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  1. Love OMAA and OMDB, beautiful airports and good performance, no issues. Don't forget to uninstall ASOBO OMDB.
  2. I also did buy and install LFRP today and next did some taxi runs and touch an go's around this airport. For me this rendition of Rhodes airport looks very realistic and is much more worth than $4!
  3. I enjoyed a nice and sunny holiday last week in Fuerteventura from the Canary Islands. Arrival at GCFV and departed from GCFV after one week with a stop over at GCRR Lanzarote with destination EHRD. I was so impressed by the view on the islands landscapes from my airplane window that I decided to buy both airports for my MSFS. I did buy GCFV (from MKStudios) via the Marketplace, that airport subsequently was installed in the OFFICIAL folder (strange enough as an ORBX airport). Next I did buy GCRR from Justflight and this airport is installed in the Community folder. Now with both airports, when taxying from the apron via the main taxiway to the runway threshold I encounter huge elevation issues that catch the plane and I cannot escape from these huge elevation mismatches. Does somebody have seen similar issues with addon airports and are there ways to solve these issues. With many thanks for your help!
  4. Certainly interested in trying your update. The Beaver breathes life, cool plane!
  5. I did perform a test flight a moment ago with the FSR500 and SU14, not any issue observed.
  6. I had an early morning flight from Buochs airfield in Switzerland (home base of Pilatus) with the updated PC12 and SU14. It was a sensational experience seeing the misty and low clouds sky between high mountains and the beautifully designed SWS PC12. In my opinion SU14 (atmospherics) as well as the PC12 are performing very well. IN CONCLUSION: The PC12 is not 100% ready yet but has a lot of potential and certainly will become my favorite turboprop. Being a real world pilot I especially like the flight model as well as the cockpit of this PC12.
  7. Initially I did fly the Vulcan in ready for take off modus. Now I tried to start following cold and dark procedures and find that the separate AEO and Navigator panels are not functional. When I hover with the mouse over various switches or buttons or hatches, these almost all light up in blue, but none of these buttons can be switched/activated. What do I do wrong or is it intended that way?? My perception is that all panels are designed to be functional. Many thanks for your feedback.
  8. I like Lossiemoth EGSQ, is freeware and situated in the north of the UK. Nice starting point for e.g. flights over Inverness and Lochness. Made quite a few sorties out of there with the Vulcan.
  9. What a beautifull and mighty beast, awesome soundset and she flies like a dream. Great resolution and clarity of the plane inside and out. I saw the Vulcan demonstrated at the Air Tattoo several years ago and this simulation is spot on. Well done!!.
  10. Thanks for your reply. What exactly is the Alpha value and where can I find it?
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