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  1. Gridley

    New to p3dv4 and wondering something...

    Good discussion - thanks for the post and comments. The main reason I spend less time simming than I'd like is due to this self-imposed complexity which grows over time in an effort to get more and more realistic. My work flow goes like this: Decide if I'm going to fly in VR or not (if I want to take screenshots, or if I plan on being AFK on autopilot for a while, I'll avoid VR) and possibly change settings as appropriate. I almost always fly in USA, so I'll hop on Wundermap to check for some interesting weather - usually something VFR-ish with something interesting along the way, usually deciding between New England or Southern California. Then I'll decide if I want to use AirHauler2 and actually fly a mission or just fly for fun. Usually I'll use an online flight planner if I'm flying a route to create and save a flight plan. Then I'll fire up Active Sky for P3D, ASCA, and load the flight plan I created. If I'm flying a plane with a configurator, run that and set up options. Then I'll start FlyInside if I'm flying VR, or just P3D if not. Set date/time to current or as desired, clear weather. Load into a default aircraft in a simple airport (Cub at 3B3 is my go to). Then I'll change aircraft and allow it to fully load. Then I'll load my flight plan and move to the correct departure and gate/parking. Wait for ActiveSky to do it's thing. I usually use VoxATC, so I'll enable that and let voices load and for it to create its AI. If I'm flying an A2A aircraft, I then argue with myself whether I should just hit Ctrl-E or actually do a sim-walkaround and use the real startup procedure. Usually I'm just dying to get in the air by this time and I forego that stuff and hit Ctrl-E. All told, it probably takes me 15-30min just to get to this point. I'd love to have a simpler way to get started without sacrificing any of these components...
  2. Gridley

    Trim wheel not working in P3D v4

    Did an axis accidentally get assigned to trim? Try clearing it if so.
  3. Gridley

    Anyone flying a hurricane hunter with live WX?

    AFAIK, Active Sky is the only engine to simulate tropical systems. Others would rely on reporting stations....I have been dying to take the P3D C-130 up for some "hunting" but just haven't found the time recently...
  4. Gridley

    PROBLEM - Freeflow Florida

    Keep me posted. I'm one of the authors. Happy to help get you going...
  5. Gridley

    PROBLEM - Freeflow Florida

    There's a special version of Freeflow Florida that works with UTUSA - did you install that one or the full package?
  6. @whitav8 is spot on. Here's my spin: 1. Use to find prices if you're willing to build (just do it). They also have a "Build Guide" to help you out - tremendously useful. 2. If you can wait a bit, the newer nvidia RTX cards will have much better VR performance. 3. I went the oculus rift route after trying a vive and reading a lot about the competitors, and very happy I did - the biggest drawback with the early generation headset was the screen door effect -SDE. I feel like the vive oriented the "screen door" vertically, which makes it easier to see or perceive despite the higher resolution, whereas the oculus is angled a bit so it's not as obvious - someone correct me if I'm off, but I love it! Once you're settled, get a copy of IL2-BoX - best VR combat sim experience there is!
  7. Gridley

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    I know this doesn't help your situation, but I haven't had an issue lately. Currently downloading between 5-6 MB/s.
  8. Totally legit. If you're logged in, you should be able to go to and download the setup application - I just did with no issues. Or are you saying the setup application is not able to download the content?
  9. Gridley

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Great - thanks all! I'm just downloading v4.3 as we speak and will give it a go this weekend!
  10. Gridley

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Thanks buddy. I'm taking the plunge tonight, but won't likely have much time to sim until later in the week - will report back if know first!
  11. Just checking to see if it will need an update....
  12. Can you change the subject line so everyone knows this is a list of known compatible stuff not just AI lights? Thanks for compiling.
  13. Gridley

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I can't wait to do some hurricane hunting in the C-130!
  14. It might be case sensitive, and your SimObjects folder is names Simobjects with a lower case O...
  15. Is there a simple launcher that allows switching between optimized p3d.cfg, scenery.cfg and cameras.cfg files (and any other config files) for VR vs. full screen?