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  1. P3D V4.2 and problems installing add-ons

    Dark colored entries are external ones, using add-on.xml's. They will never show up in your scenery.cfg unless you migrate them. Maybe I misunderstood you but -> No external scenery definition will show up in the scenery.cfg, that is the whole point of the add-on.xml. <- Best regards
  2. P3D V4.2 and problems installing add-ons

    Btw, as those were mentioned above: - there is no point in managing ORBX scenery addons externally - FTXCentral will put them into your scenery.cfg every time that you run it. - You shouldn't edit cfg files manually, because in P3D V4 their character encoding has changed. If you use an unsuitable editor (like Windows Notepad) you can screw up the cfg files beyond recognition. - "Don't use the add-on.xml method" is a thing of the past too. Starting with P3D V4.2 the issue with texture corruption while using too many XML files has been fixed by LM. Best regards
  3. P3D V4.2 and problems installing add-ons

    Hi, if you want to take an easier route, feel free to try out the Lorby P3D Addon Organizer. It will help you with matters like installing addons via XML files and keeps track of your configuration, including backup and restore. It is available as a free download from the Lorby-SI website. In your case, I would install OZx into a separate folder, like you would install it into the sim itself, then link that back with an XML file (one is enough). Editing the scenery.cfg (or any other cfg file) is a thing of the past, you shouldn't go there unless you absolutely have to. Best regards
  4. Hi, with P3D V4 SimConnect there would be a solution for a tool like that, but IMO not in FSX. In the old sims the saved flights are all that you have. Which is why I suggested WAMA. It remembers where and in what state you left (all) your aircraft, and should rebuild your window arrangement too when you select an aircraft through WAMA. Best regards
  5. Hi, Sorry, but Camera Position X can't help you there. Window positions are only saved with flights - as you found out. There are no configuration parameters for this in the camera definitions (those only describe the content, not the window itself that is showing the content - or its position). Not even the panel configuration allows this, you can only set rather coarse position parameters like (top left, center, lower right,...) The usual procedure is to set up your multi screen cockpit once for each aircraft that you fly and save a flight to disk for each model. If anything, then WAMA could be of some help, as it handles the saving and reloading part more conveniently. Best regards
  6. P4AO Addon Organizer 1.31 b04

    Hello @ll, sorry, I forgot an additional note: When you are updating to the version 1.31 b04, and you want to migrate your existing scenery groups into the new logic, here is how you do that: 1. Go to "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\LORBY_SI\P4AO", locate the file "P4AO_Scenery_Groups.xml" 2. a) If you were using P3D V4, copy&rename this file to "P4AO_Scenery_Groups_V4.xml" 2. b) If you were using P3D V3, copy&rename this file to "P4AO_Scenery_Groups_V3.xml" That's it. Best regards
  7. Hello @ll, P4AO 1.31 b04 is available for download. This is a small bugfix version, it keeps separate databases for the scenery groups now in P3D V3 and V4. In the versions before you would lose the groups when switching between P3D V3 and V4 mode and the scenery wouldn't be present in both simulators. Best regards
  8. WAMA Date Change !

    Done. If you want to try version 1.10 in advance, please send me an email (address is on the last page of the users manual). Please include proof of purchase if you do (shop and order number). That way you could tell me if it works like you think it that it should. Other new features in this version are an option to autosave of your flight every x minutes, to show a list of the waypoints in your current ATC flight plan in the sim (in case that you want to program an FMC manually) and a few minor bugfixes. Best regards
  9. Sorry, but that was a huge mistake. Those are two different files, both called add-ons.cfg. The one in AppData\Roaming is rewritten every time you start the sim - it contains the references to the addons that are discovered automatically by P3D (in \Documents\...). The other one in ProgramData on the other hand contains the references to addons where the installer used the P3D command line options. If you lose the file in AppData, P3D will make a new one. If you lose the file in ProgramData, you have to reinstall the addons that were in there. Best regards
  10. WAMA Date Change !

    Hi, technically I can add the date picker - but where? The main window is pretty cramped as it is. I will see what can be done about that. Best regards
  11. WAMA CTD when trying to edit database

    Hi, I was able to confirm the issue with the imported flights. That is a bug that happens when WAMA tries to read flight files of the type "*.fxml". I wonder why nobody ever noticed this before. This feature doesn't seem to be used very often... Will be fixed with the next version. What I don't understand is why you would have a displacement when using the WAMA position save - that is a completely different technology and it has never happened before. The aircraft that you saved with WAMA must be in the same spot - exactly. So when you are in an aircraft, save the position with WAMA, then immediately switch to a different aircraft and move that back a few feet (with the WAMA movement controls) - when you have moved far enough away, the first aircraft must appear right where you saved it. Same thing must happen if you use "Leave" (remember to select a default vehicle in the database editor first). If you have issues with WAMA, I suggest that you contact me via email, providing shop and order number, simulator make and operating system information, including current localization (which language it is set to). Best regards
  12. Prepar3D V4 CPU Vs GPU

    Hi, a quote from the Prepar3D forum. Best regards
  13. WAMA CTD when trying to edit database

    I'm not sure that I understand the procedure - how are you saving what and why would you import saved flights? Except for the first time ever you run WAMA? The app does all the saving for you automatically, it keeps its own internal database. If you re-import a flight that you saved while WAMA was running, you will probably have duplicate aircraft (one that was saved to the database by WAMA and the other from the imported flight from the same position). Best regards
  14. WAMA CTD when trying to edit database

    Hi, SQLite is not working properly on your computer. Did you install the two VCREDIST 2012 packages that came with WAMA? You should install both of them (x86 and x64). If this doesn't help, please contact me via email, the address is on the last page of the users manual. Please provide proof of purchase when requesting support. Best regards
  15. GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    Hi, I'm not sure that you can do something about it. I have the same graphics card on an i9 7900 X. Textures look exactly the same as in your screenshots. Seems to me like P3D V4 handles textures differently than the older versions, especially photo realistic ones. Only at a reasonable altitude above the ground (500 ft in my case) they start looking OK. After having read a few threads from people complaining about the same thing, I decided to overlook it. One reason in my case is screen real estate. When upgrading hardware and simulators over time, my screens also got bigger, and I am not really surprised that most textures can't look that sharp on three 32" curved screens in NVidia Surround mode. Edit: I just made a quick check in FSX:SE and P3D V3. TNCM looks pretty much the same in all of them - like in your screenshot. FSX:SE is the worst, because the hills in the background are getting really blurry due to the lower LOD. No hardware upgrade that you can buy will overcome poor quality in the content itself. What helped me a little bit was setting the "TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT" parameter in prepar3d.cfg to really high values (300 and more). Personally, I would be really interested if someone claiming that they have sharp textures could post a screenshot of what that looks like (same spot in default TNCM). Best regards