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  1. I spend very little time on the effects portion of the program. I have a few setups based on those that come with the program. But you can turn those off. Luckily, I think the view portion is relatively easy once it's clicked: load up a new plane, open the flight studio, right-click in the views and enter a name, then go back to FSX and use the keys to put yourself at the right position and ta-da. Getting the keys configured at first is the hardest part but luckily that's a one-time thing. Definitely check out those youtube videos on how to configure the program. Once it's set up, it takes minutes to set up a new plane.
  2. That is extra work on my part every time I fly. FSX add ons already keep adding extra steps to flying a flight. It would be interesting to know how UT2 did it since I assume running traffic at every airport is not a good way. It could always check for airports within X range of the pilot and populate those. This would help with my issue, too, of deciding to hop to the neighboring airport impromptu or accidentally and finding it empty.
  3. The SPAD drivers are only for the Saitek Panels. To tell FSX to ignore the controllers, go to the Settings inside FSX and click on Controls to up the controller configuration. At the top is a checkbox for "Enable Joysticks" (or "Controllers") and uncheck that.
  4. I don't have any Saitek drivers installed and just use everything through FSUIPC, disabling joystick support in FSX. I do believe it's possible though to have FSX assign the axis and just use FSUIPC for calibration, though. I also removed any joystick binding in FSX's controls menu as a precaution and to keep key assignments clean. I haven't had the issue you speak of, fortunately for me. I just assigned the axis to the action in FSUIPC and did optional calibrations for the yoke axis.
  5. SPAD: http://fstools.weebly.com/ It's simply a set of drivers and application for setting up saitek peripherals to use instead of the drivers built by Saitek which seem to have issues. SPAD is free. FSUIPC: http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html It's an application that, among other things, handles peripherals interfacing with FSX (and XPlane I believe, too). It's great for calibration and setting up buttons, controls, etc. FSUIPC is not free for this use and takes a bit of time to set up but can definitely be worth it.
  6. The only thing I hope the developer adds soon is the ability to have traffic at more airports than just the filed departure and arrival airports. Nothing like doing a landing at a different airport that's a ghost town. Further, it makes for some pretty empty skies especially during flights.
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