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  1. What settings did you use? LM's default is brightness on 1.10 and HDR saturation @ 0.8, etc'.
  2. adi518

    Track IR and P3d 2.5

    It's Simconnect halting it. Since P3D, unlike FSX, does not install this component. That's why latest Ezdok update includes the setup file for it.
  3. adi518

    gtx970 sli opinions please

    I'm running 970 SLI too. I do not recommend getting a 970 since the Nvidia fiasco bursted out. Without getting into too much debate, you're getting a 3.5GB card, instead of 4GB. Read more about it in various articles. SLI will not be efficient until LM overhaul their code, while working close with Nvidia. Looks like it's going to take time. I do expect them to accomplish that way before DX12 becomes mainstream.
  4. adi518

    Welcome everyone!

    By undoing what you did. SweetFX itself most likely didn't hurt your fps, but if you added AA settings to inspector, then that might have. I apologize for not replying lately, I've been crazy busy at work.
  5. adi518

    SweetFX enabling

    It's auto initiated when the sim boots.
  6. adi518

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Shocking how fast things transpire in this world. My condolences to his family.
  7. adi518

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    That's because dx11 tech provides faster rendering techniques. It's all about efficiency.
  8. adi518

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Guys, this product is the answer to the old 2d clouds tech. No more spinning clouds artifacts. This is utilizing the volumetric tech enabled by DX11. It's an inevitable move into something new and better. This may also pose as a bypass solution to clouds hammering performance in p3d.
  9. adi518

    Sweetfx + P3Dv2 + Win8.1 = absolute FSXness

    I can't stress enough that SFX is becoming more and more incompatible with p3d as new versions of p3d are released. This is something that we don't have much control of. If you want to get it running again, then go back to Win 7 or wait for the developers to come out with a new SFX, or, for the unlikely to happen, which is LM changing something in their code to make it work correctly. The stuff you can find on my site was only good for up-to Win 7 and P3D 2.2. As you can see I state that a Win 8 version is offered as beta only , and therefore not guaranteed to work. Since I'm on Win 8 now, me too, can't use SFX properly now. It's an annoyance, I agree, but again, not much we can do about it.
  10. LM is yet to implement water in all it's glory. The whitecaps 'issue' was raised some time ago and it was told that LM will improve the water and bring back the whitecaps effect. Of course, it won't be looking the same as FSX DX9, because this is a new tech, supposed to be looking MUCH better and act a lot more realistic. I think 2.4 water already look way better than previous versions so definitely, LM is stepping in the right direction, just give 'em time.
  11. adi518

    P3D SweetFX and Menu Bar

    You can try the beta package from my website. Basically, with each p3d 2 update, SFX will have more and more issues. Especially, if you use WIN 8 like me. The people who made SFX are working on a new effects framework that will be much more compatible with DX11 titles. I think we can expect it in 2015 as the developers are progressing very slowly, mostly because current SFX works for many, many other titles, meaning they are not rushing to release the new version.
  12. adi518

    has anyone experienced this ?

    Hmm, I can't recall this problem. Happens with certain aircraft add-on or a global artifact?
  13. Yes, do not confuse SweetFX with Shader. They may resemble each other, but they're two different purposes. As for DSR. With some tweaking it may be able to replace SFX sharpening, but I haven't really tested it to tell. DSR is basically a new method of down-sampling, a mean to reduce jaggies instead of using an AA method like MSAA, SGSS etc'.