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  1. Hello @ll, I have just discovered that you can access the Active Sky 4 Web Companion from the kneeboard (using the Kneeboard Editor in the Lorby Scratchpad) Either add a link (using the small globe in the toolbar of the kneeboard editor) to "http://localhost:19285/ActiveSkyRemoteWeather.html" Or add this code somewhere in your HTML (using the "Edit HTML" button): <iframe src="http://localhost:19285/ActiveSkyRemoteWeather.html"></iframe> The first option will open the web companion covering the whole kneeboard. With the second option the Companion is opened in a frame on the same page (and you can adjust the size of it in the kneeboard editor). The URL assumes that you have ASP4 running on the same computer as the sim ("localhost"). If ASP is on another computer, you must enter the IP-address of the other machine instead of "localhost" - and make sure that the traffic through port 19285 is allowed in your firewall(s). Best regards
  2. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Scratchpad updated to 1.05

    Here is one way how to add multiple images in an orderly fashion (HTML likes order in general, you don't just drop content on a web page - which is what the kneeboard files are): Best regards
  3. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Scratchpad updated to 1.05

    You don't have to save between images. It is like this: every image has to end up in a separate HTML tag. That is why you can't select more than one at a time. There is no tag in pure HTML to hold a group of images on a page "just like that". I could probably add a "group import" of some kind, but it is not that easy to rearrange the images once they are on the page. Besides, having too many big images will probably impact performance or break the Kneeboard of the sim altogether. Every web browser has limits, I just don't know where they are with the kneeboard. Best regards
  4. Hello @ll, the Lorby Scratchpad has been updated to 1.00 b05 it is now possible to copy&paste images in the windows clipboard into your kneeboard Best regards
  5. Hi, this is caused by certain aircraft that are parked in your vicinity. There are some developers (Carenado) who are setting the mixture simulator variable to 0 under certain conditions, using an animation tag in the 3D model. Probably for cold&dark or maybe even copy protection. Setting these variables in the .mdl file is not object specific, it always sets them for the users own aircraft – that is why your engine cuts out. I have made provisions in the new version 1.14 of WAMA to get the mixture back up when this happens. This version is currently being tested. If you send me proof of purchase by email (order number and shop) then I can make that version available for testing. The address is on the last page of the user manual. Best regards
  6. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Scratchpad released (P3D V4 only)

    Hello ed, There are keyboard combos to open and close the message window from within the simulator (Shift & Ctrl & L & O / Shift & Ctrl & L & C) Best regards
  7. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Scratchpad released (P3D V4 only)

    You can add any number of images. But you can't add PDF files. While the Kneeboard in the sim is basically a web browser, TMBK it doesn't have a plugin to display PDF files. Best regards
  8. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Scratchpad updated

    Hello @ll, the Lorby Scratchpad now has a Kneeboard Editor. With this tool you can create or alter the Checklist and Reference Kneeboard files of your aircraft - and add any content to them. This includes pictures, for example charts or maps in JPG format. Lorby Scratchpad is available as a free download on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  9. Lorby_SI

    WAMA play back Landing

    Hello ggerolamo, I have added a P3D 4.4 compatible version of WAMA to the package (which has a total of 6 installers now). Would you be willing to test it? Then please send me an email or a PM here. Best regards
  10. Lorby_SI

    WAMA play back Landing

    Hi, this looks like this time Lockheed didn't think about backwards compatibility. The playback function call seems to have changed in 4.4 and doesn't accept pre-4.4 formats. This is a bit of a problem, because if I change this, the playback will work ONLY for 4.4 - and none of the previous versions. I probably have to make a completely separate version and installer only for this. I'm afraid that this will take some time. I have a new version in the pipeline anyway, but adding yet another simulator flavor wasn't part of that plan ☹️ Best regards
  11. Hello @ll, as per request of a fellow simmer I made a small app to provide a scratchpad in the simulator where you can scribble down notes without having to leave the sim. The Lorby Scratchpad is only compatible with Prepar3D V4. The app is available as freeware on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  12. Lorby_SI

    Incorrect path?

    Hello Vic, if those paths exist but there is no BGL in the "Scenery" part, they will be shown in violet too. I wasn't sure if only broken paths were the problem or if an empty scenery entry could lead to trouble too - so I chose to show them both as "problematic". Best regards
  13. Lorby_SI

    Strange Problem with Vehicle Selection...

    Yes, that is the main module. It uninstalls the Client, Content and Scenery too. But if your problem is caused by an incompatible model or broken cfg file, it will remain. It would be interesting to know if you can force an aircraft to appear - by adding "IsSelectableVehicle=True" to the [General] section of the aircraft.cfg... Btw, did you (delete and let P3D) rebuild your prepar3d.cfg? There is a list in there which objects are user selectable too. Best regards
  14. Lorby_SI

    Strange Problem with Vehicle Selection...

    Hello Mike, I did it anyway, it is just a small project. Send me a PM if you want to try it. You have to somehow load P3D so you are in the 3D world. Then you get a treelist of all simulator assets that have a "panel". When you doubleclick one of them, it is displayed in front of you in the sim. Then you have two options: either Shift&Ctrl&E to the Avatar, walk up to it and board it by pressing Shift&Ctrl&E again (standard P3D functionality) or you press a button on my tool. In both cases you will end up sitting in the selected model. Best regards
  15. Lorby_SI

    Strange Problem with Vehicle Selection...

    Hello Mike, you could try disabling the individual entries in the simobjects.cfg (ACTIVE=FALSE, REQUIRED=FALSE), just to make sure that it isn't a specific vehicle causing this. You should be able to fully uninstalled 4.3 and install the complete 4.4. This usually doesn't do any harm to addons, except some ORBX, which have to be reinstalled. The P3D uninstaller only removes files it knows about = native P3D. All the others remain behind. But as some ORBX products overwrite files in the simulator core folders, those files are lost and have to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, if your issue is a config file or a simobject, even this procedure won't help. Did you use any program lately that disables liveries or something like that? Did you check your aircraft.cfg / sim.cfg files? If you need an external vehicle selector, I can make one for you (not that this is the correct solution of course). Best regards