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    Collaborator on Fly!II Seawind aircraft with F2FDesign Group (paints by Steve Brown), assistance from Laurent Claudet of ROTW and inputs from Wayne Roberts; Fly!II Seneca V aircraft with ROTW and F2FDesign Group.

    IBuyPower Revolt 590; Windows 10 64-bit; Intel i5 3750 3.40GHz; 8GB RAM; nVidia GeForce GTX-650 1.5 GB RAM; Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X joystick.

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  1. KenWood

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    Saddened to hear this news. Eric was far too young to leave us. I still today recall using his FS98 panels. My most sincere condolences to his family and close friends. Ken Wood former Naval Weather forecaster and avid FS simmer
  2. And yet another vote for the TFDi Design B717!
  3. Hi Randall, That would be helpful, if it won't be too much trouble, especially as it will be some time before I can afford to try a recovery of the broken external backup drive. Cannot recall precisely, but think TerraScene came with Fly!2K and will check that once I am back to SE Georgia (currently doing finishing preps to get Father's house on the market). Thank you! Cheers Ken
  4. Wow... Most ANY update would only help, Randy. If you feel like ever uploading your DB, am sure what few of us left still using Fly! II would greatly appreciate it. I myself should package up my KPUJ- Paulding Northwest Atlanta (very basic still) airport and upload it. Since I "broke" my one external drive, I lost some of my Fly! II tools - namely TerraModels. These newer computers - even the CD/DVD drives don't always work with older burned CDs. Would the DB require prepping for DEXimport, or just needs cataloging of what it entails? Know the woes with video cards. My GTX650 sometimes has problems "reading" the graphics from the TerraModels file for buildings and will crash the sim. But past that, Fly! II runs and looks fantastic! And, apologies for missing this last post. AVSIM should be sending me an email when anyone posts in any of the Fly! forums, but hasn't been. Plus, am down to the final phase of getting the parents' house on the market (i.e. getting it emptied). Hearing that Atlanta is a sellers market at the moment, and hope its true, as only have a couple months of mortgage money left! Ah, well... <grin>. Hope this finds you well! Cheers, Ken
  5. I don't usually have an issue when in VNAV climb - just ALT HOLD. Strange, that. Likewise - no issues with the triple 7 at all. I keep coming back to Fly! II since all the latest sceneries / liveries are all 4096, and my poor GTX650 cannot handle the 4096mb stuff well at all. Especially when on wireless (due to location of my room versus Modem/Gateway location). Hindlers my VirtAirline flight logging as the wireless cuts off when the computer hits a certain temp (above 77 deg C). <sigh> Now if only we could get someone to update the navaids / runways, etc. and bring her to a more current representation of today's navaids... As that would be very labor intensive, 'tis but a pipe dream... Cheers! Ken
  6. Wishing all my fellow Fly!ers a very Happy New Year!
  7. KenWood

    Happy Christmas

    Belated Merry Christmas and a good new year to all!
  8. KenWood

    Windows 10

    Hi Ian! Thanks for that update. I can confirm that indeed Fly! II is running under latest version of Windows 10. Since I know we are a very small minority - especially with this simulator being 16 years old - would like to think that any of us who sent in reports to Microsoft about this particular issue were listened to. :wink: I will say that I sent in reports with each preview build, and all "crash reports" for the sim. So either someone listened, or we simply "Lucked Out". Best regards!
  9. Hi Randall ! It has been too long, once again. I flew with the 757 the other week. About the only issue I have with it in Fly!II is when on autopilot leveled out at chosen FL, it tends to "oscillate" in altitude - pitching up/down with about 120-200 feet rise/drop from set AP flight level. FSBuild does great for FP stuff, unless one really likes to hand input the route (hehehe). Now, I don't do a whole lot of flying the "tubeliners" (Seawind is still my most favorite, as you might well imagine), but shoot a couple questions and I'll see if I have a possible answer for you. Who knows? Maybe Rob himself might pop in and try to answer from memory! :wink: I won't compare it to say PMDG's FSX 737NGX series, but for a 16 year old sim and what - 15.5 yr old produced aircraft, PMDG's 757/777 for Fly! II still helped to set the benchmarks for all others to live up to, IMHO. Cheers!
  10. KenWood

