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  1. This all sounds JUST LIKE ME!!! I always tell them just tell me what needs to get done and when it's due by and I'll have it ready! Unfortunately when you work for the big bucks in a corporation, they will expect you to be a "team player" and fill out your TPS reports like everyone else. Unfortunately, since I don't have a 4 year degree I don't get the BIGGEST bucks but do ok. I HATE looking for work and applications and phone calls as well. I actually paid a firm to make my resume because I'm a developer, not a wordsmith. SOOO, in order to keep the big bucks I have to hold my nose and step in line as well as do my FUN stuff on the side like Software Design/Microcontrollers/Hardware as well I was rebuilding a whole new flight sim from scratch. Right now I have a product to start selling for quadcopters/planes/cars in the near future which was scratch built/designed from my idea last year.
  2. QUITE the accomplishment and don't UNDERSELL YOURSELF!! I started coding when I was 9 years old and have a 2 year Electronics degree but have worked as a Professional Programmer for MANY YEARS. If you have the talent and the aptitude to learn in business then you will accel. Most people fail because they have a strong technical background and ability but lack people skills or business ethics. I know because I HAD TO LEARN MYSELF! As far as flight sim, there is no question but I would go with Prepar3d as it has been improved from the base of what USED to be Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can also add this ultralight package which is very good and fun: As well you can download TONS of addons and MODDING is pretty easy for a lot of items as there are extensive SDK's. Good luck in your project and I am inspired and enjoyed reading about your accolades and endeavors and look forward to your finished aircraft! Carmine
  3. carmined

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    It's all good!! Shiny side up and best wishes to you. B)
  4. carmined

    FSX Fiber Accelerator v1.2

    Babis, someone didn't notice this either in your tag: "Flight Simulator Platfrom Solutions" <-- PLATFROM!?!?