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  1. ProAtcx is button based so a perfect solution for us with integrated living rooms /flightsim rooms!
  2. No that button does not exist on the 747-8. its the "pull switches" and then you just immediately turn the fuel controllers to run... and autostart is performed.
  3. Just to clear out the misunderstanding... Autostart works, the problem is that FS2CREW automatically selects the "manual way" so the start procedure that fs2crew uses is not correct. I can of course start the engines using autostart and bypass the fs2crew start...
  4. Hi! I cannot seem to find any settings in the fmc on the 748f about autostart, but I have been using it in the UPS Livery all the time. The instructions for engine start is on page 19 in the tutorial.
  5. Hi! Just started using fs2crew for the 747-8 and I cant find out how to change the start procedure from 4-3-2-1 to autostart? the tutorial just says "change" and nothow to do it...Any advice? Thanks /Niklas Eriksson
  6. Yes thats how I have done it previously... everything was set in the FMC... but the EFB just "Loaded" for a second and then nothing...
  7. Ah sorry about that, the problem is that i cant select the airport
  8. That wasnt my question, the qiestion was that I was not able to enter anything to either of the pages
  9. Hi! Was flying the 747.8F from EDDK - ESSA yesterday... on the departure it worked fine on the performance page but during cruise when I was planning the approach and entered the landing page in the EFB I couldnt populate the data on the EFB. When I clicked the copy from FMC button it just went back to the EFB without any data. When selecting the airport through the search function. It did not populate any fields at all. Anyone else seen this problem? /Niklas Eriksson
  10. Thanks, No Im not 100% sure, however this is something that I have never had enabled so I would be surprised. But sometimes life is surprising;-) I will definately check this.
  11. Hi Craig, thanks for your reply. I dont think this is the same issue, perhaps related though... The problem was that the freezes kept happening with like 10 seconds interval... so running for 10 seconds, then freeze for 40 seconds, then running fine for 10 seconds then freeze.. so it was not a one time thing...
  12. Hi, really not sure what the source of this problem is but I'll try. Yesterday I flew KEWR - EDDK about a 7 hour flight if I remember correctly. first part of the flight was completely fine however just before T/D the sim started to freeze for 30-40 seconds, with the feeling of a CTD being unavoidable however after 40 seconds it came back to life for a couple of seconds and then back to freeze again. did this something like 10 times before I gave up and closed p3d. This has never happened before. have flown longer routes without any freezes. The thing that has changed is that I have updated P3d to version 4.4 and updated the 747-8 to the latest version. Just wanted to know if anybody else has seen this behaviour? I have not changed any settings as automatic save or anything so thats most likely not the problem.
  13. Hi, what is the logic for usage of the res1 and res4 tanks in the 747-8? I am currently doing a flight and was expecting that fuel to be used, but it doesnt it seems... Have a hard time getting my head around this fuel logic /Niklas Eriksson
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