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  1. Excellent repaint you have there! Keep up the good work ;)
  2. Thanks a lot, I was looking for an Air Florida one ;)
  3. They are now in the library ! "splashes.zip"Thanks a lot, Matthew ;)
  4. Thanks a lot Matthew! That is exactly what we were looking for ;)
  5. Hi :)Yup, I would love to have night textures. I'm sure that Matthewlue's way of getting the lights on is working perfectly, but the link to effects files is not working. Where is it possible to download those effects files? Thanks a lot in advance ;)Regards,
  6. The website is working again. Happy downloads ;)@ Victor:Well, it is strange that Concorde makes your fps to slow down. I have exactly the same hardware than yours, and i get very good fps with PM2 Concorde.
  7. Hello :)Yes, sorry, we have problems with our website bandwidth. Since the Avsim announcement, a lot of people tried to download Concorde and Real CDG 2004.We are working hard in order to resolve this problem, and we hope we will be online again soon.Sorry for any incovenience :)Best regards,Thomas
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