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  1. Sadly, there aren't as many quality freeware developers as there were in the FS2000 to FS2004 days. There are still a few gems though.
  2. Apparently not. Have fun, and if you have questions the FSCaptain developers are pretty responsive on their forum.
  3. No. But if you have Travis as your FO, he is prone to make comments on greased landings or hard landings, as well as forgetting lights or doors, or when the aircraft starts picking up ice ("If you pass me a coffee cup I'll reach out the window and scrape up some ice, and we can have snow cones.") Like I said before, they have a full demo with the only restriction being you have to takeoff from KSEA, KOLM, KPDX, EGCC, EGGD, or EGJJ. You can also see the full user manual here which goes over the features: http://www.fscaptain.net/downloads/User Guide.pdf
  4. It's versatile. I put my VA's schedule into it, but it can create random charters, or you can specify the route. It's got a free demo mode you can try: Please note that the full version you download here is the "free trial" version which can be turned into the full version by purchasing FSCaptain using one of the links to the right. They will allow you to purchase a registration code and then enter it into the program. The only difference between the limited demo and the full version is the demo is limited to six airports you can take off from - KSEA, KOLM, KPDX, EGCC, EGGD, EGJJ.
  5. It's very similar and has developed a lot of features over the years. I've enjoyed the enhanced weather features that make icing actually a concern as well as simulation of deicing procedures including hold-over times. It recognizes GSX's deicing at the gate, or you can set up de-ice pads that you have to taxi to like many larger airports have. It also communicates with GSX to recognize all it's phases from deboarding through pushback.
  6. The only place I really get any sort of FPS hit is near PWK any time I look toward the golf course. I believe all the Individually placed trees are the culprit.
  7. I purchased both their Chicago City and Airports X a few months ago. They're nicely done.
  8. To my knowledge, the RealTurb products are simulating terrain effects on wind and turbulence which aren't really touched by other weather addons. I haven't tried them, but if it does what it says it would add a nice dimension to the weather simulation, especially airports near mountains and hills.
  9. I finally encountered this and apparently Environment Force turned "enable weather smoothing" back on. Shutting it off immediately filled the grids back in.
  10. SimWest does not cover the airport, just photo-real scenery of the surrounding area.
  11. KMCI works perfectly in P3Dv4. Their site is currently in maintenance but if you look at their offerings on SimMarket, it specifies if they are P3Dv4 compatible in the requirements.
  12. I have their KMCI for FS9 as well as the FSX/P3D version and it's well done. From the pictures, it looks like that collection is their older versions. Their newer versions of those airports sold individually look much better.
  13. It's a waterski jump, nothing to see here. 😜
  14. ATC, even in the real-world, will assign runways based on current wind conditions. It is possible for winds to shift enough to change runways from what was originally planned. In cases like this, you would be working on an amended release from the dispatch office. Seeing as you're dispatch (unless you're flying for a VA with online dispatchers), you would just update the plan on Simbrief. The default ATC is terrible with it's handling of complex IFR routing. In fact, it pretty much ignores all but the route path itself until the last 80 or so miles when it completely ignores the route and starts vectoring you back and forth to your destination. So don't be surprised at its handling. As for the differing altitude restrictions, I would comply with both. The altitude on your SID is a crossing restriction, which means you have to hold that altitude until passing it. After that you can continue to climb up to the next restriction, which for you would be the 7000 that ATC capped you at. I've taken to flying VATSIM anytime I fly just to have realistic ATC when their on, and if they're off then it's sort of like flying without any ATC activated but I still have UNICOM and other live traffic to contend with.
  15. Given that the issue you describe goes all the way back to FS2004 (released 17 years ago) and it's gone through one FS2004 update, FSX and its two updates, and now 4 versions of P3D I wouldn't hold out much hope. It's not of much use to the commercial/training industry that P3D is catered to and really only appeals to the casual enthusiast who isn't part of the EULA. When you're trying to train a specific procedure, an ATC program would just become noise you have to ignore. Since they released Audio for VATSIM, VATSIM has been much more active than it used to be if you're looking for more realistic ATC. There's also IVAO, but I haven't used them in at least 15 years so I'm not sure how active they've been.
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