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  1. Looks like you may get your wish, they have just announced that they are going to optimise it and improve some area's. What would you like to see in an update for Heathrow! - Support - iniBuilds Forum
  2. I have the scenery, and think it's better than the default, but still needs a lot of work to optimise it and to make it better, but sadly I don't think they will ever improve it. I'm hoping the Aerosoft will do a rendition as they have done in other sims, their work recently has been excellent with releases like EBBR.
  3. I had issues with the pushback using the 'in sim' EFB, but since using an external iPad I've had no problems.
  4. Your system is almost identical to mine, I'm running it at 3440x1440 widescreen. Most of my sim settings are on ultra, with a couple on high, and a couple turned off like bloom, dof and motion blur, I've also set my fps to 30 in the sim and it is really smooth.
  5. I've found that if I use the pushback feature with the EFB on my iPad instead of the onboard EFB, it works fine.
  6. No unfortunately, but their last airport was released around 6 months ago, so hopefully not too long.
  7. FSDreamteam are currently working on KIAH, and it will be their next release
  8. Also had 2 failures on taxi out, I've submitted a ticket.
  9. After I change Sim Settings within the EFB Fenix App (ie Airline Modifiable Information and Airframe), I click Save Default, get the 'Config Saved' message, but when I restart the sim and load the aircraft, I have to change all the settings again, nothing was actually saved. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. No problems here, but I purchased directly from FlyTampa.
  11. Great review, looking at getting a few airports from that side of the globe. Regarding the interiors, as you say, they look great from the outside, that's the most important thing as this is a flight simulator, not a passenger simulator.
  12. I managed to get 09L working again, for some reason the update enabled rolling cache, I deleted it and turned it off.
  13. Anybody still having issues with 09L ILS? It worked for me last week in SU9 beta, but didn't work today in the new MS update.
  14. No problem here, and I'm using the latest SU beta.
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