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  1. Morning. Yes I am and I've just discovered I can record a mouse macro. Heading the right way now. Steve.
  2. Morning, Im looking to map some cockpit click spots to control buttons on my controllers but not sure of a way to find out what the commands are behind the panel. Example, a fighter jet with some scrolls and special buttons. How to map them? Any ideas. Thanks Steve.
  3. I've used both but for simplicity with the rest of Europe I've gone back to true earth gb. JF VFR is still sitting there and can be activated at the click of a button. Both good sceneries. S
  4. Morning, Since my reinstall, when using trackir I get a black triangle on the top left of the screen approx 4" across by 6" down the lhs. Anyone else got this and how can it be resolved. Thanks.
  5. In comparison P3D V5 take exactly 2mins and 15 seconds from clicking OK to the flight starting. Same Setup. I need version 4 at the moment as Tack Pack not available for version 5. Thanks.
  6. Is there assistance on getting this working.
  7. I've reinstalled p3d on a m2 drive and it seems to take ages like 15 minutes to load. Sticks at 6% for at least 10 minutes. Any ideas about this. Thanks Steve
  8. Evening, Does anyone know an alternative way to configure the load on India Fox Echo Typhoon other than tac pack. The guys at VRS are extremely slow at updates which is disappointing seeing as I paid for the product. Every question on their forum goes unanswered. Thanks. Steve.
  9. evening, Looking for advice on how to set up a stream deck for controlling p3d functions like autopilot coms etc. I'm particularly interested in anyone whos done this for a fighter jet also. Thanks. Steve.
  10. Morning I seem to have damaged the reflective tapes on my hat reflector for track ir. Any ideas on how to remedy. Was thinking silver nail varnish with reflective glitter in it? Thanks.
  11. That's Very Useful Jon. Thanks for your input. Steve
  12. Morning folks, I'm looking to set up my base scenery for the above but looking for advice on preferences. Option A Orbx Global Base, Orbx Global Open LC Europe, Orbx True Earth UK Option B Orbx Global Base, Orbx Global Open LC Europe, Just Flight NexGen VFR UK Also would I still require Toposim Mesh if running with Orbx? Welcome thoughts before I purchase something I am not happy with. Thanks Steve.
  13. Morning is there a way to add radar corridors to the maps. Thanks Steve.
  14. And so I went from 30fps to 9fps overnight and lower when in the FSLABS A319. Removed everything, run CC Cleaner on the registry and reinstalled exactly as was previously. Now sitting steady 40fps around London in the FSLabs. One think I didn't put back on was Ultimate Traffic Live as I found this to loose me circa 15fps. Any recommendations to a replacement product for traffic as I tend to fly offline from time to time as well and it can get a bit lonely up there. Thanks
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