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  1. That's Very Useful Jon. Thanks for your input. Steve
  2. Morning folks, I'm looking to set up my base scenery for the above but looking for advice on preferences. Option A Orbx Global Base, Orbx Global Open LC Europe, Orbx True Earth UK Option B Orbx Global Base, Orbx Global Open LC Europe, Just Flight NexGen VFR UK Also would I still require Toposim Mesh if running with Orbx? Welcome thoughts before I purchase something I am not happy with. Thanks Steve.
  3. Morning is there a way to add radar corridors to the maps. Thanks Steve.
  4. And so I went from 30fps to 9fps overnight and lower when in the FSLABS A319. Removed everything, run CC Cleaner on the registry and reinstalled exactly as was previously. Now sitting steady 40fps around London in the FSLabs. One think I didn't put back on was Ultimate Traffic Live as I found this to loose me circa 15fps. Any recommendations to a replacement product for traffic as I tend to fly offline from time to time as well and it can get a bit lonely up there. Thanks
  5. Since installing the new driver from a clean install I am now experiencing stutters. Setting are: Display: FXAA off AA: 4XSSAA texture filtering: anisotropic 8X texture resolution: high 2048x2048 Vsync off Target framerate: 30 Wideview aspect: off mipmap VC panels off Screen resolution: 1920X1080 World LOD radius: high Tesselation factor: high mesh resolution: 5m texture resolution: 1m high resolution terrain: on Scenery complexity: extremely dense autogen draw distance: medium autogen vegetation density: normal autogen building density: dense or normal Dynamic vegetation: unticked water detail: medium Reflections: user vehicle only Special effects: medium/medium Lighting shadow quality: high draw distance: low casting and receiving: Internal vehicle only Dynamic lighting: off HDR on: Brightness 0.85 Bloom 0.05 Saturation 0.97 Dynamic reflections: off any suggestions.
  6. WOW its a massive 68GB install. Guess Ill not be flying tonight then.
  7. I got the email over the weekend. Sitting waiting for the next thing. Hopefully a link to the software.
  8. All sorted. Clean cfg file. No stutters or blurries thanks to all who contributed to my issues. On another topic. I dont have orbx installed anymore seeing as I am using JFNexGen UK but what would be a recommendation for Europe scenery instead of orbx. Ta. Steve S
  9. Hi folks, Reinstalling v4.5 at the moment and seeking advice on the following for shades. PTA Tomato Envshade All I want is the most realistic visuals. Many thanks.
  10. Thanks for responses and I will investigate. On another note, I am getting default fuelling stations which are showing through scenery which is higher up the scenery table. Ta Steve
  11. Hi folks, Im losing the will here with P3D. I seem to have developed blurries all of a sudden. Deleted CFG file and let it build it's own and inserted the following lines into the file. [DISPLAY] TextureMaxLoad=6 [TERRAIN] SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=30 UseGlobalTerrainView=True [GRAPHICS] SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=1 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=4092 - 6 Cores and 12 Logicals and want to use last 10 [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 System is L7-8700K running at OC of 4.9 32GB ram GTX1080TI. Also Set my graphics to medium settings. Have I missed something. I am also using NexGen VFR UK but appear to have some random things appearing through the scenery onto 3rd party stuff which is higher up the layers. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
  12. When I turn on ASXP I get a lot of "blocky" cloud textures. When on my FPS goes through the floor. When off it runs fine. Any ideas. S
  13. Just bought a x56 hotas and looking for some help with best mappings for India Fox echo typhoon. Thanks.
  14. Ok so it looks like im ditching the HD60S for a HD4K version. GRRR
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