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  1. jcorstjens

    Too high PMDG prices

    I fly both the iFly 737NG and iFly 747-400 and 747-800 and I am truly pleased with these simulations. If you buy the 747-400 for $69,90 the 800 version even is included, and it looks great. And indeed there is plenty of sophistication and good looks in these products and you can make very realistic flights. So there is a very very interesting alternative to buying jets from PMDG. I have stopped buying PMDG when I was required to pay again the full price for P3D after I had bought the FSX 737NG and 777 jets from PMDG. Cheers .
  2. jcorstjens

    Best Addon Terrain for V4.4?

    Latest version of megascenery earth v3_2017 looks absolutely stunning in P3Dv4.4. Sharpness and detail as never before, like flying in the real world!
  3. jcorstjens

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Reply post to Peter Webber: I had the same phenomenon of the black screen and background noise. Waited a few minutes longer and suddenly the simulator came up and runs like a dream. After that no start up issues observed anymore.
  4. jcorstjens

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    P3Dv4.4 is awesome! Super fast fps at 4k (4000x2100) with all max settings setting. However still have some stutters (pauzes) now and than. And as Aerosoft announced, their Professional busses indeed run better in v4.4 with faster fps compared to v4.3!!!
  5. Very nice work indeed Jan Kees, my compliments! I have downloaded quite a few of them, but now I don't know which livery to choose when I take the P51 up ! (:-))
  6. jcorstjens

    F-15 for P3D v4..??

    Milviz has a brand new F15C in development. Milviz already has shown several impressive photo's that show the F15C in an advanced status (look at their new developments forum). Maybe worthwhile to wait for it's release!
  7. jcorstjens

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    I just opened my computer case to install a new grahics card, but the amount of dust after 4 years was minimal. This is due to the fact that all openings into the case are protected by dust filters.
  8. I logged in to the B55 forum, but could not find a new/recent FDE update for the B55? can you provide more exact info on where to look< Thanks
  9. jcorstjens

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    I also noticed this strange behaviour of the very strong left pull after immediate take off. Being a PPL pilot myself and having flown different types of GA planes (with less HP however compared to the Bonanza) I was struck by surprise and asked myself if this left pull was truly realistic. If yes, than to my opinion many take off accidents must have occured! My work around was to make a very shalow initial climb (just as the F16's do (:-)) untill the speed reached > 95 knots and than increased the climb angle by pulling the yoke.
  10. jcorstjens

    Best 737 payware?

    I agree that the PMDG737NG is number I, but the iFly737Ng (now with HD textures in and out) definitely is number 2 and getting quite close. It also is a very advanced and realistic simulation.
  11. Having a PPL SEP I regularly fly the Robin DR400, I do fly the 135 HP diesel version with steam gauges. I am very grateful and my compliments go to Aerobask for releasing the Robin with diesel engine. However I would like to make some positive remarks/comments on the current simulated version: - There is way too much vibration of the instrument panel. In reality, despite being a diesel, the engine runs very smoothly and there is hardly any vibration - the wheel fairings are inaccurate compared to the real ones (and to my opinion ugly), actually in real life these are more massive in size - The FADEC A and B simulation test button doesn't work correctly, is not well simulated. When pressing and holding the button first Fadec B is tested (increase and decrease in RPM), next Fadec A (changing RPM) and than the fadec test button needs to be released, test completed. - The Force B switch is not operative - To my experience the power delivered by the engine is indicated in %, not in manifold pressure. Hope that Aerobask despite offering the Robin for free, still will make some updates to make this simulation even better! -
  12. jcorstjens

    Cessna C182. What next?

    Flight I Beech King Air, very realistic twin, not too complicated!
  13. Thanks Henry, as your subtitle says: allways in training!
  14. ORBX True Earth NL is truly fantastic, 10 Times beter than Megascenery Earth NL. However this is not true for its airports. The airports of The NL2000 sceneries are much more accurate. Problem However is that the NL2000 apts are allways placed below ORBX in the scenery.config file. Every time P3Dv4 is started the cfg file is reset to ORBX above NL2000.
  15. jcorstjens

    Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Yes Thomasso, I followed the advice, now everything set at "below normal". At this moment almost finalising the return flight and indeed no arrests anymore! Thank you for bringing this up and Patrice for bringing the solution!