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  1. Does Ezdok work with Accu-Feel? Is there overlap or any conflict between the two? Thanks. Don
  2. That's correct. I saw a recent post by Rob and he explained that the value represents a video memory allocation limit in KB for textures (i.e. 100000 is 100MB).
  3. All of this very interesting. So it seems that if you have 6 or more cores, the pattern for the main P3D process is to use Cores 0, 2 and 4 (or with HT on, to use LP0, LP2 and LP4).
  4. I find the same pattern on my 8 core CPU with hyper threading enabled, except that my Core0 (i.e. LP0) is at 100% utilization. LP2 and LP4 are definitely doing something different from the other LP's. LP2 and LP4 seem to be helper threads for LP0. I'd be curious to seem what the pattern is with HT off. The first three cores working together?
  5. I'm not sure if this will help you, but I seem to have solved this problem in my situation. I have a G-Sync monitor and enabling Variable Refresh Rate by checking the box in the P3D View and Panel Settings screen fixed the problem for me.
  6. I am experiencing the same problem, and yes it's annoying. When switching views it's not just the virtual cockpit, but it also happens with exterior textures. I am using the same settings in v5 as v4 and using identical aircraft. I never had this problem with any aircraft in v4, but it's there in v5. It varies depending on the aircraft. With some aircraft there is no problem. With some the redraw is very fast, but still barely noticeable. With other aircraft the redraw can take a full second or two. I have tried many things trying to understand what is causing it. I'm not using more than 60% of VRAM because I usually fly GA aircraft and corporate Jets out of small or regional airports. I'm guessing it's either a bug in v5 or LM needs to make some sort adjustment in how P3D works in a DX12 environment. For some reason, despite plenty of VRAM, the simulator does not always keep the aircraft's textures in memory and can be slow in reloading them.
  7. I don't know the exact resolution of the default mesh, but Toposim is a higher resolution based on my comparison with Toposim enabled and disabled in V5.
  8. I got it running, but I had to install XMLTools64 for P3Dv4 into P3Dv5 to get it started. The plane does not run well in P3Dv5. I think the problem is XMLTools64 . Simply leaving XMLTools64 installed without flying the DA-62 makes the simulator less smooth, micro stutters. I uninstalled XMLTools64 and the simulator ran silky smooth again.
  9. I can put the inline comment into different plane's aircraft.cfg file and this will cause the same error for that aircraft, too. This is the inline comment: //<<<<<Radar nose. Should be model=button for button nose, or model=short for short nose. This is the statement as it appears for a different aircraft. model= //<<<<<Radar nose. Should be model=button for button nose, or model=short for short nose. So this error is reproducible across different aircraft. Don The problem appears to be the < character. The statement below will cause the error. model= //<
  10. Hi, I can consistently reproduce this error. Removing the inline comment after the model=button statement fixes the problem. Adding the comment back results in the error. This particular aircraft.cfg file is for the CalClassic Convair CV340. The error message is for "Illegal characters in path" and I'm using version 1.20 b02. The model.button folder does indeed exist and it contains two .mdl files and the model.cfg file. Runtime data: source is P3Dv4. Text Data are title, model type and ui createdby. I really like this program. I hope this helps. Don
  11. It's not just illegal characters in the aircraft.cfg's liveries that can cause fatal errors. The following aircraft.cfg line caused a fatal error for me: model=button //<<<<<Radar nose. Should be model=button for button nose, or model=short for short nose. It took me forever to find it because I was looking only at the "texture=" lines for an error. FYI Don
  12. Flysimware is having a 50% off sale. FYI. Merry Christmas! Don
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