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  1. Hi, thank you all for the responses! I do have a navigraph subscription. need to see if I can find that toolbar application, that sounds great!
  2. Will it be visible within MSFS?! Sounds amazing if thats the case!
  3. I assume this is the way. Thanks for the suggestion, will check if the hp reverb has the see through option.
  4. Hi.thank you, sorry if I was unclear with my question. The question is when programming the flightplan into the FMC. I need to look at the actual pdf to see what to program into the FMC. once its programmed its all good.
  5. Hi, just got my HP reverb 2 vr headset and Im amazed by the immersion in msfs. However one thing that Im a bit bothered by is how to access the documents, like ths flightplan and charts and such For example when to program the fmc in pmdg737... Wouldnt want to break the immersion to do these things by removing the headset... How do you handle these things?
  6. Hi. Have a thing that bugs me in MSFS. My local airstrip that Im currently doing my PPL schooling at (ESSZ) exists in MSFS but its really just a piece of grass, no runway markings at all. In real life there is some read cone's and some runway lights around the runways. Im not after realism in this case, im more after a way of being able to distinguish the runway from the rest of the surrounding. Since all grass is the same height its almost inpossible in the simulator. Just wonder if there is a tool or anything similar to just add some cones or something around the runway?.
  7. Hi! Im getting a bit fed up with the atis in msfs only presents the air pressure in Hpa and not QNH. Which males it very annoying when flying in Europe. And since the atis in Msfs never matches the real life metar of the airports getting a real metar is not a choice either... Any tips? /Niklas
  8. Hi! Since Aerosoft finally has made msfs fun to fly again I have started once again reacting over how incredibly bad the live weather is, not even close to the real metar. Have anybody got any suggestions how you use this to make it as realistic as possible?
  9. I really cant understand what you are complaining about?. What I understood the alpha testers are not getting the game for free. they will still need to buy it the day that its released. So the only thing they get is an opportunity to send in feedback on whats working and whats not. * Are you against all sorts of testing or just in this case? Im sorry but I just cant see anything negative with this approach.
  10. My thoughts on the insider alpha thing is that many people has gotten this all wrong. This is not something that you should pay to participate in. Its not something that you are rewarded with. You are helping the developers create a piece of software that matches to a higher degree what the future users want. To me this is a great idea! The way they invite users based on their systems is always a good idea. It will help them focus on the right things at the right time. At this time, its most likely not about optimizing resource usage, its more about getting the correct pieces into the software. If they let everybody in, the focus will be "Hey its not running smoothly enough on my system", So see it more as if the people invited into the Alpha is helping the developers instead of they being rewarded something. We all will be given the oportunity to get our hands on the software sooner or later and lets hope that the Alpha testers comes up with great ideas and great feedback so that the simulator will be all it can be! /Niklas Eriksson
  11. ProAtcx is button based so a perfect solution for us with integrated living rooms /flightsim rooms!
  12. No that button does not exist on the 747-8. its the "pull switches" and then you just immediately turn the fuel controllers to run... and autostart is performed.
  13. Just to clear out the misunderstanding... Autostart works, the problem is that FS2CREW automatically selects the "manual way" so the start procedure that fs2crew uses is not correct. I can of course start the engines using autostart and bypass the fs2crew start...
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