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  1. I’m pretty much a US west coast dweller and I never really venture out of that area. Since the weather in the US is broken right now can you guys recommend any fun European flights I can do in the Tbm( my favorite plane in the sim)
  2. I want to say default FSX weather was more accurate. I remember the abrupt turbulence from changing winds a loft, but at least there was winds aloft LOL.
  3. Active sky will make or break this game without it. Live weather is a joke
  4. Oh wow wind does work in Europe. I can live with that for now I guess hopefully they fix the US weather problem soon
  5. I can’t get into MSFS forums for some reason so I don’t know what’s going on. What’s the word on the live weather? It’s pretty bad there’s absolutely no winds a loft and I haven’t seen any convective activity where there should be unless I fly through a hurricane. All I know is they hyped up their weather immensely and it’s quit a let down right now. Even if pmdg releases their plane it’s unflyable for me unless there is winds a loft data. Is active sky going to release something? Or are they going to fix/better their live weather? Looks like I have to buy p3dv5 and start re installing all my add ons.
  6. Basically as I’m doing a flight I want the wing view to be filmed and that’s it so that after a flight I can pretend I’m a passenger now and post it on youtube. I believe there was fsrecorder for fsx but not p3d v4. Do you guys have any tips? I know I can do a replay with chaseplane but that is laggy and can’t capture the whole flight. I want the recording to be live while I’m doing the flight. Thank you all.
  7. I'm attempting to put a gps into the Coolsky dc-9 into P3Dv4.4. I cant use any flight1 gps because they use an outdated data base. The closest I came was using EasyFMC which allows you to add flight plans to the default gps but it turns out with an updated fsx database there still is a ton of missing RNAV waypoints. Is there any good products for p3dv4? I would like to fly rnav sids and stars like the SSTIK3 dp out of SFO or the Irnmn1 arrival into LAX.
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