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  1. Will be interesting to see which is better, the Asobo Cologne-Bonn Airport, or the Aerosoft version.
  2. If the same fan blades were going to be refitted after removal for maintenance reasons, then they would be numbered so that they went back in the same positions as there were weighted and were balanced sets.
  3. Funny how exchange rates fluctuate even within a couple of hours, I purchased it this morning and it was £4.70. I thought it was worth it for little more than the price of a coffee.
  4. Did a very quick flight in the PMDG 737, full autoland on16R without issues, ran out of time, going to have a good look round later. First impressions are great. https://ibb.co/y5Xx11f https://ibb.co/8bqHM2K
  5. An update is nearing completion, just downloaded the beta and will be trying it out later today. https://ibb.co/DgYzPKw
  6. I'm not sure if he is on about the way he has it working in MSFS, but in real life you are correct. The pilot would pull the reverse levers up to the interlock position, when the reversers have fully deployed, he would then be able to pull the reverse levers further up to increase the thrust.
  7. It's an option in the latest FSLTL Injector update, when you start the Injector, click Y to change the options, the last one is to enable the FS Traffic if installed. Lol, was writing the same time as edu2703
  8. They are looking in to this ..... No live weather at all - Community Support / World - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  9. I pointed this out to them a while back ..... EGKK 8R Signs incorrect - London Gatwick (EGKK) - iniBuilds Forum And there are a few other small issues pointed out by others like AFCAD and performance. Here is a scenery issue ..... EGKK Unusable gates being used by aircraft - London Gatwick (EGKK) - iniBuilds Forum
  10. I'd have to agree, the textures and FPS are better then the freeware version, but it does need updating.
  11. Yes, latest version. I believe Flytampa had a workaround that was broken in the last sim update.
  12. I tried the approach a few days ago and the ILS landed me on the approach lights.
  13. iniScene London Heathrow (EGLL) for MSFS v3.00 Released - Updates - iniBuilds Forum Posted before I saw Tuskin38 post
  14. PMDG have posted another update for the 737 to build 3.00.0056.
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