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  1. I tried the Lorby-Si route when I had this issue. It didn’t work awhile back I got my setup how I wanted, and saved a backup of my Prepar3d.cfg file elsewhere. If i could give someone some advice when starting out with p3d, it would be to do this! When i started getting kernel errors, it took me some time. I then came across a post somewhere about deleting my .cfg file and replacing it with backup, which I had....and deleting the shaders folder. This should be in something like C:users/****/appdata/LockheedMartin/Prepar3d yes, delete the entire folder and replace it with the backup .cfg. I hope this helps some people out in the future...
  2. Another way, even faster than what I had suggested above, is if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel. Flip it up and down quickly and the numbers really start moving quick!
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I swear there was an improvement in FPS and general performance after I started running FFTF Dynamic...
  4. One trick I realized when changing speed, altitude, etc. on the MCP is to make sure you put the view into the standard "cockpit" view. For some reason, the speed at which the numbers change on the MCP is a million x faster than when you're in the virtual cockpit mode. Hope this helps Josh
  5. Posting the solution to save others time would be great 😉 I always try to do the same when I figure something out
  6. I found this thread after experiencing a CTD all of a sudden midflight. I had been trying to do KATL-KPHX in the pmdg 738. Been running p3dv4.3, Active Sky P3D4, ACARS for my virtual airline, and UTL. Event Viewer showed something with UTL and also with SODE. The only difference with UTL was that I purchased a AI aircraft soundpack the other day, but I figured that wouldn't cause a full blown CTD, so I uninstalled SODE, and knock on wood...the entire flight went smoothly. No idea what the problem with SODE was, but I'll see if I can do another flight without problems...
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