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  1. Gizmo05

    Cold & Dark Status

    Thank you all. Regards
  2. Gizmo05

    Cold & Dark Status

    Hi All, I would like to inquire on how to do a cold and dark status for the QW 787 please. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Any information is appreciated. Thank you
  3. Gizmo05

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Thank you for your reply.Really Appreciate it. Regards.
  4. Gizmo05

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Hi All, I would like to inquire if the Aerosoft Bus is a study level Sim or is it like the previous Airbus which they relesed before. Either way, it's a great product and Thank you Aerosoft for this. Regards
  5. Gizmo05

    I messed up and i need help

    Thank you Sir for your reply
  6. Hi All, As the tittle says it all, i just installed the Tomatoshades and Reshade but when i tried to Restart my P3d, im unable to do so. It took me along while to uninstall and Reinstall everything but i was wondering how am i gonna uninstall the Reshade and replace my original shaders back. any help is appreciated please. Thank You
  7. Noted and Thank you Sir
  8. Hi All, Since 4.3 is out now, i would like to uninstall everything and i mean everything of P3D and do a fresh clean installation. Would appreciate if someone can tell me where are all the hidden files and other stuff pertaining to P3D are kept. Would like to install everything including the Addons as well. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. My P3D is installed on a separate SSD so i can delete those those stuff but the rest of the files i would like to know. Thank you
  9. Gizmo05

    RAAS on FSLabs

    Noted and Thank u.
  10. Gizmo05

    RAAS on FSLabs

    Hi, I would like to purchase the RAAS for P3d V4.1 but would like to inquire if it works on FSLabs A320? Regards
  11. Hi All, I was just wondering if there are many Asian airports for P3D 4.1? As far as I know, Imaginesim is still hard at work on Singapore's Changi Airport. I understand a lot of developers are focusing on the American and European regions and my only wish is that they look into Asian regions as well. There are plenty of beautiful airports and surroundings prior to landing however its limited. Does anyone know which Asian airports are out there for P3D 4.1 as I would want to purchase it. Thank you
  12. I am having the same issues. I just emailed them and basing on the forum now, doubt they will reply anytime soon. There goes my flights...haiz. Hopefully they will rectify this asap. Best Regards,
  13. Ok noted Sir. Think i will wait.
  14. Oh no... i thought it was P3D V4 ready and i purchased. What can i do? Any suggestions? Regards
  15. Hi All, Finally i just purchased the 737NGX and the 737 Immersion package however when i tired installing it via VFX Central, i get " You need to get at least one compatible simulator installed to use this product. Please refer to your product's manual". I purchased the 777 and the 777 package and i had no problem activating the immersions. i am using P3D V4. Am i missing out on something. Need your assistance please. Regards