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  1. 777 - RAAS and Default Load

    Okay - So i will stipulate that I'm a little off if ya'll stipulate I'm not crazy. ;-) I've been driving the 777 (PanAM &/or TWA livery) for the past 2 months or so... I've had a menu item in P3Dv4 called "RAAS" AND I've been able to load the 777 (any livery) as a default AC with an add-on scenery APT (KSFO to be exact). And yes, I know you're not suppose to be able to ... I didn't know that until it started NOT to load ;-) (as an aside - I first thought it was a scenery issue and when I ran the "AddonOrganizer_P3D_V4" and moved one (any) scenery UP or DOWN each time I went to fly... it then loaded fine after) However; I finally messed myself all up by re-installing everything (everything.. P3Dv4 on up). So I can no longer load the 77W default (again, I know you weren't suppose to in the first place..) and I do not have the RAAS option in P3Dv4 menus anymore... so not sure if it is even running nor able to change the settings as to what it calls out etc. I have checked in the PMDG OP CNT & the FMC; both show RAAS as enabled. I've switched to the "PMDG House Livery".. no joy. The only error I can find in the logs (that I'm aware of) in "777X_debug_log.txt" is "PMDG_Interface.DLL" is unavailable" Bottom line: How do I get the RAAS to work and the menu option to show itself? Signed: What's my name Wade? Frances
  2. Kai Tak IGS 13 approach?

    ** UPDATED ** I got most of it to work - took out the CR returns. I get a couple errors with a FIX n/a ... but seems to work in the FMC otherwise. ************************************ Hi All - Just started to learn how to fly the 77W (PMDG v4) ... so as a total novice (did fly a C172 ... ) I figured I'd give Kai Tak a go... So I get the error "LN:105 ERR AT OR". I'm sure it is a language diff between 747 and the 777 FMC. Was hoping someone knew how to correct. THANKS!!! Chris - The Wannabe Pilot - Noble