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    MSI mobo Z97, i7 7900K 4 core 4.40 Ghz, MSI/GTX 1080Ti 6 GB, FuryX SSD 480 GB (c:\) WD HDD 4 TB (P3Dv4.5.1) xplane-11 sometimes

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  1. Good day, can you can on the application processes after departing. I am flying over GB and experiencing pauses do to high CPU uages https://i.imgur.com/iDLk0vz.png
  2. Looking forward to the updates so I can return to the joy 🙂
  3. Having the same issue as well 1.2, heavy stutters and long pauses at landing touchdowns and taxing to aprons. Had to uninstall to resolve.
  4. "Meshup" of scenery shots. Pardon me if I can't remember the ICAOs. The VA I fly takes me to every corner and every Airline and then some.
  5. +1 . I know it is mentioned that a hot fix is in the mix. Please make it soon as a 30 min indexing is insane and can only get worst when adding more of my scenery. Im current at 600+ addon scenery or lets just say.My scenery layer is at 792 ( and I still have more to install.)
  6. Same here for both Alabeo and Carenado..I m dead in the water
  7. Ever since 9.1 I am stuck at load addon airports. Has a fix/solution been confirmed?
  8. For the Love of Xplane Filou..:) beautiful shots
  9. Hello aviator enthusiast I have many, perhaps too many hours in the sim and i have been to places that I may never see/visit outside of the virtual world. However, much of what I have seen is encouraging and I have set my sights on traveling. But at the moment allow me to share some recent places of my virtual travel. Please be advised all shots are using p3dv4.5 and my sim is heavily loaded. Enjoy
  10. Made no explicit claim to this only improved cloud shadows (which I can't say in what way and therefore maybe marginal improvements)
  11. absolutely, An expense I could have not incurred..(gladly saved for scenery). I thought it was more to it but I could not locate any file or separate script folder after running the tool. So I ventured into the cfg after two attempts to contact the developer (to no avail). Found the difference between a prior cfg before the Trueshadow modified and reverted.
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