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  1. Just to be clear, the URLs have indeed changed on the NASA site. But as of now, the old ones are still working, at least on my end. Before I can update to the new URLs I need to check out the files first, if the contents can still be parsed. There is also a new option for a different set of VIIRS data. Best regards
  2. Still working here, both options. Are you using the latest version 1.91 b02, which was released a few days ago? If you are, then delete the XML file mentioned above, just in case. If you are on a previous version, did you update the XML file as instructed in my post above? Best regards
  3. Hi, IMO this is an issue with the sim itself, nothing that can be solved by the user. There is more to the text messages in V5. They can freeze the sim if implemented incorrectly (= the way we always did), that is new as well. Best regards
  4. Lorby_SI


    Hard to tell, that is not much to go on. What did it originally look like in the scenery.cfg? You should probably start there. I think that these are acutally three scenery components and one effects component. The whole folder itself seems to be the first scenery area, because it has \scenery and \texture in it. The second scenery area is probably the _lc. The third scenery area is probably in world, but I can't look inside, so no way to tell. It hasn't been added correctly or it is empty, that is why it is displayed in purple color. You will also have to add the effects as AddonComponent to the add-on.xml (add it to the same package on the "other addons" tab) I would put 1&2 on top of the scenery library, like you have, and 3 on layer 3 (but make sure that the path is correct) Best regards
  5. Hello Robert, it seems to work fine for me. What region are you trying to download? Best regards
  6. Lorby_SI


    The password is right below the download link on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  7. Hello Roland, The entries in the exe.xml/dll.xml etc. are not Addon.Components in the true sense of the word, beacuse they are not part of a Package. The "classic" addon config files are only displayed for information, they should be at the very bottom of the "Other Addons" list. Be mindful that there can always be two copies of each file (one in "AppData", another in "ProgramData"). Generally speaking, neither should be in use. Instead, all programmatic addons (exe, dll) should be proper components in a Package (= an add-on.xml) Best regards
  8. No. You can only activate a V5 with that. Each license ID (the one from your receipt email) is locked to the specific version that you bought it for.. A V4 license ID can only be used with V4. A V5 license ID can only be used with V5. Your prepar3d.com website login and your downloads have nothing whatsover to do with activation.
  9. You can download whatever. But you can only activate each version with the license ID and password that belongs to it. You cannot activate 4.5 with the license that you bought for V5 nor vice versa. You have to request a reset of your V4 license, there is no other way. Or switch to V5 now and forget about V4 until your activations have been reset. Just send an email with the license ID to the address that you see on the error window. You only have two activations for V5 left, so be careful, or you will have none at all. Btw. you always have to uninstall P3D properly to regain your license activation when you want to reinstall it. If you just delete it, especially from a computer that is offline, Lockheed doesn't get the message and thinks that your sim is still active. Best regards
  10. License ID: xxx8753License Activation Password: xxxx5283 Go into the window where P3D asks you for them, the first time you start the sim after installation. Best regards
  11. No. It is not asking for your login. It is asking for the license information that you received when you bought P3D ("Lockheed Martin... Your Prepar3D.com Web Order"). In that email you will find the license ID and the license password. Those two never change, and they have nothing to do with how you login to the website or your user account. Best regards
  12. In normal operation P4AO is only showing you the scenery.cfg, it doesn't "import" it. In this case it doesn't care if there are any data items that aren't part of the simulator specification. And those will be gone anyway when you "Save" in P4AO. Theoretically, when you still have an old scenery.cfg, you can import that and retrieve the groups - if the scenery config is reasonably similar. The scenery areas in it are imported into a separate package, and you can just delete that package afterwards. Best regards
  13. This is not a separate functionality. It happens "automatically" when you import a scenery.cfg that was previously handled by SCE with groups. Import of a scenery.cfg is on the "Backup/Recovery" tab. Best regards
  14. No, that was my doing. I thought that the other modes didn't make sense with OpenSky Network. OSN doesn't contain departure and arrival airport information, so they are all random. Which makes for weird flight plans in Sim AI or Hybrid mode, and I found that quite irritating to hear on the ATC radios. Btw. I am not sure that the disappearing GA is really because of the sloped runway. The same thing happens with airliners in Sim AI mode, but I haven't found out why. It looks like the sim decides that it doesn't like that aircraft anymore... Best regards
  15. I will check that airport tomorrow. What operating mode did you use in LLTX? Live, Hybrid, Sim AI? Best regards
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