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  1. And to go along with all that great scenery you need a good external weather engine like HiFi's ASX. It provides choices for many textures in the sim like runway and taxiway, sun, moon, water clouds etc.....And, to top it all off you need some great GA aircraft like the Digital Aviation Cheyenne or the Eaglesoft Twin Comanche. If you prefer the very slow go with the Digital Aviation Do27, no other GA add-on aircraft simulates an old crate as well as this one.
  2. It was mentioned in passing somewhere in the bowels of a thread last week if I recollect correctly but this is great news! Looking forward to its release.
  3. I say open one, would make for some fun reading that's for sure, though you may actually have to pay for 2 full time moderators considering the amount of work they'd need to handle.Concerning developers posting "ads" for their products in these forums, my humble opinion is it's a tad on the junk email side.When I see a post by a fellow simmer who raves about a product (sesquashato sp?) comes to mind, well he's evidently enjoying the product. I see other posts that say check this out or this has been released and the responses that follow, it gives me some indication of what the product is like from people who have used it that have no other reason to post except for an fairly honest feeling of the product. I've even felt compelled to respond in the positive especially if I like a product.Enter in a payware developer or someone who is associated with a product, comes in without any indication that they work for that product and promote that product with a positive post on how good it is etc.... I'm inclined to believe them or at least get a positive feeling about it because I believe they are sharing an honest opinion without any ulterior motive.That would be similar to someone from McDonald's posting how good the new triple big mac burger is without saying they are from Mcdonalds, or a company writing a review of their product and posting it on amazon or some such site.I think I side with Avsim on this policy.I'm just a user of the forums and one potential customer, but I do not like being decieved, especially by advertisers. There's enough darn advertising in the world and I should know, I work in marketing and I schedule some of it.
  4. FSX is a waste of time and money.It is? Crap!!!!!! Please don't tell my wife!
  5. I'll second that. Great product, great support and great price. Can't ask for any more than that.
  6. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Some get caught up in an ever ending quest for the perfect flight others are happy with what they have. Either way, if you are having fun what does it matter, flight simming is what you make it and to be honest it doesn't matter a fig what other people think.Some think the only way to seriously sim is to fly an airliner while others believe flying an F18 is the only possible way to fly seriously. It's all a matter of opinion and there isn't a definitive answer out there except enjoy it no matter how you seriously sim.26 years ago I was using a keyboard on a piece of machinery with less memory than my watch and thought I was flying seriously, all that has changed is the view really. Good on you and enjoy it for all you can.
  7. That's very dependent on what/where/when you fly and your system. It's been so long since I flew default FSX not to mention a video card upgrade that I couldn't quantify any form of answer based on my own experiences.Generally though GEX and FEX may actually increase performance so the story goes. GEX by changing the amount of autogen displayed, some users have reported better performance with FEX.UTX tends to have the most impact on frames as it adds traffic to secondary roads and the night lighting can also be detrimental to performance. UTX does however have a top notch configuration tool that displays each feature and projected performance impact not to mention the ability to enable/disable specific features. It also has a great FSX configuration editor where you set sliders for specific FSX featurs such as detail radius slider, autogen, fiberframe etc..... and shows the impact on FSX performance.With all that said, performance is in the eye of the beholder and very dependant on many variables and no two experiences are the same.
  8. Xgraphics does sky, moon, sun, airport taxiway, airport runway, clouds, sky and water textures, and probably some I missed. It is highly configurable meaning you can have some or all of the textures replaced based on weather or create custom themes etc....GEX does everything else like mountain, fields, deserts and many other textures including an airport grass blend.UTX does city landclass, vegetation landclass, coastlines, city night lighting, roads, road traffic etc....They all work well together.Throw in FEX for cloud and water textures and you have one hec of a picturesque sim.
