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  1. Is there a "random traffic generator" that would take the models from Orbx and others and create random flight plans to/from every small airport in a region? Or even a "real traffic" that would inlcude all GA and work with VoxATC?
  2. Hi all, I'm just reinstalling P3Dv5.1.1 after a hard drive failure. I've edited VAsettings.xml with these settings: <MaxParkedAircraft Value="50" /> <MaxEnrouteAircraft Value="30" /> <MaxActiveTerminalAircraft Value="20" /> <TrafficGeneratedAtAllAirports Value="TRUE" /> Previously, I had a fair bit of all GA, but currently I seem to only get corporate jets. Is there a way to get more single engine prop traffic? Maybe I just need more single-engine flight plans? I have the advance setting to auto-generate traffic to set level enabled, and traffic set to 90-100%. And thanks Jay in advance - you're a rock star on this board! TIA,CVG
  3. This is exactly why I have no interest in this. Unfortunate. It's just a data collection.
  4. I wish water masks like that existed everywhere...nice shots.
  5. It could be related to the links, symbolic links I assume - is it a single library or multiple links? Maybe try reverting those and adding back one at a time? It's an odd error that you'll probably need the devs input on to resolve, unfortunately. You've probably thought of all this, so apologies for stating the obvious.
  6. Was it working previously and this is a new issue? Try running as administrator? Edit- Just confirmed mine is working and is version 4.1.37.
  7. Confirm you have the correct setting for the type of clip you're using (TrackClip vs. TrackClipPro). If you're using the reflector clip, turn the LED brightness all the way up in the camera tab. Room brightness should not be an issue unless you have a window directly behind you.
  8. An experiment to see if Fort Jefferson was in MSFS - pleasantly surprised it is! Orbx KEYW:
  9. Great discussion. The only thing I'll add is that, if you choose to enable the cache, it's best to delete the rolling cache prior to updating the sim, and then create a brand new rolling cache after the update. Many issues with old data messing with the updates leading to artefacts.
  10. In a cloud, temp and dewpoint would be close to if not exactly the same. That's why there's a cloud. If the temp is below freezing, you will get ice accretion. In MSFS, this is (over)simplified.
  11. Hi all, My PC has been giving me grief and I'm going to bite the bullet and reformat and reinstall windows and add a new SSD or M2 drive. I don't want to mess with any licenses, so are there packages that absolutely require uninstall and deactivation besides prepar3d itself and PMDG products? What about MSFS - I've uninstalled it, but I'm not sure what to do with "digital ownership"... Any tips appreciated from anyone with experience here. TIA, CVG
  12. In P3D, load the aircraft you want to swap and load to the cockpit. Then, go to your add-on menu at the top of the screen and select "Reality XP GTN" then "Setup Aircraft..". A utility will load and you should select "Replace Gauges with Reality XP GTN (auto-detect). You should then be able to select the existing F1 GTN, and replace it with the RXP. This is all on pages 4 and 5 of the manual. Manual link if you need it.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you looking to build "this year" and not sure if I wait for the nextgen intels in a few months or not, plus I definitely need a GPU, so I might as well wait. One thing that I was looking at was whether MB support for PCIe4 vs just PCIe3 is important. From all the benchmarks I read, it seems to only increase a few percent and only with nVidia RTX 30xx series, BUT that may change as newer motherboards implement better support and drivers evolve. On paper, it should make a huge difference since 4 is twice the bandwidth of 3. I *think* all Z490 chipset boards support PCIe4, but you might want to add that to your list of "nice to haves".
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