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  1. Updated tonight - panels are all black and the buttons are not pressable with the mouse. Can still fly (throttle works as does the stick) .. but unable to change anything on the panels. Thanks for the support.
  2. Okay - So i will stipulate that I'm a little off if ya'll stipulate I'm not crazy. ;-) I've been driving the 777 (PanAM &/or TWA livery) for the past 2 months or so... I've had a menu item in P3Dv4 called "RAAS" AND I've been able to load the 777 (any livery) as a default AC with an add-on scenery APT (KSFO to be exact). And yes, I know you're not suppose to be able to ... I didn't know that until it started NOT to load ;-) (as an aside - I first thought it was a scenery issue and when I ran the "AddonOrganizer_P3D_V4" and moved one (any) scenery UP or DOWN each time I went to fly... it then loaded fine after) However; I finally messed myself all up by re-installing everything (everything.. P3Dv4 on up). So I can no longer load the 77W default (again, I know you weren't suppose to in the first place..) and I do not have the RAAS option in P3Dv4 menus anymore... so not sure if it is even running nor able to change the settings as to what it calls out etc. I have checked in the PMDG OP CNT & the FMC; both show RAAS as enabled. I've switched to the "PMDG House Livery".. no joy. The only error I can find in the logs (that I'm aware of) in "777X_debug_log.txt" is "PMDG_Interface.DLL" is unavailable" Bottom line: How do I get the RAAS to work and the menu option to show itself? Signed: What's my name Wade? Frances
  3. ** UPDATED ** I got most of it to work - took out the CR returns. I get a couple errors with a FIX n/a ... but seems to work in the FMC otherwise. ************************************ Hi All - Just started to learn how to fly the 77W (PMDG v4) ... so as a total novice (did fly a C172 ... ) I figured I'd give Kai Tak a go... So I get the error "LN:105 ERR AT OR". I'm sure it is a language diff between 747 and the 777 FMC. Was hoping someone knew how to correct. THANKS!!! Chris - The Wannabe Pilot - Noble
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