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  1. Not really bothered about an outright price, had the xbox gamepass subscription since it became available and I love it.
  2. This topic has quite likely been damaging and contributed to ruining the experience for alpha testing in the upcoming sim. This will quite likely be to the detriment of development. Why has this been allowed?
  3. I very much doubt the NDA will be lifted anytime soon. They have just stepped up security and measures against leaks with the latest update to the alpha. So much so that at times the watermarks make it almost unusable.
  4. The clouds and weather simulation in the MSFS2020 alpha are to be frank mind blowing. As said many times before in this thread, light years ahead of anything we have right now. Are people (the usual) honestly trying to tell me that P3D 5.0 (which I do own) is viable competition in regards to weather? We have a company like Meteoblue involved with flight simulation and we are told to forget them because Hifi simulations has already got this! I think some people are just afraid of MSFS2020 as it will seriously shake up the market and take us into a new era of flight sim. This IS next gen, get used to it.
  5. Having SIDS and STARS is a massive leap forward. I think the ATC is miles ahead of what we have now judging from the video, as some have pointed out, this is still an alpha! The Microsoft/ASBO team have also mentioned a long term commitment to the sim which presumably means constant updates and new features even on release.
  6. Was just wondering the same thing, thanks for the info.
  7. Is it any good or not? Screen shots, please!
  8. Just published on their website and courtesy of FSelite: https://fselite.net/news/lockheed-martin-prepar3d-v5-releasing-today-at-2000-gmt-pricing-information/ Pricing remains the same for V5.
  9. There is no doubt though that P3D can be made to look beautiful. A thing to behold, it just takes a lot of money.
  10. I have subscribed to the Xbox game pass since it was made available. It allows you to enjoy a large library of games for a monthly price without having to buy them. Within that library of games i currently play some of them already require data streaming. The point is I could just BUY the game and still get the data with NO monthly fee. MSFS will obviously peddle DLC, this combined with a large proportion of people using Xbox game pass (because it's really good!) and sales will generate Microsoft a fine profit. Stop peddling rubbish to discredit an alpha because P3D (at least for the home market) will go the way of the dodo.
  11. MSFS is going through the flight sim world like a freight train. If reports are correct it will continue to do so for at least 10 years. Developers will follow the money.
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