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  1. Hello @ll, similar to the recently released G1000 Bridge there is now also a G3000 bridge available as a free download on the AxisAndOhs website. This addon package provides the labels of the PFD and MFD softkeys, like the G1000 bridge does. In addition it also provides all the virtual button labels that are visible on the GTC, and you can actuate them too. To demonstrate how this can be used, there are two StreamDeck profiles available for download too (one for the horizontal GTC in the TBM, one for the vertical GTCs in the Longitude). These profiles are different from the usual ones in that they are dynamic. The buttons on them will adapt to the actual touch "buttons" on the GTC. There are always as many buttons as there are active controls on the GTC, and that can span more than one page on the StreamDeck (I made only two pages, but adding a thrid or fourth one is not a problem). As this is a wip project, any feedback would be welcome.
  2. Hello @ll, it has just been discovered that the new MSFS InputEvents only work properly when MSFS is running in Developer Mode. The issue has been reported to Asobo.
  3. JustFlight deployed the new version today, it should be in your account by now.
  4. Which aircraft? I'm not sure that all aircraft are using Input Events. This is more a thing like BVars, an optional method. I just checked with the latest MSFS, seemed to work OK with the TBM.
  5. As mentioned above, you can only see the MSFS input events listed when AAO is connected to the sim and you are sitting in the cockpit. IEs are individual assets for each aircraft, there is no "global" list of them that could be prepared in advance, they are always "live". And yes, I mean the event selection treelist, accessible in the RPN editor and when assigning buttons or axis. Click on the question mark in the top menu of AAO - this will open the manual. Go to chapter 6 on page 93-ish, there are screenshots.
  6. Hello @ll, my apologies, but the initial release build 31 had an unfortunate bug. It affected all RPN scripts using the "LISTEN_FOR" RPN script headers. The bug has been fixed and the app has been deployed to the shops again. SimMarket customers - please re-download the AAO app if your version says "3.60 b31" . JustFlight customers should be fine, as the bugged version has not been deployed yet. -> 3.60 b32 is the curentversion number.
  7. Release notes are always provided with the AAO files your account on SimMarket, and JustFlight is getting them too. There is a text file called "release_note...." And they are posted here and on the Lorby website, when at least one of the shops has deployed the upload (which may take a while).
  8. Hello @ll, AxisAndOhs version 3.60 build 32 has been uploaded to the shops today. The MSFS variant now uses the latest SimConnect libraries - and is thus able to utilize the MSFS input events. Input events are specific for each aircraft, and AAO will read a list of them from the sim when you load a new plane or helicopter. You will then find those events in the normal event tree list in AAO in the group "MSFS Input Events". These events also appear in the event observer window, so you can see what event is associated with a specific button or lever in the cockpit. For those who know about these things, the InputEvents are similar (if not the same) as the BVars. Please check out the manual for more details. There is also a new experimental module for a "Wear and Tear" simulation. It is basically a wrapper around the AAO RPN scripting engine, to make it easier to create persistent wear and damages, or random events like bird strikes - and their consequences. This module is available in all of the sim. Several bugs that were reported have been fixed as well, and some new features added for all the talented content creators out there. One of them is working on a "natural speech" voice control module for the MSFS ATC, which sounds amazing. Here is the changelog of the 3.60: - Change: MSFS: SU13 compatibility - Input Events - Change: RPN: copy and paste to/from RPN Editor redesigned - Change: RPN: STRARR and NUMARR can be used like dynamic lists (= without the ":capacity" option) - Change: RPN: added list/array operators "next", "rset", "revs", "sora", "sord" - Change: RPN: added (HASHMAP: operator - Change: RPN: Added "REGEXSPLIT:" command - Change: RPN: Added "UNLISTEN:" command - Change: RPN: added "unixtsms" operator - Change: Gauges: Added {case} conditional string format - Change: Speech Recognition: added option to use SRGS XML grammar files for speech recognition - Change: Speech Recognition: Added NATO - alphabet as voice recognition option - Change: Keyboard events will no longer repeat automatically with the keyboard clock, must be set to repeat in AAO - Change: added internal LVar with the Config/Template title (L:AaoConfigTitle, String) - Change: added prototype Wear&Tear module - Bugfix: Keyboard events were not processed correctly when used as Combo buttons - Bugfix: Virtual Keys: extended key codes not handled correctly - Bugfix: Saitek Radio Panel: can't override ADF2 frequency - Bugfix: RPN: LOAD_SIMBRIEF_PLAN not working - Bugfix: RPN: script variable not processed correctly when there is a SPLIT in the script - Bugfix: GaugeEditor: Input boxes and MouseAreas cannot be locked with a mouse click - Bugfix: GaugeEditor: Background Image Editor not working correctly - Bugfix: Gauges: Reloading a layout doesn't reset the gauge sizes
  9. That is correct, you have to apply a suitable multiplier - or use a script instead - or find a better unit, like you did. The simulator will transform the value internally.
  10. Sorry, but this is the Lorby AxisAndOhs support forum. SPAD is a great app - but planting a plug in the support forum of a competing application is not OK. Besides, the question was about the AAO StreamDeck plugin...
  11. A: variables don't have a fixed unit, you usually have multiple options. With frequencies I typically use , Number or , Seconds - or whatever else works. Unfortunaltey, the SDK documentation is not clear about these matters. Neither the Unit nor the sometimes necessary index are really explained anywhere (but it is getting better with every SDK update). But the spec is always worth a look - AxisAndOhs is ultimately only a translator between your hardware and the MSFS SDK: Simulation Variables (flightsimulator.com) Event IDs (flightsimulator.com)
  12. 1. and 2.: yes, of course. That is a problem then. Nobody has to be a genius though, just reasonably proficient. What are you using at the moment StreamDeck wise, the profiles made by Guenseli? You can get those on flightsim.to, but I don't think that he modelled a radio. Maybe he will add one if you ask nicely? I'm not sure, but I think that the PMDG radio will react to the default K: events too. Those from the PMDG SDK would be used like this; "K:#72607"
  13. Sorry, no idea. I would imagine that the StreamDeck software would not run/initialize properly if there never was a physical device (or their mobile app) involved. For example, you cannot change the deck size in the Elgato software, it reads that from your hardware. So you are probably stuck with the smallest overlay possible (2x3 buttons?).
  14. - MIDI Devices Enabled in the Hardware menu? - Reset the device to factory default? (there is a button combo for that on the XTouch) - Did you import and apply the template that as far as I know comes with that gauge? in any case, you should contact the author of that gauge, and/or check the installation instructions what the requirements are for it to work. In general the gauge and the hardware are two completely separate things. They are not related nor is one necessary for the other to work.
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