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    I am a techno scientist still learning to fly :)

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  1. rocketlaunch

    Dear Microsoft - please include weeds

    I think they also need to include algae and pond scum.
  2. It has to be the NG3 from PMDG (in their own words it should be jaw dropping), the A321 from FSLabs and ORBX open LC for Africa. I wish someone would model Cape Town properly!
  3. rocketlaunch

    Disturbing article

    I am just pleased they have elephants, that was something that was really missing from FSX and all current sims!
  4. I use REX 4 texure direct for all textures except for clouds and have done for years. I must admit that my experience of ASCA is very different to yours. For me they are the most relaistic of all cloud textures maybe except for REX sky force.
  5. rocketlaunch

    Disturbing article

    How can anyone at this point know anything for sure? Again, everything we say at this point is pure speculation. However Skywatcher's point of view is interesting and as valid as anyone elses. I just dont agree with it.
  6. rocketlaunch

    Disturbing article

    I will laugh at you in my new "simulator" next year.
  7. rocketlaunch

    Personal impact of the MFS trailer

    I was like a kid in a candy store when this sim was announced. The trailer was mind blowing and still seems so after all the "expert analysis". I have been dying for someone to come along and drag flight sim technology along. We have watched and waited for years while both the major current sims get tweaked and updated mainly for the owners own interests. Suddenly the creator has returned and wowed many by promising to create a sim just for us. At this point there is not much to lose, if MS2020 is a turkey then at least it may have advanced us just that little bit more.
  8. rocketlaunch

    Disturbing article

    It reads like someone ran the original through google translate.
  9. rocketlaunch

    What's your current MFS altitude?

    MS2020: Flight XYZ, can you climb to FL390? Me: Standby (A few seconds pass) Me: We can make it, but we’ll have to throw out a few passengers MS2020: That’s approved.
  10. rocketlaunch

    What we want

    When you are flying at 38,000 feet it actually looks and feels like you are at 38,000 feet.
  11. rocketlaunch


    It is quite good value for P3D owners on the professional license!
  12. rocketlaunch

    Henrik Nielsen Ships

    Yes, I also have them working in P3D 4.5. I think you must have a local issue.
  13. rocketlaunch

    Screenshot comparison - FSX vs FS2020

    Really after 13 years we should be seeing this huge leap in scenery technology, imagine the huge disappointment if it looked like FSX again! I hope Microsoft can pull this off. The clouds and lighting also make a huge difference.
  14. rocketlaunch


    Maybe they have constructed the scenery package within the simulator with satellite data and filled the gaps with Azure? The scenery could then be compressed. I would be amazed if they insist on a always on internet connection. It would not bother me but I know it would bother many!
  15. rocketlaunch

    FSL A320/A319X update released

    Great update, if you are thinking about buying this do not hesitate. Probably one of the best simulated aircraft ever made. I am slightly disappointed this update did not include PBR however bring on the A321!