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  1. Thanks for the swift reply, i dont have any fps caps on. on the ground where i get ow fps its around 40 percent usage. running ultra 1440p. would of though the 3080 would be at least used to 75 percent or higher. my CPU seems strong enough.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, another question i had, is it normal to have a gpu load of 40% in general?
  3. No not really TBH , is just a question. and yes it does feel like a stutter fest hence i took the time out my day to start a thread.
  4. Very weird , used to get at least 45fps at the gate.
  5. Hi guys, Hope all is well, seem to be struggling here out the blue. RTX 3080FE I7 10700K 16GB RAM. Sitting at EHAM pmdg 737-8 only getting 30fps. to me this seems really low id expect to be getting atleast 45fps. Settings are at ultra 1440p, TAA no DLSS as i find it blurry. Participating in the beta
  6. Never heard the saying? maybe time to leave the house a little more😁
  7. OH pipe down ladies, its a video of something we all love regardless, its not like it happens everyday in the forum. ROBJC thanks for posting, the 380 is a beauty!
  8. I had the exact same thing all of a sudden stutter mess on landing and takeoff out of no where, once airborne all gone. Solution for me was to turn on DEV mode, all stutters gone. I7 10700K RTX 3080 16GB RAM
  9. In the settings where online functionality is located, scroll to the bottom you'll see a rolling cache option. I always have mine off.
  10. was in the beta, opted out before i started fs2020 on steam only 17mb update. am i doing something wrong?
  11. luckily fs2020 is installed on my 500GB NVME and windows is on another ssd so was lucky
  12. update... Gave up, completely reinstalled windows 10, and it worked must of been something on the C dive that was causing an issue.
  13. hi guys thanks for the reply so far I've installed it again, fresh drive formatted etc... downloaded 124gb with no issues and then sim started then blue bar moves across to the end so more progress then last time, and then crashes again. sent info to zendesk. ive tried disabling clod sync and all suggestions at other forums but still the same problem. ive never had issues with fs2020 till two days ago.
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