    Windows 10

    G'day all! Not sure why I am not receiving notifications of posts in any of the Fly! / Fly!II forums (being signed up to "Follow" these forums), or I might have responded earlier. I can attest to the fact that Fly! II will not work under Windows 10. I can run it fine under Windows 8.1 with latest nVidia drivers and DX10, but latest drivers and Win10 - nope, nada. I have even tried to install earlier DX 9 or 8 but to no avail. DX8 appears to not work with 64-bit systems, and DX9 complained about "newer version installed" and always halts the install. So it would appear to be an issue with DX11. Have tried on both desktop and laptop but no luck. Took the desktop back to Win8.1. Of course, during that, my backup HDD to a small drop and the motor is ruined. All my Fly!II files were on there as well as a near 20GB of Fly!II fully decked out with TS scenery backup. Thankfully I still have TerraScene and the data disks, but these latest DVD drives don't always read the older CD/DVDs. Ah, well. Trust all are doing well! Cheers!
  11. Would anyone be able to do a livery for the Skywest / Alaska Airlines for the Wilco E-Jets V2 Embraer 175? Just discovered they operate a flight from KOKC to KSEA with the livery found on the picture from FlightAware (Skywest flight 3427 KOKC-KSEA). Tail number for this aircraft is N171SY. Many thanks in advance!
  12. KenWood

    S3d to 3ds converter

    Sorry for the time in responding on this. I have both and in my files. Message me with info if either of these are what you are looking for. Without Chris Wallace's direct permission, am unable to re-upload to the library. Cheers, Ken
  13. In fact it was the 757, followed by the 767: Precision Manuals Development Fly! Airliner Series 757-200 v1.0 - 12/17/99 Fly! Airliner Series 767-200/300 Add-on for 757-200ER Owners Copyright © 1999-2000 Precision Manuals Development Group They followed up with the release of the 757 and the 777 for Fly! II : PMDG AIRLINER SERIES 757-200 V2.14 Build 09MAY02 VERSION 2.14 FLY!2 AIRLINER SERIES 777-200IGW V2.11 Build 27AUG01 VERSION 2.11 I still use these aircraft to this day as I am a diehard Fly! / Fly!II enthusiast. :wink:
  14. KenWood

    Running P3Dv2.5 under Win10

    I can say that under Win 10 TP P3D V2.5 does in fact work - but my nVidia GTX650 suffers with the beta driver from nVidia. Within an hour or so of flying the GPU is heating up and the fan kicks into high speed (noisy); and does cause lockups in the sim to point of having to reboot my machine (running on slower i5 processor (locked 3.40GHz - not able to OC). nVidia Inspector Tweaks included for FSX/P3D V1.x all seem to go for SLI tandem , thus do nothing in my case. Win 10 itself does not appear to be the culprit. nVidia has released only the one beta driver version (I check for updates nearly every day), and I will assume P3D V2.5 simply does not like my GTX 650 (re: not powerful enough for the graphics). Heck - I even have heating issues with Sims 3 for the kids, whether or not using the nVidia Inspector tweaks or Global settings provided. So IMHO Win 10 won't be the issue - rather the video drivers. Since you have updated your video card you more than likely should have little issues other than the full DX 12 compatibility - that will be dependent upon LM.
  15. KenWood

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Sending heartfelt condolences and appreciation to Tom's immediate and extended family. I cannot find words to do justice to how deeply this affects me. I just know Tom will be soaring high above and watching over us all. Gob Bless the Allensworth Family and everyone associated with AVSIM. With Respect and bowed head...