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  1. Same for me. I restarted my PC because of strange behavior when trying to run FS. Now it is locked on "checking for updates". After some time waiting, an error message tells me I can't connect and it loops again and again on the "press any key to start" screen. I regret there is no possibility to fly offline when servers are down...
  2. It still doesn't work. Maybe it is because in the A320_Neo_MFD.html, I placed the debug.js import in the wrong order in the list of JS code to be imported: Any clue is welcome.
  3. I can't get it to work as expected 😞 The debug window shows, the console works, but clicking the R button does not reload the JS code after update. In the HTML file, I added a query string as advised, by changing the code from: to: hoping I would be able to change "aa" to something else in the following iterations, but it didn't help. My code change is still ignored. [EDIT] Here is an image of what I see, everything looks correct: Screenshot
  4. Excellent !! I will look into this. I wonder why Asobo did not release such a good tool with MSFS native...
  5. I am modifying the FlyByWire A320 mod with some minor updates on the displays (PDF and ND). After changing the Javascript code, I tried reloading the same aircraft in developer mode, but my modifications were ignored. It was OK when I restarted the sim. Maybe this is because the previous version was "cached", in which case I don't know how to clear it from the cache or force a reload of my new version. Any idea?
  6. What a pain... As an add-on developer, I am trying to learn how to develop add-ons for MSFS. If I have to restart the sim each time I want to test a modification of my code, it will take alot of time...
  7. Quick question: when you update the community folder (add/remove/modify a mod), what do you need to do to have MSFS taking it into account? I know that restarting the sim does the job, but is there a faster way to do this? Thanks.
  8. I finally found a workaround that works: when the flight starts and the GPS doesn't work, I restart the flight and then it works. After such a long loading time, I don't like to wait again for the flight to restart, but at least it works. I hope this will be fixed.
  9. No, it doesn't work any better with the latest version of the PMS50-GNS530 (version 1.0.29) 😞
  10. No I didn't, maybe this is why it doesn't work properly. I will try this. Thanks.
  11. As the WorkingTitle mod is not working anymore on my system, I had to roll back to the default Garmin G3000 in the TBM. Can you please remind me how I can remove the traffic inset on the PFD screen? (hoping it is possible) Thank you.
  12. Of course, they probably recienve thousands of posts every day, so don't expect them to open and read a PPT... Try to keep the posts short, easy to understand, focused on a single bug only with a way to easily reproduce, if possible. I say this but I am sure that even in this case, they don't read it.
  13. I found the mods that were causing the bug on the TB-21: the PMS50-GNS530 and the WorkingTitle G1000/G3000 mods. If any of these mod is installed, the TB-21 avionics remain off. I found the solution, but I am not very happy I can't use the WorkingTitle mods anymore...
  14. You were right LouP, I removed all other mods, kept the TB-21 only and it works like a charm. So the problem comes from another mod, probably the GNS530 mod. Thank you LouP.
  15. I have the same problem with the TB-21 from LionHeart (very good aircraft), the screens are black since the latest update. I will try again without any other mod.
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