  9. It's because we all stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. :)
  10. I was back and forth on this one, probably overanalyzing it to death in my head but similar to the rubber band test, the simplest experiment solves this. They put a model car on a belt and had it at the same speed forward as the belt was going backwards, net speed was zero.Put the wheels in neutral the car moved backwards, but apply an external force unrelated to the treadmill such as a hand and they were able to push the car forward with very little resistance. Slap a plane on there and apply propeller force which has nothing to do with the treadmill but forces acting on external forces like air and the plane moves forward as long as the thrust from said propeller can overcome whatever resistance is created by the wheels, skis, undercarriage etc. influenced by the friction of the treadmill moving in the opposite direction.On wheels, the aircraft easily overcomes the resistance and takes off without a problem. Ski's present more resistance but with a powerful enough engine the aircraft will still manage to move forward and most likely take off.
  11. I bought if from feelthere so I'm assuming the Flight1 is the same. It's a great aircraft albeit rather old but since the actual 737's it models are getting on in years it oddly helps.Many of the systems are modeled except air pressure but engine startup needs to be done by the book.The VC shows it's age but still holds up pretty well and the FMC is top notch.The MFD has a weather radar and TCAS along with verbal traffic alerts. The sounds in the cockpit are spot on. I watched a 737-300 video and the sounds are replicated downt to the swoosh of the trim wheel. Nicely done.Exterior is very well done as far as I can tell.Support is pretty good despite the perception of wilco/feelthere support. The 737 has it's own forum at feelthere.com where questions can be answered.Many liveries available to download.The only cons are that it's an FS9 aircraft ported to FSX and the frame rate can be on the low side; I get around 12 fps at KCLE and KIAH but once in the air I stay pegged at the locked 18 with nary a dip.Overall one of the best 737 simulations I've used but considering I've never bought any other 737 payware that may not mean much. :) Still, it's system modelling and FMC are done very well and the cockpit sounds are top notch and despite being an older FS aircraft it holds up well in FSX.
  12. I'm assuming here so bear with me, but I believe the airlines use a standard average weight per passenger like 170 or something to that effect and calculate using the passenger manifest. Baggage/cargo is obviously weighed during check in and they must have an average number for carryon weight I would assume.Using the ERJ 145 from feelther the FMC I think uses 190 per passenger which may have the average carryon weight tacked on to the average 170.
  13. I have had this happen with a saved flight and went back to the default flight to eliminate it?It could be the fuel flow, is the mixture axis set?Maybe use the keyboard command for fuel flow?I do remember a thread concerning the same issue a while ago but can't remember if it was resolved.
  14. Well, you win. I'll tell you, I've seen this question overanalyzed, I've overanalyzed it to death going back and forth and the one thing the mythbusters did with the car on the treadmill and putting it in nuetral and pushing it forward with little resistance clicked for me.So simple really and it's funny how your gut instinct makes you think it won't take off. That ultralight had no problem at all. Hopefully, this puts this discussion to rest.
  15. Everytime I see this question my hands begin to shake, not sure why but my brain begins to bleed and my eyes water.I'll tend to agree with those who state it's a trick question because the whole wheel speed etc...and frictionless bearings just goes way to deep. Unfotunately, I haven't any idea what the answer is and I've gone back and forth from initially thinking it wouldn't take off to yes it will and back again....Here's where my thinking is anyway...A float plane on a river that is flowing at 60 knots against the forward motion of the plane would hamper takeoff because to negate the weight of the plane it would need forward airspeed of what, 70 knots to lift off depending on overall weight and since it's airspeed is -60 against the airflow it would require 140 knots thrust to takeoff (considering wind wasn't a factor)? Is that a correct assumption or way off?Let's say an aircraft like a Cessna is on a variable incline. If you let off the brakes you roll backwards at 10 knots and would need to increase thrust to maintain 0 knots, sort of like applying throttle in a car on a hill. Increase the incline to negate thrust and you reach a point where the cessna can't maintain 0 knots, obviously it wouldn't take off.Is that comparable to the weight vector for a treadmill despite the fact that the force pulling against the aircraft is no longer straight down?These are the bloody things driving me nuts on this, obviously you can prevent an aircraft from taking off by applying forces against it's forward thrust but can a large treadmill apply enough force to prevent the aircraft from acquiring the needed airspeed to negate it's own weight?I think it comes down to how the question is worded, matching wheel speed or airspeed although it should be interesting to see how the Mythbusters do it on Tuesday.
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