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  1. Prepar3D 4.3: My PMDG 737-800 was pulling slightly to the left. Under Realism | Flight Model | General, move the General slider all the way to the left 0% fixed the problem.
  2. Several folks have chimed in on this over at the P3D support forums so the developer is aware of the problem but at this point they don't seem to have a full understanding on the cause. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=128572
  3. I used to see this problem occasionally when P3D v4 first came out but in my limited time with 4.3 I haven't seen it anymore.
  4. Lorby_SI your product is wonderful. Been using it for a year. Thank you.
  5. I didn't see that in the readme.txt file that I read that came with the installers or the PMDG Ops manager. The P3D v4 installer came with an extra URGENT READ ME.TXT file which talked about incompatibility with saved flights between platforms. I can uninstall and re-install if needed. What or who is RSR? If there were separate instructions from RSR outside of the readme files, I'm not aware of them. EDIT: Just checked the readme.txt file again. It says nothing about uninstalling to upgrade. it only states: UNINSTALL NOTES: ================ If you need to uninstall the PMDG 777-200LR/F or any other PMDG Simulations product, please run this installer again and select the REMOVE option. Also, you can use the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS item in your Windows Control Panel. If PMDG is providing instructions somewhere else "out of band" in a forum, I guess I missed it. I do recall in some instances in the past on FSX, an uninstall and reinstall was required. Thank you for the heads up.
  6. I use the Saitaik yoke + quadrant + add on USB quadrant with no issues in both FSX and now P3D v4 on Windows 7. To say I've gotten a lot of mileage out of my Saitek gear would be the understatement of the year. I never pulled the trigger on pedals (yet).
  7. When I can remember, I disable Avast shields for an hour while I install certain trusted software. That said I downloaded both 777 packages tonight for FSX and P3D v4 and performed the "repair" process. Haven't tried a flight yet but hope it's seamless and I don't have to recreate my default panel setup. Release notes were pretty light, I don't think I was impacted by any of the bugs it squashed. I did notice that it wiped out one of my custom added paints, basically deleted it from the aircraft.cfg. I simply readded it as the files were still there.
  8. Yep it went haywire again. Scenery gone. Controls back to normal. [error.0] error=Error loading "PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_Interface.dll." in "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\DLL.xml." [error.1] error=Error loading ".\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll." in "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\DLL.xml.". DLL is 32 bit. A 64 bit version is required. [error.2] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations The Stations error repeats itself a few hundred times. Odd thing is that when I enabled content logging, now the problem goes away. Controls are normal yet scenery is there. I then completely deleted the airport using Addon Manager, launched P3D v4, went to VHHX. Controls normal, and the content error log shows the same errors as above. Summary seems to be the errors above are always evident whether the scenery is loaded or not. Also I can't trap any additional errors when I enable content logging because the problem goes away. So I disabled content error logging, re-added the scenery back, went to VHHX and problem went away. I honestly don't know what kind of conclusion to draw here. Thanks for your help and response.
  9. Good evening, I was using Addon Organizer to add the VHHX airport to P3D v4. This airport consists of some BGL files, some textures, and one file that goes in the Effects folder. I added all following the instructions. I created one VHHX .xml file for the scenery and textures folders, and then I added "Other Addons" for the Effects file borrowing the same VHHX .xml file (I think this is what I was supposed to do). When I loaded up at the VHHX airport, I can confirm the new scenery was there, but the strange thing was that my controls for my aircraft seemed to be back at the default. ie. pushing my thrust lever forward caused my yoke to move. This situation was true for the Moony and the PMDG 777. I exited P3D v4 and used Addon Organizer to completely delete the scenery configuration I had added. Once I did this, I loaded P3D back up and went to VHHX. The scenery was indeed gone and my flight controls were restored back to normal. Jas
  10. Flightbeam has a 3x download limit. I just found that out this week reading the 1.0.1 patch release notes for KMSP HD. They recommend using the Addon Manager to perform the patch rather than re-downloading the product with the patch built in because it will count as an additional download instance. Having worked with software for a few decades, I find it somewhat of a bizarre policy and maybe a hassle but I think it's workable. The large majority of the flight sim industry does weird things with software I guess as a method to combat piracy but it is somewhat of a hassle for paying customers. I've always felt it was weird but whatever.
  11. Cool I will give that a try. I'm quite familiar with ADE as over the past few years I've reworked about a half dozen local airports in my area with it. There's another part of the hobby that can REALLY consume your time.
  12. With the help of the Addon Organizer tool as well as the help found throughout this thread, I think I got the hang of this new P3D v4 stuff. Unfortunately, it does look like the 1st Ray Smith airport which I added tonight has the invisible taxiway issue - KEWR. It was last updated June 2015. There was a previous version before that.
  13. downscc, thank you so much for the replies. Very helpful. lennie, have faith in yourself and the flight sim community who are here to help you. Also, this doesn't need to be done in one day or one weekend - I consider it a journey.
  14. FSX/Scenery/Global/scenery/ files would go into the Scenery folder as well?
  15. Thank you. For PMDG: Jason Boche is my first and last name. I've updated my signature with my name so this shouldn't be an issue going forward.
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