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  1. I own a Yoko* Yoke+ and Yoko throttle quadrant TQ 6+ and I am very satisfied. After more than 2 years of use, no complaints or problems. Works very well in MSFS 2020, setup easy. Mainly use GA Aircraft.
  2. multiple flights with DX 11 and Nvidia Geforce filters. No problems, works well
  3. The biggest changes can be read here https://www.alpha-india.net/2022/10/22/ai-manager-and-traffic-controller-development-update/ AI Manager Change-Log: Added new UI Added Airline-Presets to OCI Improved OCI setup and usability Impvoed stability Traffic Controller Change-Log: Added new UI Added Airport Services Impvoed stability
  4. I tried this tip and for me it is a big improvement graphically
  5. GEFORCE® RTX 2080 Ti, no difference from my previous Nvidia driver
  6. i am experiencing the same with regard to the dark VC, does anyone have a solution for this?
  7. downloaded update and installation without any problems. Start flight from CYVR to KSEA, (with the C172 G100) no problem so far. I removed all mods from the community folder before the update.
  8. patch just downloaded and installed. Took a total of 12 minutes. IDownliad and installation without any problems. ready for a test flight, I wonder how the result will be.
  9. I have the same problem, before the last update / patch of MSFS I already had this problem. Have tried with mouse connected via usb cable, Bluetooth and WiFi makes no difference. even after the last recent update of my Nvidia drivers the problem persists. my OS is Windows 10 Pro with the latest updates. I have tried with G-Sync on and off, this also does not solve the problem.
  10. through this link you will find information: https://blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/
  11. I am using the Yoko Yoke+ and the Yoko TQ6 +, installation no problem. Both are automatically recognized, and set in MSFS 2020. Very satisfied.
  12. no thanks, with my pc in combination with the P3dV5 HF2 settings, GSync works great for me. Enjoy your new RTX and LG 👍
  13. because the monitor frequency is not exactly 60 Hz, in my case the monitor frequency is 59.56 Hz. GSync tries with a setting of 60 Hz to reach that frequency of 60 Hz, which is therefore not possible, if you set the frequency 2Hz lower, it will succeed
  14. I set my external limiter to 58. In NCP: I set G sync Enabled, In P3DV5: set VSync &. TB off. My Asus ROG (GSync) monitor set at 60Hz. I run P3DV5 HF2 smooth & tear free , between approx 30-58 FPS. Specs see my sign
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