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  1. Gizmo05

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    Thank you for your reply. Yes i agree that a simple software should exist. Oh Well... till then, be flexible (LOL). Thank you
  2. Hi all, I would like to find out how can i find the correct departure runway? Allow me to elaborate. I am using PFPX and basing on the weather, it shows 02C departing on PFPX but on the simulator, it gives a different runway like 20R. How can sync both so i get the same runway and arrival for both PFPX and the simulator (P3D). Thank you in advance. Regards
  3. Gizmo05

    Terbulant Design Teraflora

    Noted to all. Thank you so very much all. Regards
  4. Gizmo05

    Terbulant Design Teraflora

    Thanks guys for the replies. If i install Teraflora, do i need to uninstall the ORBX trees or can they both work together?
  5. Hi All, I would like to find out if the Teraflora worth buying for P3D? Is there any significance difference. Thank you
  6. Gizmo05

    Twitching Graphics

    Hi All, I would like to inquire on why the graphics on the airport at altitude & sky textures twitch ? IS there anything i can do to rectify this ? Am i missing something. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards
  7. Gizmo05

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Hi Poppet, My apologies,I didn't know you were a her. So sodry ma'am and thank you again. Regards
  8. Gizmo05

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Hi Poppet, Thank you very much for your assistance. Managed to fix it. So Glad. Thank you again Sir. Regards
  9. Gizmo05

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Hi Poppet, Will try later when I go home. At work and will report back. Thank you very much. Regards
  10. Gizmo05

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Oh no, Can i reinstall the client or scenery again ...will that help?
  11. Gizmo05

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Hi All, I just purchased some scenaries meant for P3d V3 and installed on my V4.3 and now i cant seem to load the P3d. It remains on the Main UI .I have to end task in order for me to exit it. Any suggestions on what i can do to resolve this please. Really need urgent help pls! Thank you
  12. Gizmo05

    Cold & Dark Status

    Thank you all. Regards
  13. Gizmo05

    Cold & Dark Status

    Hi All, I would like to inquire on how to do a cold and dark status for the QW 787 please. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Any information is appreciated. Thank you
  14. Gizmo05

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Thank you for your reply.Really Appreciate it. Regards.
  15. Gizmo05

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Hi All, I would like to inquire if the Aerosoft Bus is a study level Sim or is it like the previous Airbus which they relesed before. Either way, it's a great product and Thank you Aerosoft for this. Regards