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  1. Yeah these forums have a small group that love posting , bumping any and all negative post about MSFS 2020 but as soon as one simple post about how the Steam reviews turned around the first comment was an attack. on the poster. But it's been this way since before launch on these forums.
  2. Think we will see something coming by x-mas from someone , or so I hear.
  3. Really is a shame that more people don't use the Steam Review and post positive reviews , If over 1 million units were sold and say just 200k of them were sold on steam. How awesome it would be if they all made positive review
  4. How to deal with a user whose posts you can't tolerate Does this even mean anything on these forums or is it just something to use when a person reacts after being trolled to the point of a reaction ?
  5. I am not a Mod but let me remind people about the sticky in the top of the forums here , How to deal with a user whose posts you can't tolerate
  6. Just a few , please feel free to add more if you know of any Aircraft PMDG PMDG was one of the first developers to announce they were to bring their product range over to the new flight simulator. Back in November 2019, they confirmed their long awaited NG3, a depiction of the Boeing 737 NG was instead coming to the new flight simulator. Then a few months later, Robert confirmed their line of products will be coming to the sim. That includes the Boeing 747, 777 and the DC-6. A2A Simulations Whilst PMDG is known for their work with the heavy aircraft, A2A are known for their smaller editions to the field. Scott has confirmed that they are working on Microsoft Flight Simulator content starting with the Aerostar 600. Following on from that, the team aren’t sure, but a Comanche 250 was mentioned, but we’re excited to see how A2A Simulations take full advantage of the new simulator. Aeroplane Heaven Known for their historic aircraft and military aircraft, Aeroplane Heaven are ready to take on the new simulator. It’s no surprise considering the vast selection of aircraft they already have in their list. No further specifics were mentioned at this time. DC Designs One of the first developers to confirm they were working on the new sim was DC Designs. If you’re looking for detailed military jets, then DC Designs is for you. Whilst they are known for their fast fighter jets, DC Designs actually confirmed that they are working on a Concorde for the simulator. Just Flight Whilst Just Flight were already confirmed to partner with Microsoft as a re-seller of the simulator, they have confirmed that aircraft development has started. They will be bringing their range of GA aircraft to the simulator at some point. Some examples include the Tomahawk and the Duchess 76. Carenado Whilst Carenado hasn’t specified that they are working on content, it can be reasonably assumed they are after they are a partner listed on the Flight Simulator page, and also a re-seller of the simulator itself. Carenado are known for making excellent modelled and textured aircraft and are on the lighter side of the systems which is great for newcomers. CGN Dev A completely new developer named CGN Dev is working on the 737 Classic series. The team haven’t yet released a product, but did say that they are working on bringing their aircraft to the new simulator. Aerosoft One of the other bigger players in the simulator space is Aerosoft. Having released the CRJ, Twin Otter and of course their Airbus series of aircraft, it makes sense for Aerosoft to have confirmed a while ago that they have full intentions on bringing across their aircraft product range to the new simulator. Scenery Despite the reliance on Azure and Bing Maps, Microsoft Flight Simulator will still be very open for third-party scenery developers to supply airports and regions to users to get the best details. Orbx One of thee biggest development studios in all of flight simulation is Orbx. This team focuses on bringing airport and environment content to flight simulators so it’s unsurprising to hear that they are supporting the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. With hundreds and hundreds of airports already in their range, there will be no shortage of ports coming across. It won’t just be ports as the new CEO, Anna, has confirmed that new products are being developed for the simulator. FSimStudios FSimStudios may not be the biggest name on this list, but they have provided airports such as Cancun and Edmonton International in Canada. They will be bringing their content over to the new sim in the future. Flightbeam Announced as part of their 10th celebrations, Flightbeam has confirmed they are bringing products to the new flight simulator. Gaya Simulations Gaya Simulations confirmed that the reason they are working on airports such as Berlin-Tegel as it will work nicely with the surrounding area of the city itself in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. All Gaya Simulations products will be coming to the new flight sim including Kos and Vienna. Imaginesim Imaginesim were one of the first to confirm development for the new simulator. When speaking about their upcoming KDFW Dallas Fort Worth intl, the team confirmed it will be coming to the new sim. This was back in