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  1. So, so sad to hear. Thanks to Tom for all he did to make flight simming what it became from a primitive start to state of the art. Thoughts and prayers to all. Geof Applegate
  2. So, so sorry to read this. My prayers and thoughts with you and your family. it was a privledge to help out for a while with your creation and the greatest website for flight simulation on the planet Geof Applegate
  3. Jason-not taken that way at all. All the best!
  4. Well just to be honest-Geofa has had it. As a mod seeing all kinds of things that would make peoples skin crawl -to posting honest assesments on xplane-its flight model etc.-being labelled an fsx'er-then tonight being labelled an xplaner for giving a critique to p3d's autogen-this hobby is no longer fun for this one. 31 years of simming over-and after tonight I am grateful. Bye...
  5. Well Geof is leaving avsim as he did flightsim.com 20 years ago. Bye...
  6. Ok guys-after 31 years I am outa here. If you don't want opinions that is fine..
  7. Well then I am really confused. As far as I know p3d has no god rays, and has no rotating clouds via their pr release as of today.My post on xplane was made well before the release of p3d. Please let me know what I did wrong.
  8. I find it interesting that you are calling me an xplane folk-since for two years the xplane folk have been calling me an fsx'er. Probably because I beta tested everything from pro pilot to fly to fs from 2000 and have been highly critical of xplane the last two years. Easier probably to lable someone as a something'er than to take a critic-have found the same on the xplane boards when I have taken great exception to the "superior" flight models. Yes-I posted the xplane shotstonight -because after being a huge critic of the xplane for 2 years something ground breaking came out. Trolling-I was a mod here. I am a flight sim enthusiast since 1980. Really? Is that the best you can do?
  9. I find it odd-that you post all this because I happen to post an honest opinion that the autogen in p3d has not changed in 6 years and looks dated-especially since you haven't ever had any interaction until tonight. I did beta test fsx and am quite familiar. I also happened to coincidentally post some positive posts about xplane after being a huge critic of it for two years because some really positive stuff came out for it this week. Are you a flight sim enthusiasist-or do you have an agenda?
  10. What is this-an honest appraisal of what is available right now. Seems defensive to me-especially since I have never had a loyalty to any sim-seems you might.
  11. Quite amazing since I have been so critical of xplane the last two years. My enthusiasm for the fs world is once again waning.
  12. Say what-I haven't compared anything to p3d. I did say the autogen from the screen shots looks like a toybox -I stand by that-the autogen is exactly the same as when I beta tested 6 years ago-except perhaps more. Are we that defensive? I really have no loyalty to any sim except the best at the moment. I have made no direct compare to xplane-where did this come from except a position of defensiveness?
  13. No-I mean like reality-and my sig shows I have no loyalty to any sim. Sorry to get the hair up-I don't see any change in a 6 year technology of autogen I beta tested-and to me it looks very dated.
  14. No I haven't-but the screen shots posted above look like a toybox. If that turns you on go for it-I prefer a rw look. Take my opinion as a rw pilot of 26years and beta tester for fs since 2000 as it might be....
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