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  1. BAO and Bruce Artwick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Artwick
  2. for any product with extensibility and an SDK; during the Alpha/Beta/RC/Ship cycle the extensibility team needs to select a subset of the developer community due to the size of the community and the size the subset of the dev team that handles the incoming. just to size this, back of the envelope, as an example: if the SDK team is 20 people ( 10% of the 200 ) then 2-4 of those are likely to be the customer facing and dealing with the external incoming as well as the internal "day job". how many ISVs can 2 people handle? 50? that seems like a lot but do-able. more than that, not likely. the art and science of this is picking a representative subset of the dev community that will exercise all of the scope of the extensibility/SDK functionality to find issues. so expecting "all developers" to be contacted is just a tad unreasonable.
  3. Can you tell us anything about flight ?

  4. Can you tell us anything about flight ?

    1. PhilTaylor


      no, i have not applied for the beta.

  5. Hows it going Phil ??

  6. http://fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=SDKand http://fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?titl...ation_%28FSX%29are probably what you are looking for.
  7. if you search this forum using "sp2 tweaks" and look at the 5th hit "FSX question for Phil Taylor" you will get some, but likely not all, of what you are looking for.
  8. ESP does not provide source code, it is a binary license only.I provided more details here:http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007...-announced.aspxhttp://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007...ore-on-esp.aspxhttp://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007...p-part-iii.aspx
  9. thanks for the explanation.the fact that they replace every airport means they are inappropriate for individual airports, as Martin stated, so between the 2 of you it is clearer now.thanks
  10. http://www.fsinsider.com/tips/Pages/SP1How...uInstallIt.aspxhas the details on SP1.http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007...on-and-sp2.aspxhas the details on SP2.
  11. http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007...-dx10-info.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/sebby1234/archive/20...dowing-vcs.aspx
  12. How close is this work to the FS9 airport style tarmacs and taxiways?
  13. isnt shift+L both keys at the same time? not shift first, both at the same time.if you are letting go of the shift key, you are only hitting the L key and everything is operating as expected.
  14. no implications please. no SP3, this is just talking future work so you get a flavor of our focus(es).
  15. having more physical memory for the OS means less use of the (slower) page file and swapping between disk pages and actual physical RAM pages.and it isnt just important for FSX, as the OS can be doing other things and having more RAM thus means the OS doesnt have to swap your FSX physical RAM pages out to perform that background service activity.so yes having more than 2G of physical RAM can mean better overall performance.
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