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  1. So, so sad to hear. Thanks to Tom for all he did to make flight simming what it became from a primitive start to state of the art. Thoughts and prayers to all. Geof Applegate
  2. Got it finally fixed-boy this was a difficult one. Thanks Manny for all your help! Now that it is working I can only praise this DesktopAviator gps the highest praises. It has removed the last bit of awkwardness of using the sim for rw training and is possibly the most useful and good value I have bought for the sim.
  3. I finally got most of the buttons to work by manually editing the fsiupc file with the command syntax, however I still can't get the power button or right outside knob to work, even entering the commands manually. The keyboard shortcuts do work from the keyboard though.
  4. I am having the problem that many of the keypresses such as ctrl f3 don't show up in fsiupc -eg. the press key box doesn't register anything when I press that key combo-however pressing the key combo from the keyboard in fs does-anyone know what is up here? Thanks!
  5. I just bought the DesktopAviator model without the monitor and need some help. I programmed it per instructions and it works flawlessly with the default gps's. However, I don't seem to be able to get it to work with my reality xp gns's. I have tried programming fspiuc both for button presses and keyboard presses and edited the realityxp.ini file with relative button calls to no avail. Most buttons do nothing-some which I have programmed via keypresses in fspiuc when pressed change for instance the spot plane view. Any ideas? Is there a conflict somewhere? Thanks for any help/insights...
  6. The Carenado's baron replaced them with creaking strut sounds, which while more appropriate for a Cessna is a welcome relief.
  7. re: the graphics on the milvz b55-they couldn't be anymore realistic because they were made from pictures from my real plane and duplicate it in every respect, including normal wear and tear you see on most rw aircraft-not the airbrushed perfection often dreamed about but mostly seen in a sim. As someone else said-it is like comparing an A36 to a V tail bonanza-similar aircraft and not similar aircraft..both are worth owning, and if a Beech freak as I am, I own them all, by all sim manufacturers. ...and my wife didn't like the club seating in the B58 (or A36) - said she would never feel comfortable riding backwards in someone else's legs-much prefered the seating arrangement of the B55.
  8. I also did not know Michael but any loss to this community is a loss of family. Condolences to his family.
  9. Gman-thanks!! I just got my new system two days ago and this was driving me crazy!
  10. That is the honesty variable.... if it is better some with no loyalties will switch.....I am always open minded as I know you are.Bring the competition on...but it has to compete!
  11. At least on my machine the new version seems to correct this left turn stuff as well as a lot of the twitchies.However, after months of tweaking and trying xplane I find there are only a couple things that keep me coming back to xplane-the feel of the plane in the air once after takeoff, the real prop sounds, and systems failures.With the Carenado Seneca, JF Duchess, and Real Air Duke and frankly better fps on fsx with similar (well no-higher relative settings) I am having trouble using xplane much-especially since there seems to be a nasty nvidia compatiblity problem. I'd like to see it compete-even with a nearly 3 year old product (fsx) xplane appears to be well behind -I'd like to see it at least catch up if not surpass.
  12. Thanks TV. My feeling is this is much good in this sim-but it hasn't been manifested yet for the typical end user-especially those who just want to give it a go from the start and not tweak. To me that is not an unrealistic expectation from the end user to just be able to fly it from its' defaults and get an experience-but from what I can see at least now-lots of tweaking is needed-if one wants to see what this sim is capable of.Unfortunately imho many will not be willing to do this and will put it on the shelf to collect dust. A shame...
  13. I am also very interested in medieval history.

    What an interesting story!

    Sorry flying is so expensive where you live...

  14. After moving from different systems,monitors, and video cards there is also something I have noticed concerning blurries.It can be aircraft specific...I can use a complex airliner like the level D, or stock Ms planes and get no blurries-ever.I can use some other 3rd party/freeware planes-and induce some almost immediately.Hmmmmm.....http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/1b5baf...b9f427f694g.jpgMy blog:http://geofageofa.spaces.live.com/
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