke, quadrants and rudder, no issues using just these drivers, Windows 10 64.
  7. Me too. Happens with all default and payware piston planes I have. Full install.
  8. Hi Ray, Just for info, I also have the strange pausing behaviour in 3d cockpit.
  9. Had a crash yesterday also on 411.63. Updated my Realtek sound driver to 8541, and Nvidia to 411.70. All seems well now again. I found 411.63's a bit unstable in different games on my system. It may be driver related.
  10. Yup, had the same issue since late last week after update from Windows 10 and Nvidia drivers (411.63). Don't know which is causing what.
  11. Boez, I was wrong. Too excited with the Beech I guess. You are correct. Marius
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