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  1. I think the PMDG looks a lot better ,they have much better textures and the detail is far better. When it comes to the cockpit , the graphics on the ifly look very dated and are not convincing in my opinion. When you are in the NGX cockpit you feel you are actually there due to the better modeling more vivid colors, animations and better sounds. From videos I have seen of the ifly 737, I can confidently say that you don't get the real life experience associated with the NGX.
  2. Im not really interested is any -200 except maybe the LR. I think the -300ER is going to be replacing those old -200s over the next few years , as the technologhy is starting to show its age. Whenever i see a carrier like American Airlines using there -200s , I Just fell they are archaic compared to the much newer Emirates or Air New zealand -300ER. Robin.
  3. Hi everybody. The last few days I have gotten really interested in the NGX service based failures, I have been going around a few threads looking at what experiances different people are having. I personally think it is a brilliant idea PMDG came up with, its interesting that it is based on mean data from Boeing and not completly random. I was thinking of starting this thread for people to comment on what interesting failures they have had , how did you deal with the problem, maybe talk about which part of the QRH you referred to and do you think you were efficent at remedying the problem. To be honest it has been very quite for me in terms of failures,but I like to keep alert just in case anything does happen which I think adds a great amount of immersion. Looking foward to reading your replies. Robin
  4. I have been flying Ryanair since the NGX came out a few months back , I have become so accustomed with flying with them , I stuck to flying them all the time , and the 737-8 is by favorite 737. My favorite part of Europe to fly in is spain , I love flying to airports such as Barcelona , Alicante , Palma de Mallorca ,Minorca ,Madrid and Ibiza. Usually fly to Dublin because that's where I'm from , and its always nice flying in and out from where you are from , I also occasionally visit Cork and Shannon. I use a lot of UK2000 scenery for the united Kingdom ,I do a lot of Dublin- Stansted legs or Gatwick and Luton, I really like The East Midlands ,and started visiting Bristol airport because its nice little regional airport. Other cities I Like visiting would be Budapest , Amsterdam,Manchester , Edinburgh,Brussels, Athens, Vienna ,Zurich (also another personnel favorite) Lisbon, Nice ,Belfast , Manchester ,Birmingham ,Madeira , Innsbruck , Copenhagen,Paris, Faro ,Munich , Frankfurt . Robin
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