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  1. Shame. I was hoping to feature it in a world tour video series I'm working on with FS 2000.
  2. I've tried reaching out to the author, but there hasn't been a response. I'm interested in Version 3 of Radar Contact, so that I can use it with FS 2000. I'm working on a series of retro flight-sim videos, and I wanted to have some ATC going with my flights. I would buy v4, but it isn't compatible with the older flight sims.
  3. I think I may have figured out a way for Tegwyn to give us traffic enroute. If traffic is generated at Departure and Arrival airports, then why not have an option where we can type in the ICAO airport codes for a list of airports along our flight plan? Then, Vox could generate traffic at those airports in the same manner as it does for departure and arrival. This would also give the user a little more control on what airports they want to see traffic at and which ones they don't.
  4. I've only done one test, but I believe I was hearing AI traffic when I tuned into center. I may have contacted them, but I don't remember. Com 2 doesn't work for listening or broadcasting (just like Vox), unfortunately. PFE does have the "old style" canned ATC chatter. It wouldn't be based off any AI in the air, though. If you wanted to use canned chatter, then it's probably better to go to and have it play in the background with Vox. The only problem I found is that PFE is like the default ATC when it comes to 3 to 4 different frequencies for the same Center Controller. You will switch to different "Salt Lake City Centers" during your flight, for example. With Vox, I've noticed that I only had to worry about one Center. Once PFE and/or Vox allows us to use Com 2, then using both at the same time will actually work really well. I will admit that it sounded weird hearing the TTS voices from Vox mixed up with the "real-like" voices of PFE. At least I knew who was talking to me.
  5. I've fooled around with this combo using PFE and VoxATC. PFE sounds better, because of all the voices. But you can run into a few snags combining the two. What I found difficult is that PFE and Vox only use Com1. And when PFE is wanting me to change to different frequencies for the same Center (like default ATC), I am unable to do so because Vox doesn't tell you to change to 4 different frequencies for the same Center. At least with default, you can use Com2.
  6. Does MyTraffic 2010 work any differently with VoxATC? I'm more attracted to it since it has military traffic. However, I'm not sure if VoxATC does a better job working with UT2 than MyTraffic 2010 with AI. I've read in another post that the military traffic in MT2010 is not as good as what can be found in Military AI Works.