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  1. hi guys, as the title says, for the first time ever , the A/C is swinging left to right while in cruise @FL390. i have the mod installed and a fresh version of dev download from the installer after the update. Im thinking is it dutch roll, is there a switch or so in the flight deck. many thanks.
  2. I had some issues, redownloaded the developer version via the installer and issues fixed.
  3. Its a known issue, i have the same problem no matter what the speeds are. its does it randomly.
  4. If i'm correct there was a huge amount of applications coming in which they couldn't handle, so they stopped all signups.
  5. Hi guys, as the title says new registrations are now being accepted, just a heads up if anyone was waiting like me.
  6. try a couple of YouTube tutorials, so many out there just have to find one voice you'll like to hear for around an hour. -
  7. maybe if we call come together and report this it might be fixed fingers crossed
  8. Why reply like that?.... a simple " download the latest version of the mod" would do. Next time you need help i hope there aren't people like you running around.
  9. have you checked the brightness of the displays?
  10. Thank god its not just me, was bugging me for ages.
  11. if your talking about black screens, there's a new update in the master folder so everything's works regarding that issue
  12. This always happens on a manual approach. i cant be my controls setup because the A/C fly's dead straight on any other phase of flight. kind of frustrating tbh.
  13. Hi guys, keep having this issue where the A320 keeps banking on final just before touchdown, banking left or right for a wing tip strike. Im approaching around 150KTS, ive got the v3 mod installed and updates to the latest version of the sim. no other ac does it except this one. is anyone else having the fault?. kind regards.
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