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  1. Lol Catalina has no ILS it’s a tiny GA airport on a cliff with a short runway. I think it has a VOR approach and that’s it afaik.
  2. You did see that the question was about the "MAX" variant that will likely be released much later on, right?
  3. I think this one might even look a little better! Hilarious timing.
  4. Just a minor fix here - frequency for app/dep over Palomar is actually 127.3! Very much appreciate the review! Western Flight / Pinnacle looks pretty 🙂 Only complaint is the asphalt is too light colored, but still looks great!
  5. Makes me happy that so many people here are interested in this airport 🔥
  6. Incredible work! Thank you so much for taking the time! If you're looking for another project, I'd greatly appreciate KCRQ 😉
  7. They don't. The testers are good at testing. We report many issues. A lot of those issues are fixed. A lot of those issues are not fixed and/or are ignored. Don't blame the beta testers.
  8. This is the best I have at the moment. I’ll let ya know if I fly in there again. Thank you!! https://imgur.com/a/F1OZiU Any chance you’d be willing to do Palomar Airport?! I have a ton of pics of KCRQ and can take more if needed.
  9. Sorry about that - I should’ve been clear that the buttons are next to the lights, much like a car.
  10. The knobs for the G1000 are on the far left underneath the master switch. They are four rotatable knobs.
  11. There are two sets of double knobs (inner and outer). Spin these. https://forums.x-plane.org/uploads/monthly_2017_03/Cessna_172SP_9.jpg.f1e1abc42d002133548f42d8ffb39702.jpg With that, there are also flood lights on the ceiling.
  12. I haven’t noticed any smog here… Just marine layer! LA is where all the smog is
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