October of last year so hopefully we see some development shots soon. Pilot Experience Sim French developer Pilot Experience Sim has confirmed they are going to bring their products over to the new simulator. Products include airports such as Bordeaux and Montpellier. Whilst they are hoping to provide discounts for upgrades, it’s not yet known. UK2000 Scenery Focusing on UK airports, UK2000 Scenery has been around for many years. The development team did confirm they are working to bring airports to the new simulator, they did say that the SDK is currently incomplete which is making development work hard. Verticalsim One of the most prolific X-Plane developers, Verticalsim has committed to bringing products to Microsoft Flight Simulator. “I will be giving the development a shot for MFS2020. Hoping to convert over all sceneries to the new platform. Pricing is a bit of an unknown at this time. But do to the harsh need to relearn, as well as a lot of items/animations needing to be completely redone to suit the new sim, purchases will probably not be ported over.” JustSim During the release build-up of their Basel Airport, JustSim confirmed that people will be able to get a discounted copy of the airport for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator – thus confirming they will indeed be developing for the platform. TDM Scenery Design On Facebook, new scenery developer, TDM Scenery Design, confirmed their intentions to be developing for the new simulator via the SDK. The team commented saying that it won’t be “an easy job”, but are excited to work with a new platform. MK-Studios MK-Studios has confirmed that they intend on bringing over all of their add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst they said that it will indeed take time, they fully intend on bringing as many airports and products as possible to the platform. Whilst they still await the SDK (as per UK2000 Scenery’s comments a few days ago), they are committed to bringing both Rome and Helsinki to Prepar3D. Vidan Designs Confirmed they are bringing all their Danish scenery airports to the simulator and will sell through the build-in marketplace and external shops. (Facebook) Pacific Island Simulations All airports from the team will be brought over to the new simulator. Cleveland International Airport looks to be amongst the first from the developer. (Facebook) LatinVFR LatinVFR has confirmed they are bringing their products to the new simulator, but the NDA has prevented them from talking about it any further. (LatinVFR Forums) FlyTampa Confirmed by FSElite during a media briefing, it is confirmed that they will be bringing numerous scenery products to the simulator. (FSElite) Utilities REX Simulations In an email sent out to the community, REX Simulations said that they are excited about the possibilities of the new simulator, but unable to announce any formal projects at this time. REX are known for their texture replacement products and more recently, how they change shaders on the fly with Environment Force. FS2Crew FS2Crew is known for their multi-crew add-ons that add a copilot to specific aircraft so you can focus on flows and realistic checklists in accordance with real world ops. The team said they are working on the new simulator but unable comment further at this time. OnAir Company Developer OnAir has emailed FSElite to confirm that they are working on the new Microsoft platform with many tests already completed. (Email) VATSIM Confirmed via a teaser trailer, it is confirmed that VATSIM will be compatible with the new flight sim on day one. (YouTube) PILOTEDGE Stefano from Fly the Maddog team OnAir Airline Manager
  7. Over 9k people on steam say this Sim is Great , Positive 🙂
  8. Love these time lapse videos , need more of these types
  9. edit: no mods ,base game Music: your mileage my vary
  10. I know of one person that used your aircraft and in no way did he upload his work. He is brand new to flight sim and only linked a few screen shots and was asking for help in learning how to edit / create from, with the SDK. Again this one person was encourage to tinker around and learn. But was warned and never did upload your work to any sites. He has since moved on to bigger works with the limited SDK he has to work with atm. ofc am only speaking on his behalf due to his excitement in learning how to mod with-in flight sim. I know there are scrapers/bots that search , down / up load files to dodgy sites. Maybe this is something that is happening here, not sure. But I would avoid , name and shame any and all of these types of sites.
  11. Can you image if someone were to go and start posting in X-plane forums how wonderful MSFS 2020 is and how Lam. and team need to step up and get google earth or something on board. boy on boy lol
  12. Easy there unbridled enthusiasm is not allowed , I just got my first warning by our wonderful moderation team 🙂 Guess I was being to toxic to the others or something!
  13. Top right click my avatar , can always send me a message. I'll chat with you, am old. I do forget a lot of things
  14. Context , sorry I am on a MSFS forum but I'll jump over to X-plane forums in a bit to show context MSFS 2020 vs X-plane and why it really is the best sim..
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