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  1. There's an option under General/Traffic called Traffic Variety, it's at the bottom. If it's set to low, try setting it to a higher value and see if the helps. I have it set to Ultra and see different AI aircraft.
  2. I agree, 2d is much more clear, not sure if that's a limitation of the Quest or FS. Seems the Reverb G2 has better clarity, but I've found the sweet spot for me for now. Try 1.1 or higher. 0 is the default setting. Not sure of your hardware but I have a 10900k and 3090. In the oculus app I have render resolution 1 down from the max which is 5124 x something I think, in the sim I have render res set at 1 and most settings on high or ultra. That gives me pretty clear glass text with pixel density set at 0 which is the same as 1.1 for me as I see no difference between the two. Going up to 1.2 I lose about 5 fps but can read the text without leaning in. One thing I just learned (from bilbosmeggins) is to use the FOV multiplier in OTT. this reduces field of view in the headset but the performance gain is well worth it. I have it now set to .8 horizontal and .7 vertical. Takes a bit of getting used to but if you are having fps issues then give it a shot.
  3. I saw that somewhere as well, but can't see a difference in which gets started first. Concerning, cockpits, I've found changing the pixel density helps make them more clear, at the cost of performance, so I leave it at the default (0). I find myself leaning forward or zooming in to read the glass if the need arises.
  4. Not that I can tell. I usually start FS and wait for the menu screen or setup a flight and wait till it's ready to fly , then put on the headset, go to the link via quick settings and then switch to VR and go from there. I've also gone to the virtual desktop and clicked on MS to load it. Haven't noticed any difference, except for choppiness in the virtual desktop area when ms is loading. All good once the main menu for fs loads.
  5. The one on the bottom is VR. The web friendly link has the top 24 wish list and seasons is #20. Looks like whoever puts these together got mixed up and put the top 24 bugs and the bottom 24 wishes.
  6. This is confusing since the wording makes it sound like it doesn't effect the headset. Just tried changing these values and what a difference in frame rate. Settled on .0 horizontal and .90 vertical for now but will adjust as needed. Can change on the fly as well which is nice, exit out of vr mode, change settings and save in OTT, enter vr mode again. Basically it shrinks the FOV allowing less to be displayed in the headset, play around to where you feel it isn't to distracting and balance out with other settings.
  7. In the upcoming release of the software v28, if you have a good router and connection you will be able to connect to the pc via wifi. Can't confirm how well msfs runs over wifi but I've heard good things about the 3rd party Virtual Desktop payware which allows wireless connection to the pc. I'm hoping the OculusAir inhouse wifi will be just as good.
  8. That's really interesting... I've thought about going the virtual desktop route but decided to stick with the cable since I'm sitting in 1 spot anyway. Might have to try this out, might be good for other pc games in vr where one requires a standing position or a bit of movement. Thanks for posting.
  9. Try playing around with some of the oculus settings. I've found setting the bit rate, render res and/or hz can cause issues. Another thing is ASW, try different setting using the OTT. Maybe try lowering the in sim render resolution and see if that helps.
  10. Oddly, I had the same issue with it constantly disconnecting even in v27 on my new desktop. It was working fine the previous day then the next day it kept disconnecting. It's odd but what fixed it was plugging in the connector to the headset in the other direction. Go figure. Not one disconnect since in v27. Note, this is the bent connection and had been using it with cord facing towards my back. The day I had the problems I plugged it in facing forward, so turned it back again and it has worked ever since. I've also had issues as EmaRacing suggested above with different connections on my old laptop, I think the c connector was bad and the regular usb was old as I used it for my joystick for several years. I had to ever so slightly bend the connector so it had a tight fit. I think it was loose from age and any jiggle would cause it to disconnect. Anyway, just food for thought. Check the connectors and connections and ensure they are snug and don't move about when wearing the headset. Worth a shot. I will say, v27 has been the best version yet as far as smoothness and everything so I'm hoping it continues that way.
  11. Seems another update in game later today for Navdata (from the fine print): This particular patch is a launcher-only update, so be sure to check for updates in the Windows Store or Steam. Later today, Navdata will be pushed to the sim as well. This will be an in-sim content update so be sure to look out for that.
  12. The default x-cub had the same issue which was fixed in sim update 3. Hopefully JF can fix as well. Until then I just close one eye to manipulate the cursor.
  13. So this seems different than the overall fps drop other are reporting. No only does it move at about a frame a second, but even when paused and in the menus. Something is definitely amiss. CPU is at 12% and 10 gb of mem for msfs,? Oddly prior to going to 76T I mistakenly went to 76TA which isn't too far away and I wasn't seeing it there, but then went here and bam. Let's hope they hot fix this issue.
  14. It's all very confusing. It doesn't help that the oculus software was unstable for a few versions but v27 seems to be working really well for me at least. I was able to get it working with v23 fortunately but I was on a pretty low end system at the time so I was chasing the perfect settings, watching you tube, back and forth between this and that. I now have the perfect settings for me and just start it up, thankfully.
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