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  1. Hi I have bought the new brand version of GNS 430.. I can fly LNAV procedures. but can't fly LPV procedures as in the real World . No glide indication (nor Path) as it is the case with ILS The question is : Does FSX implement LPV? Bernard IFR pilot flying LPV in the real world
  2. Thanks fpilot For your very precise answer. Please confirm I can use either one 430 or one 530 if I get a license. It seems according to internet sources that you can get more recent database than the one installed in 430/530 trainer. Personnaly I upgraded my free trainer air database to 2015 using the free GTN trainer db but not a success with more recent Garmin. Do you now if it is possible to go further 2017 or better 2019 . For the moment I failed. I think it ids a pity that Xpr doesnt provide the customer with a decent db only the one from 2010 with a set of hyper obsolete procedure. The doc and approach plates is not a problem as I got a Jeppsen subscription. Bernard
  3. Hi I am an IFR pilot flying in an airclub in France on a Garmin equiped light actf Looking the offer made on RXP site, and reading the frorum, I have several questions 1-If i buy two license of GNS 530/430, is it possible to uses two independant 430 at the same time with crossfill function 2- What is the date of the air database coming with the product? Is it updatable? Up to wich version ? 3- What version(s) of the Garmin 430 trainer are to be installed to get the more recent database? Are they payware? Bernard
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