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  1. Would absolutely like to see the iFly 747 400 & 800 upgraded to P3Dv5, instant buy for me!
  2. With auto exposure on and using the beautiful new feature "live graphics" you can obtain beautiful lighting results, even in the cockpit!
  3. The repeated arrogancy and disrespect towards LM and loyal P3D simpilots displayed by several members of the MSFS community really start irritating me! I don't feel like wanting to become a member of such a community! Many of these MSFS folks do not realize which strong benefits and advances LM truly did bring to the flightsim community after Microsoft suddenly stepped out of the flightsim scene.
  4. I have a similar issue (like no NWS, no indications on the MCDU) with the PMDG after installing the new driver466.27. Restarting my PC didn't solve the issue. Solution: P3D crashed every time immediately after starting a flight. I had to perform a system recovery to 4 days back in time to get P3D running again!
  5. I have a similar issue (like no NWS, no indications on the MCDU) with the PMDG after installing the new driver466.27. Restarting my PC didn't solve the issue.
  6. I extracted the c-47 zipfile into my addons directory (P3Dv5 Addons) outside of P3Dv5, than used Lorby's Addonmanager to install the C-47 in P3D. As instructed I deleted the windshield.dll file from the panel folder and up I go in a fantastic looking and flying C-47!
  7. Having lived in the neighborhood of the city of Roermond in my (very!) young days I was very interested in this scenery to relive old times. It is really a very well done airbase and I flew already the Tornado and Lightning taking of from from ETUR. Thanks a lot for your fantastic work.
  8. I only have seen CTD's with P3Dv5.1 when I still used Afterburner from MSI to tweak my GPU. After uninstalling Afterburner I have 100% stability.
  9. In my experience Prepar3Dv5.1 outperforms v4.5 in every way, looks, stability and smoothness, fps, no stutters and also E.A. is better than no E.A. It adds to the immersion. I mixed it with Skyforce 3D and enjoy beautiful skies, cloud decks and stratus layers.
  10. I have fabulous results with P3Dv5.1 I did a clean install on a fast 1Tb M2 SSD module and used the P3DAddonOrganizer to rebuild my scenery and airports as well as aircrafts (A2A, PMDG, Milviz, Majestic, JF, Aerosoft). In addition I use E.A. AND REX Skyforce 3D. My system is build with a Z390 mb, 9700K CPU, 32 mb RAM and a GTX1080Ti. NO tweaking, NO overclocking etc. Vsync On and 30 fps. I am very excited about how my simulator world looks, beautifull skies and clouds, as well as actual weather. NO stutters and very very smooth flying. And I can fly all the sophisticated planes from and to beautifully modelled airports! Prepar3Dv5.1 is a real winner!!!
  11. Hallo Gerard, Can I also use your modifications with REX Skyforce 3D?? Best regards from another flying Dutchman!
  12. I use P3Dv5.1 with Skyforce 3D and EA activated, V-sync on and 30 fps limit. I9700, 1080Ti and 32 mB rig: Fantastic simulation, stable, no stutters and beautiful skies/atmospheres.
  13. I did address this question about updating Skyforce to P3Dv5 directly to REX several weeks ago and they confirmed to me that this definitely is their intention. I asgree it takes long but I still am confident this update will come one day!
  14. If you really like to fly an extremely welldone biplane (with/without pilot and/or passenger) you truly need to have a look at the Tigermoth PRO from ANTS. Pure sensation and immersion!
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