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  1. Enzian

    Faib Lightmaps (767 and a32xNeo)

    Thank you for your reply. I´ll post this issue in the Alpha-India forum. Bye
  2. Enzian

    Faib Lightmaps (767 and a32xNeo)

    Hello Bert, are you satisfied with the result for the FAIB B767? I´ve tried this lightmaps too but they are shown as white squares. It´s ok from the distance but not from near. Thank you Robert
  3. Enzian

    Another EVO update

    Hi Sascha, everything fine. Thank you :smile:
  4. Enzian

    Another EVO update

    Yes, same result/problem here. I tried it 2 times, both failed. I´m using Opera and will now try IE. Same result with IE
  5. Enzian

    FS9 - Drivers Opinion

    Few days ago, I installed the new 361.43. Great improvement compared to the old 344.48. I use the NickN settings as well and also used them before. Before I had huge frame impacts (dropped down to 5-7 fps) when flying in bad weather conditions. Now the problem solved and all is running smooth. Win7-64, GTX-560Ti, i5-3450 Robert