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  1. The funny thing is even if Microsoft closed up the MSFS shop today and withdrew scenery streaming it would still take the competition an age to catch up.
  2. Its almost impossible to buy a 3080 or 3090 net alone a 4090 anytime soon. That is unless you just don't care how much money you pay.
  3. I upgraded from the 980 ti to the 3080 ti a few weeks back and the difference is mind blowing! Mind you so is the price.
  4. I have to say the enhanced atmospherics are really quite brilliant at times. I really hope they devote some time to develop them further.
  5. It really does look epic, I am really looking forward to this bird.
  6. The only reason you are going to part with 20 euros here is if you feel like supporting the developer. To be fair I did so I bought the pack but it is poor value.
  7. I get that but if you look at say the news feed on fselite it is all MSFS or xplane, even here the forums are pretty barren of new developments for P3D. I had high hopes for the enhanced atmospherics and the direction that may go but at the rate LM put out releases I will be too old and past it.
  8. It sure seems quiet lately on news and new releases in P3D. I guess the anticipation of the FSlabs sharklets update kept me interested for quite some time. At the risk of getting shot here at avsim what is there to look forward to in P3D? Is development drying up?
  9. Honestly after reading this thread I have lost a little more faith in humanity, the whining is unreal. We don't deserve a next generation flight simulator and as rightly pointed out many times... Microsoft have to pay for all of this somehow!! Without the lifeblood of xbox then you can kiss it all goodbye because the model is unsustainable otherwise.
  10. It's funny how some people seem to be scared of the introduction of xbox, if anything it will bring even more development and money into this genre. This means more talented developers, fantastic addons and a constantly improving core sim. The PC market will always benefit as it has done this time with this performance update. What's to complain about really? As to demonstrate further testament to the PC version we have such addons as the Fenix A320 to look forward to along with the entire PMDG lineup. The future is exciting.
  11. Sorry did not see it buried at the back of the 36 page post.
  12. A new blog post from the team and it looks incredible: https://fenixsim.com/2021/07/16/feature-review-mcdu-fmgs/
  13. MSFS is really changing up the marketplace along with the pace of development. I love FSlabs but they take an age to update or develop new features and their prices sting. There is an air of arrogance about them and I welcome this competition. If this airbus is any half as good as Fenix is claiming then the switch will be complete and I will have little reason to use P3D again. FSlabs might have missed the (air)bus, that being said they might be working on a fantastic A350 in the background, only they know!
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