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  1. It's been a while, but I ran into this problem again recently. After much time investigating this recent occurrence, I finally found the answer. Somehow, I had inadvertently turned on Dynamic Texture Streaming. After unchecking this option on the Display page, the texture "cracks" disappeared. If anyone is still experiencing this problem. This may solve it for you. FYI.
  2. Thanks for uploading this! I was already using Daniel Gauthier's "Cockpit Sounds V2" and Doug Dawson's 64bit sound gauge, but now I have all the C208B's sounds. A nice improvement. I also gained a better understanding of how to customize Daniel's sound package by studying how you did yours.
  3. Well, all I know is that I had to use Daniel Gauthier's cockpit sounds_v2 and Doug Dawson's 64 bit sound files to get cockpit sounds working. Hope that helps. Don
  4. I'd be happy to see an ORBX region for the Great Lakes area from Minnesota to Montreal.
  5. An aircraft that you may like is Flysimware's Ercoupe 415C. I have used it in both P3D V4 and V5. Hope this helps. https://secure.simmarket.com/flysimware-ercoupe-415c-fsxp3d.phtml https://flysimware.com/website2019/flysimwares-erco-ercoupe-415c/
  6. I just posted the same question on Lockheed Martin's forum. Hopefully they can give us an answer. Don
  7. In P3Dv5 when whitecaps appear on waves in the water, they seem to occur only in a small radius around the aircraft. I'm curious to know if there is any way to make the radius larger. Thanks. Don
  8. I have a G-SYNC monitor. Here's the settings I use: In simulator, set set frame limiter to highest limit ( 60 fps) and turn v-sync off. In Nvidia control panel, I set set Max Frame Rate to 35 ( 30 is too low for my liking) and G-SYNC enabled. This works great. This same procedure also works great in P3Dv5, however P3Dv5 also has a Variable Refresh Rate setting that must be checked for best results. I'm not sure if you need to set G-SYNC for windowed mode in MSFS. I know that after the last release of P3Dv5, maximized windowed screens are treated as full screen mode( maybe this change is not Lockheed Martin's change, but Nividia driver change ??).
  9. You're right, the closer you get to the water, the worse it would become. Also the faster you fly near the water, the worse it would get. I love to fly float planes and amphibians, especially in V5. So it was really annoying. Here's the thread at LM. Maybe you can find some clues there: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137576&hilit=texture+tearing Here's the quote from LM HF2 Release Notes: "Fixed terrain cracks that could occur in reflections." If I can think of anything else that might help, I'll let you know. Don
  10. This is a texture tearing bug that was fixed with P3Dv5 HF2. Have you installed HF2? I too had this problem prior to HF2 and it was very annoying. HF2 completely fixed it for me. There's a thread at LM's forum that discussed this before HF2 was released. Edit: I believe the problem occurs when there are reflections on the water.
  11. Does Ezdok work with Accu-Feel? Is there overlap or any conflict between the two? Thanks. Don
  12. That's correct. I saw a recent post by Rob and he explained that the value represents a video memory allocation limit in KB for textures (i.e. 100000 is 100MB).
  13. All of this very interesting. So it seems that if you have 6 or more cores, the pattern for the main P3D process is to use Cores 0, 2 and 4 (or with HT on, to use LP0, LP2 and LP4).
  14. I find the same pattern on my 8 core CPU with hyper threading enabled, except that my Core0 (i.e. LP0) is at 100% utilization. LP2 and LP4 are definitely doing something different from the other LP's. LP2 and LP4 seem to be helper threads for LP0. I'd be curious to seem what the pattern is with HT off. The first three cores working together?
  15. I'm not sure if this will help you, but I seem to have solved this problem in my situation. I have a G-Sync monitor and enabling Variable Refresh Rate by checking the box in the P3D View and Panel Settings screen fixed the problem for me.
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