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  1. Lorby_SI

    Speeding sim rate up/down

    HI, actually, there is. This may sound funny, but there are applications for this. In my case, I have been asked by a customer if I could make an addon where people who are physically or mentally incapable of flying even a simulated airplane could feel like they do. So the aircraft does everything on its own, from clearance to shutdown, no matter what levers you pull. Best regards
  2. Hello @ll, LorbyLiveTraffic is now compatible with FLAI too. A small change has been implemented, that should improve air traffic density in live mode, even when using the free datasources. If ADS-B Ex doesn't know the aircraft type (displayed as ???), the LorbyLiveTraffic will use a random aircraft from the same airline to fill the slot. Unfortunately the same is not possible for simulator AI. If the free datasource doesn't know about departure or destination airport, there is nothing that the logic can do. As usual, LLTX is available as a free download from the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  3. Lorby_SI

    Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer 0.94 released

    Hello, there have been many updates since then. Version 1.38 is being tested currently, and will be released as soon as possible. Best regards
  4. Not the file itself is flagged (for that the browser would have to download it), only the address (=URL) is. Everybody can do that. In your Browser, go to the list of your downloads, right click one. For example in MS Edge there is the option "report as unsafe download". Not sure what comes next, I won't try it. Could be that there is an additional form to fill out. After that, the URL of the download is flagged as unsafe. Every user who clicks on it, his browser will query the database, and if the link is in there, it will show an error message to the user (if SmartScreen is active, that is). You can download it anyway, again on the downloads list, but it gets people worried nevertheless. The purpose of this mechanism is to protect computers from downloads before they even happen. Not sure if for example Microsoft and Google are sharing those smart screen databases or if you would have to do the same in every type of browser. Best regards
  5. Since 2014 I am in a rather unique line of work which gets me into close contact with many computers, mostly from smaller companies. About 1 machine in 10 is infected, and the vast majority are viruses which are distributed by trojan horse type email messages. And those are the computers which you would expect to be secure, virus scanners and all. But it is a little bit like with real germs, you will hardly notice that they are there. Most don't become active, many are removed by the AV if they try something. Lesson that everybody knows is, be careful with what is sent to you and what you download from the net. Best regards
  6. When the new version is ready I will - if necessary. "Unflagging" it is a bit of an effort, with forms to be filled out, credentials given etc. Takes two business days to be processed. By then it had been removed anyway... hope Microsoft doesn't hate me now too... Best regards
  7. Feels like end of the week. But if you want to help testing it, you are always welcome. Best regards
  8. Hello Jeroen, you can always request a copy from me. But to address the fact that other developers rely on P4AO to make the scenery export for them, I have just uploaded a small command line app to the Lorby-SI website that does the same thing. They can distribute it with their own software, effectively becoming independent from P4AO. I am sorry, I never meant for this to happen. When I made P4AO, it was to cover an immediate need with P3D 4.0. I was sure that over time the other devs would adapt their own tools to the new management logic... and that a commercial addon management tool would be along eventually. The current situation is this: there is somebody out there who just doesn't like the P4AO, and I can't constantly "unflag" it when he advises Microsoft and Google that it is malicious. As there was a bug in it anyway, I took down the link until the 1.38 would be ready. It is already being tested, shouldn't take too long. Best regards
  9. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Hello Andy, Not sure that I undestand, what is the use case, what would you use it for? A few questions: How exactly would this feature work, what kind of controls are required? How is time measured, would that be real time or sim time? Should the intervals be configurable or is hard coded good enough? Does the cycle start again if you interrupt the acceleration manually or will it continue at the max acceleration that was last used? Maybe it would be better to pin it to distance travelled instead of flight time? What happens at the end of the flight? (it is next to impossible for this simple app to estimate remaining flight time correctly) Best regards
  10. Lorby_SI

    Editing the gauge files PMDG

    Hi, it doesn't work like that. Gauge DLLs are binary files, compiled from C++ source code. You would need those C++ sources to make changes, and the proper VS project to build the DLL. PMDG will never give the sources to you. Those are the most valuable assets that a developer has, and he will guard them with his life. Normally what you are looking for would be the [fuel] section in the aircraft.cfg. Tank sizes are defined there. But as far as I know PMDG is indeed using an extra programmatic solution to manage fuel, so you may be out of luck. It is worth a try though, making the tanks bigger in the cfg and filling them up with the default in-sim payload menu. But there is a good chance that it won't work. Specification of the aircraft.cfg can be found here: Learning Center -> SDK -> Simulation Objects -> Aircraft Configuration Files In the "Contents" list on the right click on "[fuel]" (The Learning Center file is in your main P3D directory) Best regards
  11. Lorby_SI

    Unable to Download Addon Manager

    Hello @ll, someone has deliberately flagged the P4AO as an unsafe download. It did not contain a virus. Here is a fresh scan of this very download with Norton Security Premuim: But - I will deactivate the link for the time being, we are working on an update anyway. A bug has been discovered that, although having gone unnoticed for 9 months, definitely needs fixing. If you want, feel free to contact me directly, using the email address on the last page of the manual or the "Contact Us" form on the Lorby-SI website. I will make the current development version available to everyone who desires it. Best regards
  12. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Hi, I made a prototype for the freezing. I will send you a forum PM shortly with the download link. Best regards
  13. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Sorry, I was too fast with editing my initial answer. The freeze might be possible, but I would rather make a separate app for that, not integrate it into the time machine. And I wouldn't publicly distribute the app, this sounds too dangerous. Changing the rate at which time passes does not work, I have already tried that in the past. Speeding up time makes the sim reload everything. I can try again in P3D v4.3, but I have no hopes that this has changed. If I have a bit of time on my hands during next week, I will make a prototype. Best regards
  14. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Not sure that I understand that correctly. So "Freezing" would mean that it is 12:00 forever, no matter for how long you fly and where? Technically this is possible, but it will play havok with all gauges and other addons that rely on time passing to function. I have a very bad feeling about that. "rate of change": you mean the time is passing faster or slower while the sim retains the same simulation rate? I believe that this is not possible. I just remembered that I have experimented with this already. IIRC, when I accelerated the time, the sim started reloading the scenario at some point. So you only get a constant succession of loading screens. Best regards
  15. Lorby_SI

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Hi, "time freeze" - what exactly would that do? I mean, how would it work? Best regards