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  1. Issue with integrated GTN750 panel solved, no follow up needed to my former request. jan
  2. Hi, the Legacy cockpit looks great indeed. I also love flying the Lancair Legacy, great sim from a beautiful airplane. However I have the GTN750 in a separate window, which is not as nice as your integrated setup. Would be very nice to know how I can also integrate the GTN750 in the cockpit panel!?
  3. BE VERY CAREFUL TO USE THE DOWNLOAD LINKS (MIRROR 1 OR 2). After clicking one of these links I got a frightening message that my PC was hijacked. PC is still functional, but it seems that my Explorer browser is locked. Still investigating this issue, meanwhile I use Chrome browser.
  4. With regards to the flightmodel of their Archer II, that by far is not my experience. Several contacts and discussions started, but now 1 year later nothing has changed!
  5. Didn't you notice that the diameter of the inboard engine is much bigger than the outboard engine!? I assume this a 747 flying testbed for a 777 engine
  6. On my system the initial P3Dv4.5 did work more or less similar to v4.4. Now that I installed the hotfix P3Dv4.5 crashes during start up and closes down. Whatever I tried P3Dv4.5 keeps shutting down during initial start up. Unforunately I deleted the initial v4.5 client, so cannot go back to the v4.5 that did work for me..
  7. I remember having seen in the far past a F104 being mentioned in their accusim package! That would truly be nice!
  8. I have the iFly 747-400 and the 747-800 (800 added as an update). Both planes look very good outside and inside. To my opinion their FMS 's have the same sophistication level as the one in the 737 NG and I love flying them, very smooth and stable!! The 800 is my favorite for the moment. And now with the FREE update for the cargo version this beats PMDG by far for less than half the price! I love iFly !!
  9. What I observed is that KSUN is positioned at the top of the scenery list and in addition there is an entry in P3D/scenery/world/scenery, I have never seen this before. KSUN is not positioned between all the other ORBX airports in the FTX_AA_K... layers.
  10. From the initial installment (with ORBX Central) of KSUN on the runway alsways is positioned in a deep canyon and the buildings are high on a plateau. Even using the airport elevation tool from ORBX I was not able to solve that issue. I tried to control with the lorby addon manager and position KSUN at other layers, no success sofar. Many other ORBX airports that I have installed are OK. So for the moment I am lost with KSUN.. Who can give me some recommandations? Thanks, Jan
  11. I fly both the iFly 737NG and iFly 747-400 and 747-800 and I am truly pleased with these simulations. If you buy the 747-400 for $69,90 the 800 version even is included, and it looks great. And indeed there is plenty of sophistication and good looks in these products and you can make very realistic flights. So there is a very very interesting alternative to buying jets from PMDG. I have stopped buying PMDG when I was required to pay again the full price for P3D after I had bought the FSX 737NG and 777 jets from PMDG. Cheers .
  12. Latest version of megascenery earth v3_2017 looks absolutely stunning in P3Dv4.4. Sharpness and detail as never before, like flying in the real world!
  13. Reply post to Peter Webber: I had the same phenomenon of the black screen and background noise. Waited a few minutes longer and suddenly the simulator came up and runs like a dream. After that no start up issues observed anymore.
  14. P3Dv4.4 is awesome! Super fast fps at 4k (4000x2100) with all max settings setting. However still have some stutters (pauzes) now and than. And as Aerosoft announced, their Professional busses indeed run better in v4.4 with faster fps compared to v4.3!!!
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