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  1. Here is a strange question for you guys. Is there any way to get the description and images from the marketplace without actually looking at the in-game Marketplace?
  2. Ten items have been added to the Marketplace in the last couple of weeks, or at least should have been added.
  3. The freeware community have been tinkering with stuff on different flight simulators for decades now with some amazing results. The same community have created their own planes from scratch, again with amazing results. Guess what, the big money payware planes were still there and made economic sense. You think that all disappears suddenly and isn't viable economically because some default aircraft have been modded? I'm fairly certain the customer base that these planes will target don't consider they paid £3.66 for a plane either, they aren't stupid.
  4. And this is the point I was about to make when reading through the thread, then you posted! I really don't understand a thread claiming payware is not required for "Study-Level" aircraft and uses a project utilising an existing 3D payware model as the subject matter. As kaosfere has said, despite all the truly amazing work they are doing, they lack this component to their skillset. Once they get that component and build this study-level aircraft completely from scratch then the title of the thread might well have some truth to it. At the moment? No.
  5. It's a solitary developer behind ESGG isn't it? I suppose if you offer a discount larger than 20% then by the time Orbx take their percentage then there would be little left for the developer. Even undiscounted I don't really see the price for that product as unreasonable at all.
  6. DC Scenery Design SDAA Araras has been released for free, looks pretty good to me as well. https://secure.simmarket.com/dc-scenery-design-sdaa-araras-airport-brazil-msfs-free.phtml You can also keep track of all new payware aircraft, airport etc releases at my directory. https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/microsoft-flight-simulator-marketplace-directory.html
  7. I'm still fairly new to this so haven't got the in-depth knowledge of others with regards to what excellent aircraft they have had in other sims. I would really like a 737 or an older variant of the A320.
  8. But by without AI do you mean AI traffic or Live traffic. All live players should have a nametag when you are within a determined vicinity. Live traffic will only show it's tag (flight number) when you are within a short distance.
  9. I'm really unsure about the relevance of that to an enquiry about a scenery editor?
  10. Exactly what I thought at first. Software that installs and you link either LVFR or Flightbeam accounts. You then just download your purchases and it installs them straight to the community folder.
  11. Well i've bought it. As it was my first purchase for MSFS it was the first time Contrail has been installed, managed to link accounts and download it quite seamlessly. I'm now going in......
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