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  1. As far as performance goes, I'm sure if Aerofly figured it out, then so have Microsoft. P3D is outdated and nothing will really change that. The fundamentals are just bad. I was really surprised to find out Orbx has nothing to do with this. I also find it hard to believe MS is going to deliver complex aircraft with full systems, as we know how much time these things take to develop. Now, I also think I saw some mentions over collaborating with add-on creators. I believe FlyTampa and Flightbeam are involved, but I might be wrong. It's fun to speculate, but let's see what happens.
  2. What settings did you use? LM's default is brightness on 1.10 and HDR saturation @ 0.8, etc'.
  3. By undoing what you did. SweetFX itself most likely didn't hurt your fps, but if you added AA settings to inspector, then that might have. I apologize for not replying lately, I've been crazy busy at work.
  4. Shocking how fast things transpire in this world. My condolences to his family.
  5. EMT is only required in order to fool ezca cfg to add the camera entries to aircraft folders in p3d.
  6. Ok.. some rumors de-mystified: 1.17 works perfectly fine under p3d 2.3 and win 8.1. However, this is the situation.. a lot of people are installing p3d on a fresh win 8.1, meaning without installing fsx first. What does it do? it creates a problem, where simconnect isn't installed nor gets installed by the p3d installer. Therefore, LM has included a few simconnect setup files in a folder called 'redist' in p3d root folder. Inside of it, there are few versions of simconnect. You have to install the latest one (sp2) in order to regain functionality for Ezdok, but wait that's not all. You also need to create a simconnect.xml file and put it where your dll.xml and exe.xml are. Then, your Ezdok will work. Look for my thread with detailed explanation.
  7. If you run win7 or 8.0, then it should work properly. Unfortunately, win 8.1 is out of the question for the time being. Glad it's working out for ya.
  8. Look who's back: http://www.simforums.com/Forums/technical-support-will-not-work-up-to-7-sept_topic49995.html Probably in continuance to my thread here: http://www.simforums.com/Forums/topic49976_post309073.html
  9. He's using a pirated copy. :unsure: I'm not sure why my thread was deleted.. it had nothing offensive in it and could have possibly urge the developer to come back. :( Anyway, it's also posted in the ezdok support forum, where he might actually see it and respond.
  10. Hover ezdok on taskbar and check the thread I started earlier. Sounds like the same issue. Which win version do you use ? Richard.. the xml bit is required for all versions of p3d. That's not special for 2.3. The reason why it doesn't work for some lays somewhere else, perhaps a little more intricate to solve. Applying "take ownership" all over your drive is not a good advice as it can mess up windows default permissions. It's recommended to apply as less permission tweaks as possible.
  11. The Estonia tool can help with only one thing and that is adding camera entries to aircraft. For all the rest of it, you don't need Estonia one second.
  12. I'm having serious issues with ezdok halting while loading into the sim.. some frigging permission issue on win 8.1. Terrible support over at their forums.. or rather I say, they prefer refraining to "not officially supported on win 8/8.1". Now where is that guy Marniftarr? is he dead? well guess not.. so how rude is it to keep charging premium and just avoid people like that? because if they (f1) keep charging.. it's very simple -he gets his share. So at least stop avoiding us and make the damn thing compatible.. how long will it take? few hours of coding? a day? disgusting behavior. :mad: Truly though? the big losers here are Opus. They could have taken this opportunity WAY LONG AGO to part away their weather app from the camera app, equal their camera app to ezdok and then we could all get rid of ezdok, once and for all. This is really holding the community back and I wish for the developer that will finally take notice and come up with a new add-on. Ezdok is on it's last legs. Another update from Microsoft or LM and it will stop working completely. And btw, I don't get exhausted with add-ons all too quickly.. it's just really that bad when it comes to ezdok.
  13. Don't bother guys, just go to the website in my sig, there's also a dedicated support forum, right here on Avsim. Cheers! Oh, and disregard the first post, it's using an old version of Inspector and the info is outdated.
  14. You shouldn't experience a CTD. Did you check in-game AA and still received a CTD? was it an immediate CTD?
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