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  1. Jac_49

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    For Update SimpleCam see https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2778-prepar3d-42/ jac
  2. Jac_49

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    PTA updated for P3d v4.2
  3. Jac_49


    Add TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 (or 10) under [TERRAIN] in prepar3d.cfg Jac
  4. Go to options, Application, General and check box” Use system time for Default Jac
  5. Jac_49

    Todays windows10 update (fall creator)

    I updated Windows 10 this morning, and did a short flight (1 hour) I did not notice any problems with P3dV4.1 Jac
  6. Jac_49

    FTX Central update for P3Dv 4.1

    I think it is for the beta version only
  7. Just installed FTX Central update to version (update for P3Dv4.1)
  8. Jac_49

    PTA for v4.1 available

    Just downloaded and installed new version PTA 2.6 used preset from version 2.5, looks great again👍
  9. Jac_49

    V4.1 is out

    For AS there is a update available
  10. Jac_49

    REX TD Enhanced nearly here

    Just downloaded and installed REX 4 SP 7 from REX site. Jac
  11. Hi, I still have a few questions to make it clear for me : 1-did you disable or enable "Remove 3rd party" in BM manager? 2-did you disable or enable ORBX Vector_EXX in P3DV4 menu ? 3-did you disable or enable ORBX OLC EU lighting 4-did you disable or enable ORBX LC NA lighting Thanks! Jac
  12. Black Marble Vector for P3D v4 is now ready for download as well. I just downloaded and installed. Jac
  13. Chris, yes that is the way it is explained on the BM Forum. Jac
  14. In Black Marble Vector you can disable 3rd party add in (ORBX Vector) but only road related vector will be deactivated! everything else remains untouched, See Black Marble forum Jac