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    I am a techno scientist still learning to fly :)

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  1. The A320 is an incredibly complex aircraft. To simulate it properly is always going to cause headaches. I trust in Fenix and wish them well for a release soon.
  2. The legend that is the PMDG tablet is finally nearly within our grasp. .
  3. Just clone it, research some good cloning software, its pretty easy.
  4. Silly question, very subjective. Both PMDG and FENIX make very good attempts at it, In my opinion they are the current elite.
  5. Manageable or not that is an insane amount of memory to consume. Running this Concord should not tax your RAM like that without a leak somewhere.
  6. Just took my first flight, what a pleasure to fly, the performance, handling, sounds, an update worth waiting for.
  7. Has this post time travelled forward like 20 years?
  8. Looks like a release is not too far away now, some news here: https://fselite.net/content/fslabs-concorde-release-candidate-now-with-testers/
  9. I had horrific stutters until reverting back to version 531.29. Ironically MSFS likes this driver, it runs very smooth.
  10. Make sure you don't have some rouge key binding happening for the phantom errors in PMDG. For a while every time I paused the sim the PMDG 737 would deploy full flaps and air brake, turned out it was a duplicate controller profile and conflicting key bindings.
  11. This hobby has never been more alive, this is the storm.
  12. It does not look like FSlabs will updating their A320 line up for v6 anytime soon: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/topic/32876-04-july-2023-news-update/
  13. Well this is the P3D forum and that is what we are discussing but just cant stand to see utter rubbish written about other sims.
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