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  1. Gridley

    Persian Golf operations

    These shots are certainly not sub-par! I'd say a whole in won!
  2. Does it happen at every airport and aircraft? What resolution are you running at and what graphics settings?
  3. Gridley

    How Good Is ORBX Global

    This video may help a bit too, though it's a few years old now...
  4. My first thought is updating the scenery library in LittleNavMap - go to "Scenery Library" menu, and select "Load Scenery Library...", then make sure it's pointed to your P3Dv4.2 folder and let it rebuild...
  5. Thanks for this. I'm on displayport, however I found my refresh rate was set to 50hz instead of 60hz AND changing to FULL makes a real difference.
  6. Gridley

    WX Advantage radar not working

    I also suggest you look at the rex forums in their "insider program" section (Insider Program, WX Advantage Radar - Insider Edition, WX Advantage Radar - Build 1.1.2018.0317 PB1), there's a public beta release of the WX radar that may help. It's primarily to address compatibility with P3Dv4.2, but may have additional fixes. Here's a link if I'm allowed to post it!
  7. +1 from me for VoxATC - it's own AI injected into the sim uses whatever models you have installed - as I understand it, it reads your existing active traffic BGL files, then injects those models into the sim in a bubble around your aircraft with the number being defined as a maximum number of AI in the VoxATC settings. Very performance friendly. It heavily favors departure and destination airports with arriving/departing/parked AI, then random in-flight traffic along your route. I wish there was a little more traffic at airports along your flight plan as it's weird flying over a major airport that is essentially empty, but I can live with that. I use MyTraffic6a models, but you can use anything else except UTL right now - the "bridge" application needed for UTL may or may not ever come. The first officer function is pretty basic but does the job. You can use Active Sky as the weather engine and any other texture engine for textures, 100%. In fact, without cloud art, ASP4 is just weather conditions. Super easy to set up. Basically install ASP4, install REX theme, fly.
  8. Gridley

    Display Resolution

    You should add a poll! When not in VR I'm running at 27" monitor at 1080p with an EVGA GTX1080, perfectly happy.
  9. Gridley

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

    I'd be curious to hear if it works with VR at all - my impression was that it did not work in VR, certainly not with Fly-Inside. Anyone know?
  10. Yeah, I agree - I thought it was fixed at first, but still seems off. It's much worse with FlyInside, so I may post in their forum. Do you all who have issues also use FlyInside?
  11. Gridley


    For MyTraffic6.0a there was a really nice list folks compiled of what to remove, not sure if that exists for traffic360...
  12. Gridley


    I'm using MyTraffic6.0a models and have removed the incompatible ones. I seem to have better performance with VoxATC AI than a similar number of planes using compiled flight plans and bgls.
  13. Gridley


    I believe you're supposed to set both GA and commercial traffic to 0% in the sim, then in VoxATC settings, set the traffic percentage there to whatever you like. I find 50-60% works well. I think you can not have both active. Keep in mind, the AI that is created by the sim is not controlled by VoxATC.
  14. Gridley

    I've gone off the deep end.

    Are you looking to quit? If so, you've come to the wrong place!
  15. Gridley

    ORBX Global Vector and performance?

    Just my brief thoughts about this since it is becoming an elevation issue thread, not a performance thread. When discussing airport elevation issues, it's important to note which mesh your using and what mesh resolution and tessellation settings in sim. I'm running P3Dv4.2 with orbx vector, toposim mesh and a mesh resolution setting of 1m and tessellation at ultra. It's entirely possible (likely) that these issues are not vector related, but a combination of things. My understanding of this: Vector contains no mesh or terrain elevation data per se. Vector will adjust water bodies to their correct elevations. In areas where water elevation has been changed, adjacent airports may be affected. The vector airport elevation tool installs correction files for these adjacent airports and will only do so if it detects you don't have any other scenery for that airport installed. Any other elevation issues are not due to vector... Checking the vector control panel and my P3D install: KSYI - no airport elevation correction (AEC) file included with vector tool, and in my install of P3Dv4.2 no elevation issues F28/KRQO (is this El Reno?) - no AEC, no elevation issues M33 - no AEC, airport is elevated above terrain several meters. 0M4 - no AEC, no elevation issues 5D3 - no AEC, no elevation issues 3CM - no AEC, slight elevation above river bank at south end of airport. Please correct me if I'm wrong!