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  1. The 340 is my favorite Carenado and my most-flown plane in FSX. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Very cool. I can't wait for the Archer update -- I am hoping that fixes the Archer's penchant for the engines shutting off on short final every time. Makes landings "interesting" to say the least.
  3. I saw that. I got accepted via the secret handshake. Thanks again!
  4. For the record, I tried oxygen a bunch of times (then went to air, lungs, breath, etc) I don't know why it didn't accept it but that was my first attempt. I then got put on trying to figure out the correct city between two other cities. And I couldn't find any good step-by-step on starting up the CJ1+ in the documents, just a check-list but that doesn't say where the items are and it didn't work (nor does Ctrl-E.. engines start then shut down after spin-up). And I understand the anti-spam necessity, no worries there just that they seemed a bit obtuse and, you must admit, nothing like feeling punished for being on the legit side of the fence. Thank you for your replies here
  5. You're not kidding. I've spent the last two days trying to get the answer to their anti-spambot questions correct so I can ask on the forums how to get a plane started
  6. I think they fixed this in B9 -- see the thread below about turbulence. And yes there can be bumpiness in a small plane going through most clouds but people are talking about pre-B9, XP didn't seem to often differentiate between "mean crazy thunderstorm cloud" and "calm friendly foggy clouds." My example was flying into the marine layer in San Diego (advective fog) which, by definition, is not anything to be wary of beyond just being IFR, in XP a small plane would be thrown around like crazy with the ASI going haywire between 0kts and 150kts every second and taking all my control to keep a basic attitude. I've also flown into other clouds that should be bumpy but in XP they caused my Archer II to flip over and fall out of the sky. But anyway my first flight in B9 through the marine layer shows this may be fixed so it might be a moot issue from now on :)
  7. I just did a real-weather flight from San Diego's KMYF through the marine layer and no issue with turbulence . Thumbs up! I did have a huge issue with frame rates once I got into the cloud layer but my 560Ti card isn't the newest thing so I won't be too critical of that. So far it seems like a nice tweak. The change note sounds like they did it the right way since high-turbulent clouds did feel great and XP and really give that sense of "you should not be flying into these clouds if you want to live" -- just that it was happening with Mr. Friendly Cute Clouds and Fog Layers, also.
  8. Oo... I guess I know what I'll be doing right about now...
  9. HDR is very bi-polar for me. I can turn it on and be fine and then I'll look a certain direction and it'll instantly go down to about 0.5FPS and sometimes it'll come back to normal and other times not. Sometimes just depending on where I look. I figure there most be some geometry or object rendering that can clog up the HDR pipeline. Also, I find two weird artifacts: the shadows generally dance around on the aircraft and especially in replays the lighting of the sky and scene in generally flicker dark-to-light as I rotate around the camera. This didn't happen until a couple betas ago. Finally, FXAA looks much worse than HDR off with AA on and apparently my card cannot run the nicer S--whatever mode above a couple FPS. Hopefully with time or computer upgrades. I've always been a big fan of HDR to get that brightness that's been missing in computer games since the beginning.
  10. Thanks! I assumed it added a filter on the graphics but I could never tell the difference. Now I know why :} @Tom: Good comparison shots and indeed that softening of the horizon is great. The newest REX Essentials does this nicely, too, if you havent upgraded, just FYI.
  11. Just a touch over-strong. I actually ran into a fog layer that flipped and crashed my Archer II. There are clouds that can and will do that to a plane but a marine layer in Southern California is not one of them ;)
  12. Could he be talking about having the "cinema vesomething" option set? OP: Try posting a screenshot and pointing out the effect. It's hard to know what it is you're describing.
  13. I'll try it out. I tried it out a year or two ago and it was too rough for my tastes but I'll look at it again. And I just had to tease. The amount of control XP gives each aircraft is definitely an asset. One of these days I'll start learning it since well every plane I've tried needs some tweaking (but hey I like tweaking) :)
  14. So in a post about tweaking an aircraft to make it work better you say one of the advantages of XP is not needing to tweak? *ducks and hides* :)
  15. Hmm, I recall in the demo being able to fly with VOX without filing a flight plan. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, though. I do remember it got picky if you deviate from the commands it wanted to hear, though. It's one of the things that kept me from ordering. I do hope there's stil work on future versions, though, it's a great base of an ATC app and the closest of all I've tried. It just needs some flexibility improvement and a way to interact with traffic (and a price cut) and I'll purchase it.
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