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    MSI mobo Z97, i7 4790K 4 core 4.40 Ghz, MSI/GTX 980Ti 6 GB, FuryX SSD 480 GB (c:\) WD HDD 4 TB (P3Dv3.4.9)

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  1. usaboy

    Random Screenshots

    excellent capture of the moments
  2. Seemingly, there is no shine or reflections on myDA62
  3. usaboy

    WW Arrivals

    Thx all No this is p3dv4.4. I'm not going to install 4.5 until I have all clearance for FSlabs, PMDG, Majestic, Qwings, Fligh1, Vegas:), EFBv2 TfDi, maddog etc, So it looks like a week or two for V4.5 and me
  4. usaboy

    WW Arrivals

    Random arrivals.... Cheers
  5. usaboy

    WW Departures

    haha...I hear ya Thx all
  6. Back again in a two part series where the first; hence the title, focuses on the variety of airports visited and departing via VA schedules. Hope you enjoy Let's get aboard Cheers
  7. Excellent..but you're on your meaning to the phrase...Solo Flight lol
  8. usaboy

    Icing on the cake

    Correct As for other addons - Tomatoshade and REXskyforce are used to enhance P3dv4.4
  9. usaboy

    Icing on the cake

    Thx all, The snow effects are part in partial to the respective scenery addons. The crj shot on the ground at Flytampa BOS. (also special effects sliders are maxed) P3dv4.4.
  10. Random shots looking for that frosty topping and not so frosty toppings
  11. usaboy

    The Sun and Dragon: Transasia.

    excellent... Yeah it drives me nuts the the best A330/a340 is only available in fs9.
  12. usaboy

    Falcon 7X ... New Private Jet

    now with that..I would fly the Wilco 7x in a heartbeat. I hope Wilco is paying attention. I'd love to see with an update is made by Wilco to bring it to this quality.
  13. Good day Kevin, I have noticed lately that while panning inside or outside of the aircraft causes the dynamic lighting to flicker on and off. This happens with landing lights, VC lighting and dynamic lighting at the airports. Should " Running your simulator with a clean directory configuration" help fix this? I never deleted this before. I take it is the same as the shaders and the p3d.cfg in that on restart it rebuilds its self. And if I do delete, do I need to do anything else like reinstall the oldprop effects? Thanks Keino
  14. usaboy

    Its well

    Thank you all. Glad you've enjoyed them. There are three of them there John Samos -LGSM (29palms) Dash 8 on tiny island is LGKJ - Kastellorizo (FSDG) and LGTS Thessaloniki (FSDG) - Embraer 145
  15. Just another couple of days at the office...... but getting out nonetheless you didn't think I'd stay in one place did you?...This is P3d...get out there