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  1. Geofa

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    So, so sad to hear. Thanks to Tom for all he did to make flight simming what it became from a primitive start to state of the art. Thoughts and prayers to all. Geof Applegate
  2. Geofa

    Words I need to share with our Community

    So, so sorry to read this. My prayers and thoughts with you and your family. it was a privledge to help out for a while with your creation and the greatest website for flight simulation on the planet Geof Applegate
  3. If you are spending all that time looking at the clouds when you fly thru them you are gonna be in trouble-just sayin... You should be watching the instruments-watching the clouds gonna give you vertigo...
  4. Not sure about night (always had trouble with the runway lights especially with I- 75/69 creating a disturbing illusion notamed in the afd) but the Fnt scenery is really great-I was based there, learned there in 1989,and based there for quite a few years and nice to be able to taxi up to my hangar in the golf tees in the sim. The crop circles around rnwy 36 not quite right but xplane does a very, very credible job of this part of Michigan. Really great rendition of the kfnt airport. Now if I can only get my new home area of Southern Californina so good-right now quite deficient. Here is hoping for the new update...I have fond memories of the past but don't really want to delve on the past so much-new all the way! :-) <edit> tried the hdr at night and it was very, very good. Just waiting patiently for my part of the world no to be the same quality...
  5. Geofa

    HDR- on or off?

    I actually like the looks and think it looks more realistic from the air with it off...
  6. Yes-I bought that right when xplane 10 came out as I was at the time flying a diamond da 40 with a g1000. Trouble is it really is set up for a multi monitor approach which I don't have, and I was not able to find a realistic da 40 so I didn't use it much. Again, ability to customize a sim for what the end user need-be it game, or rw trainer is the key to market share. I hope more and more comes out for xplane that allows this. I should add I was perfectly happy with Reality xp in 32 bit ( other than not being able to put it in a panel) but 32 bit since about a year ago is unstable and crashes almost immediately on my machine.
  7. Re:gps It is not about colorful or lazy. For a rw pilot using a sim for training it is about getting simulated aircraft/instruments as close to one uses rw to stay proficient on them-and it isn't confined only to gps. Only when this happens does a sim become a useful trainer. Although I personally never have come across a kln90b I did fly with a kln 94 for 10 years-which is also ancient at the time. There was never a sim version of it for any sim ( elite was going to have one but lawsuits stopped it). I tried using the kln90 sim version at the time-but it just was not useful enough because of the large difference of features, user input. I did fly a lot of planes with garmin 430's and despite the fact that they have now gone " ancient" are found on a large majority of aircraft now-at least in the US. For someone who wants to " game" a detail like this may not be important- but for someone who wants to "train" hugely important. Why I have even invested in 430 hardware for the sim. How beautiful to be able to learn the intricacies of your machine on the ground when you have time to pause and experiment. A heck of a lot of pilots only know how to direct to on their boxes because of a lack of this. I still remember flying Vfr in complex airspace when my pilot friend accidentally hit the declutter button on the Garmin-losing all airspace info on the screen and went into a panic as he didn't know how to get it back. Luckily my Reality xp sim experience allowed me to simply push the button and get it back. I look greatly forward to the mentioned new and improved gps coming, or any add in that will fill this need. I suspect for flight schools who also have similar hardware/ training needs this is also paramount and why someone has been hired to do so. It looks like there is a new one relacing the reality xp for the FSX world-I look eagerly for the same to manifest here.
  8. So you are saying there has been in your words " chaos" for developers and end users for the last two years ( end users who IMHO should count the more important of the two) but now it is of paramount importance that Laminar not be "reckless" because they don't want to have an unstable platform? Sounds like an oxymoron to me
  9. "Hardly a real road block for all developers, especially since many developers complained about to many and fast updates. Instead I think that after the bumpy ride to 64bit there won't be any fundamental updates for the flight model or the plug-in systems till XP 11" ..and how did that " bumpy ride" effect consumers who were told xplane 10 was a whole new animal on its release and there would be no more bumpies? Took almost 2 years for my initial purchases made on faith to be made good-or somewhat good. Sad to hear there won't be any fundamental updates for the flight model-that one speaks for itself.
  10. What I even find more peculiar is usually the other flight sim or even in this case operating system is usually brought up first by a sole user of xplane/Mac/Linux. Then when those who are users of all simulators/ operating systems take exception with what is usually stated as a fact e.g. "Windows/FSX constantly crashes" or the usual mantras these same people get uncomfortable. Very strange indeed.
  11. Interesting-I bought my first Mac-an I Mac last Xmas. First thing I tried was my Mac compatable flights sims and I found they ran significantly slower than on my 4 year old pc. I also had constant crashes with the operating system-mostly freezes- but was determined because I needed to publish something on iBooks-who's interface also constantly crashed leading me to have to repeatedly have contact Apple support. Finally got the job done after a frustrating 3 months and haven't had the machine on since. Gives me the thought to go turn it on today-let it update its OS and see if things have improved. I do love my iPhone/iPads but interestingly Wingx my rw flight software advises strongly not moving to OS7 due to crashing in the OS-have already experienced a couple myself.....
  12. I am running on a 4 year old i7 920 2.67 ghz. 32 bit (didn't for the the first 8 months or so) crashes every time with an out of memory error. 64 bit runs fine. Only problem is reality xp gps only runs 32 bits-I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.... Also interested in this traffic add on but not interested in tweaking/writing flight plans for the whole world. Will wait for the random or better than that an ultimate traffic type of deal.
  13. Are you running 64 bit or 32? I get a similar out of memory error pretty much whenever I run 32 bit but don't get is with 64. This started about 7 months ago-did not have a problem before that. 64 bit runs fine.
  14. Got it finally fixed-boy this was a difficult one. Thanks Manny for all your help! Now that it is working I can only praise this DesktopAviator gps the highest praises. It has removed the last bit of awkwardness of using the sim for rw training and is possibly the most useful and good value I have bought for the sim.
  15. I finally got most of the buttons to work by manually editing the fsiupc file with the command syntax, however I still can't get the power button or right outside knob to work, even entering the commands manually. The keyboard shortcuts do work from the keyboard though.