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  1. I will paint the ENTIRE THY fleet next week, should be around 20 various schemes for them
  2. okay guys, I haven't reopened my website yet (i have probs with the script) but I hope to be finished tommorow, meanwhile you can download a clean psd of the SI One paint for those who want to paint AI planes, or his own rendition of SI One, I've created to separate layers for the titles and the picture, excuse the wrong plane reg, couldn't find the font I used when I created the paint, but if you're familiar with Southwest you'll surely find the correct font. Full size of 7000px for this one, hope you'll like or need it ^_^DL (10MB)http://valleyofthewo...vectors/bar.zip
  3. I will paint a Virgin Blue "Gilette" paint for the 738, also my website should be finished and up tommorow so AI painters and co can get the bar refaeli SI One (cleaned) picture for their own use
  4. hey Gustavo, always loved your south america paints as a great fan of latin america, great to see you here :)greets amigo
  5. well as I said, I will also paint the SkyEurope Adriana scheme for the 700, but I'm sure there are lots of paints from other painters comin up for the -700 :)anyway, 20bucks isnt that much ;)
  6. sorry, I don't paint fictional paints anymore
  7. I didn't say anything, I would be out of my mind if I did ;)
  8. I will also paint SkyEurope "Adriana" which is allready available for the POSKY one, maybe you'll like that one too :)
  9. I didn't quiet catch your request? if you want the plain picture without windows etc I've uploaded it to my website which will be reopened tommorow, it's a psd file for some reasons your colors look a bit too strong, but I think it's caused by the environment textures you are using, also N922WN does not have an antenna, deactivate it using the FMC
  10. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=bozo&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0&Go=Change+View
  11. nope, those pix are not useful for a repaint, the colorizing is too bad IMHO
  12. that one will be part of my SunExpress fleet, but that could take some time until I start painting it uhm do you have a link for me please?
  13. Hi, I used various pictures from airliners (DOT) net and flickr, so it was possible to paint it, keep in mind that I didn't have a picture that had the size of 6000px, but still, I think the quality is rather enough for most people, I've also uploaded a psd file of the picture in a clean state including all titles on the picture so if you want to paint an AI aircraft or something like that you can easily use it - sadly my website is still offline but you can download it as soon as it's opened again (probably tommorow)the repaint has been released with the new avsim cylce btw, just search for "bruno.zip" or author "bozo" ;)greets from frosty Germany,Johnny
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