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  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing, added to my watch list!
  2. https://hawaii-photoreal.com/
  3. Is your sim only crashing while using VoxATC?
  4. I ended up buying ORBX Alaska mesh and three airports for MSFS. I seem to only be flying small planes and bush trips in MSFS, so I thought that would be a fun addition.
  5. For me, if I open the camera menu, and turn on TrackIR, it works, but it seems to be constantly turning it back off...
  6. Visited that area back in June - beautiful place!
  7. Accu-feel changes aircraft physics adding momentum and such, while real-turb is geographic in nature, adding turbulence to the environment. They in theory should work perfectly together.
  8. RXP is up to cycle 2004 so it's pretty good.
  9. I'd also add in the FSW Falcon 50. Better with RXP but a nice sim without that as well.
  10. I agree with Ryan. As far as I know, there's no external weather engine capable of depicting accurate spatially resolved weather, meaning you get whatever metar you're closest to globally, then when you move to another metar, the weather resets globally. No moving into fronts, no thunderstorms in the distance, etc. Once we get Active Sky for MSFS, along with a decent AI package, I'm all in. Until then it's P3D with AS/ASCA and VoxATC using AIG for me.
  11. There really is nothing like the immersion of VR. I play a lot of IL2-BoX in VR and the experience of "being" in those WWII cockpits is amazing. But the key for me is user experience and if it takes too long to set up or if the performance lags, it's a barrier to spending more time in whatever sim you're trying to enjoy. For P3D and MSFS, I spend more time 2D with TrackIR than VR. For DCS and IL2, it's probably 50/50. But the VR experience stays with you and is worth experiencing for sure, even if it's not your go-to regular.
  12. I had a great flight in MSFS this weekend KLEB to KRUT in VR. Descending over the Vermont mountains and making that turn onto final to 19 was just awesome. I'll I'm really waiting for to make MSFS my "go-to" is something like VoxATC and some AI.
  13. To answer your question, VoxATC will use any AI you have installed. It simply reads the flight plan bgls and uses those to generate the traffic. If you want to use the free AIG, install the AIG AIM program. When you run it, it will show a list of available airlines. Choose the ones you want, and it will automatically install the plans and the required models. You can also use the "multiselect" feature and "one click installer" or OCI to install multiple airlines at once. After you install new AI, be sure to run VoxATC's indexer so it picks up the new plans. I always run P3D once to make sure the scenery is updated, then quit and run the indexer. HTH, sg
  14. While tragic, it pales compared to this "sh1tst0rm"! 😄
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