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  1. Hey guys just wanted to know im installing a new copy of windows 10 and just wanted to know how to uninstall p3d v4. i have no more activation keys left to use because i messed up and kept complexity reinstalling the whole sim. is there a way i can uninstall complete without another license key as i dont have any more uses left. many thanks.
  2. make sure you have permission to view hidden files in the C drive
  3. Any more suggestions guys, this is so frustrating ;(
  4. Hi Vic, Thanks for the suggestion however, i have been doing this and re downloaded around four times now every time its access is denied.
  5. For some reason i keep getting errors of access to path is denied :{, everything is set up correctly its finds p3d v4 when you chose the directory.
  6. Good Morning, Hope all is well with everyone!. I have a slight problem with rex when installing textures, every time i install textures i get a error message saying access to path is denied, i have p3d installed on a separate drive on a SSD and rex installed in my C drive. Is there a fix to this problem?. Many thanks. I have P3D v4.1.
  7. think it might be the 8gb ddr holding you back here most guys running 16gb and vas is toppin around 8-10gb just for the sim so then you have other things like windows apps and internet ect...
  8. i have no idea all i know is one is crucial 2133mhz and one is corsair 3200mhz
  9. hello guys, ive got 16gb corsair vengance ddr4 3200mhz in my system, but on my shelf i also have one stick 8gb ddr4 2133mhz by crucial. when i first upgraded my system i only puy the 8gb stick in but then upgraded to 16gb dual channel and took out the 8gb as i thought it might mess with the system and the way it will think about using the ram, i know i sound so stupid here :(. would it be a wise idea to put the 8gb back in to make it 24gb or would that mess with the dual channel operation and p3dv4 in general. many thanks.
  10. Hey guys, i just purchased orbx egsg ( stapleford) and i have global with gtx england but stapleford dont seem to be working poerly. the buildings dont show and nothing seems to be working except for the runway textures. could anybody help me please?. FTX ENGLAND FTX GLOBAL OPEN CL AND VECTOR
  11. Right so if im correct i just trim till i feel the aircraft isnt dropping if i let go of the yoke.
  12. Sorry for my ignorance guys, but is there a certain value i have to trim to?. like for take off in the fmc it gives a trim value lets say for 2,75 but is there one for landing somewhere?.
  13. Sorry for my ignorance guys, but is there a certain value i have to trim to?. like for take off in the fmc it gives a trim value lets say for 2,75 but is there one for landing somewhere?.
  14. hello guys, ive been noticing as ive been on final on the 777 with auto pilot disengaged, everything looks fine the aircraft just feels so nose heavy and when i pull the yoke back it takes forever to lift the nose and it feels like im siking into the ground and then my ils just gets messed up. i use pfpx and set all my weights correctly into the fmc before the flight all the calculations seems correct as they match up i set the trim for takeoff as it gives in the "takeoff page". is there something that im missing to setup on approach?. i have also reduced my speed down to "ref" speed on apprach and that seems all fine im not going to fast or slow and everything is set correctly in the FMC.
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