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    MSI mobo Z97, i7 7900K 4 core 4.40 Ghz, MSI/GTX 1080Ti 6 GB, FuryX SSD 480 GB (c:\) WD HDD 4 TB (P3Dv4.5.1) xplane-11 sometimes

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  1. Wow, Xplane is really looking better at filling that sparse look it uses to have. Great shots
  2. Thank you Thank you Appreciate it, thank you. Thank you all, I'm just returning to the sim and forum, I am really appreciative that you've all enjoyed them.
  3. I found that if you're missing the 787 aircraft from populating the commercial selection and you own Prem- Deluxe MSFS, and it is showing as installed, uninstall it and reinstall it. I had the issues after switching from BETA MSFS to official MSFS.
  4. Truly, I just purchased it for xp12...I like what I'm seeing here. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Love it...Also, a little tip; removing FSLTL and reinstalling/repair PMDG will fix your contrails. You can then place FSLTL back into the Community folder.
  6. Collection of shots around and inside MSFS...(plus addons 🙂
  7. Good day, can you can on the application processes after departing. I am flying over GB and experiencing pauses do to high CPU uages https://i.imgur.com/iDLk0vz.png
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