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  1. Agree with you on wishing Zibo came over, but what we have isn’t far off! We have the FBW A32NX which is quickly becoming Zibo quality, and we have Working Title & their CJ4 + Garmin mods which really improve things. Once PMDG releases their 737 I’ll feel completely set & satisfied though!
  2. lol ignore this thread and do what y’all do best. Don’t rush it. Eternally grateful for what your team has done!
  3. That makes me sad. I've been pushing hard for it. I think the energy died down because we assumed we had a bit of time until it was ready, so there were other things we wanted to focus on... I emailed him with some info / tips. Guess it fell on the priority list though :/
  4. What happened to the Scenery Gateway system saying prototype?
  5. It’s not a user interface. It is a behind-the-scenes system that they wrote to power the FMC and manage the flight route / waypoints / transitions etc. so that things behave as expected.
  6. My bad! Misunderstood your post. Strange - it seems to work fine for me.
  7. The CRJ doesn’t have auto throttle… speed mode manages pitch in order to maintain the airspeed you want with the throttle setting you have. It’s likely working entirely as intended.
  8. I’m not hating on either and have never tried the 737, but yes, you definitely can do this lol
  9. Better in relation to Poscon. I agree VATSIM has a ton of faults, and I wish it were better. Oh well.
  10. Lol my post had absolutely nothing to do with the VATSIM vs single player ATC debate. It had everything to do with the VATSIM vs POSCON debate. VATSIM has hundreds of pilots and some ATC covering a large part of the US midday on a Saturday. POSCON has 15 pilots and no ATC. And it’s not at all a waste of time. If you care at all about developing real ATC communications skills, VATSIM (or PilotEdge) is the way to go. I went into flight lessons having become proficient on VATSIM, and I impressed my instructors by knowing exactly what to say and handling radios from day 1 (which is something that doesn’t normally happen until you get close to your first solo. Flying during VATSIM events is as real as it gets in terms of ATC coverage and density. Hundreds of airplanes flying into an airport, and a full stack of controllers.
  11. No way this is true.. really? Last week I checked out the POSCON map and it had like 8 pilots online while VATSIM had 600. I’m down to give it a shot & I’ve been excited at the prospect of this network existing for a while, but it’s less appealing when nobody else is using it. That’s the issue - nobody wants to switch unless everyone switches lol 🙂 If it gains some traction in coming weeks I’ll try it out! To be fair to VATSIM, they recently updated their voice server and it works much better now with no latency.
  12. Wow I saw it! So cool 🙂 Can’t wait for what this means for the sim…
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