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  1. weird thing! If I start fsx steam using steam itself then real weather works but many of my aeroplanes do not show and program crashes and restarts and crashes again. If I start fsx steam using fsx.exe within the program, all works correctly but no real weather.
  2. Thanks for your quick response, tried changing as above but still no joy. Don't know where to go from here.
  3. fsx steam beta running with no problems but real weather not working. These are the settings in the fsx.cfg file :- WeatherServerAddress=https:\\fsx-rnd.azureedge.net\fsxweather\ WeatherServerPort=9999 WeatherGraphDataInDialog=0 AdjustForMagVarInDialog=1 DynamicWeather=1 Are they correct?
  4. I do not dispute the fact that the props are rotating in the same direction, that is obvious on start up. I am just observing the prop moving animation effect. I am not making a criticism just an observation that if you switch between the 3 and 2 blade props you will observe one prop animation reverse.
  5. I understand what you are saying but should not this effect be the same for both props at the same time? It is with the 3 blade prop. If you adjust the revs and pitch until the effect is just rotating you can clearly see the starboard prop effect moving anticlockwise and the port prop moving clockwise with the two blade prop. With the 3 blade prop both prop effects move anticlockwise.
  6. Thanks for the reply Frank If you switch between 3 blade and 2 blade in flight cruise you can clearly see the port prop effect changes direction. Mike
  7. Baron 55 - When 2 blade prop selected the animation shows contrarotating props i.e. not rotating in the same direction. Can this be corrected? regards Mike
  8. That is exactly what I did!! Cheers vortex681 Mike
  9. The steam opening screen has again reverted to the default view. Braden Bogdan fixed this before with an avsim download but the site referred to www.fsxworld.com has changed its address to www.flightsimulatorxworld.com therefore the fix no longer works. Could Braden or someone else follow this up? Regards Mike
  10. The marker lights do not illuminate although the sound works if switched on. Marker test does not illuminate lights either. regards Mike
  11. Two observations: Is the c of g correct? only during taxi it is quite easy to nearly tip over during turns. Should the 'RADIO CALL' label on the panel show the planes registration? Regards Mike
  12. Can anybody point me to the door hinges? I've looked everywhere! Regards Mike
  13. Much obliged Bob joystick null varying in rudder axis. problem now solved. Regards Mike
  14. I have to apply +4% rudder trim to fly wings level on autopilot. weather calm. Any comment welcome. Regards Mike
  15. Why can't we get this sorted? It's a shame to spoil such a superb add on fo such a small detail.Is everybody else just ignoring this or is there a specific problem with individual systems. I am certain that I and others have installed correctly but we cannot get an answer.
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