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  1. LN_OSS

    pmdg 747 best shot

    Nice shot you got there
  2. LN_OSS

    Few random 777 shots

    Splendid shots m8 :rolleyes: Sooo glad to see you in Oslo B)
  3. LN_OSS

    A Giant at JFK

    Good shots.. PMDG 777 is sweet!
  4. LN_OSS

    Some shots!

    Thanks fellas! Glad to see more of us old timers around
  5. LN_OSS

    What in the World?

    Brilliant Steve! Nice job!
  6. LN_OSS

    Some shots!

    Hi fellas! Not often i post here anymore... But here are some! Hope you all are well, and i will post more a bit later to for sure! These paint's is for the freeware SkySpirit 747-8i and 777 series. Repaints is made by Ryan Chadwick and will hopefully be availble at avsim at some point
  7. LN_OSS

    My Tristar

    I'm all well my friend.. Still around and doing paints for TDS and PA Glad to see that you are still doin fs9 as me!
  8. LN_OSS

    My Tristar

    Nice ones m8
  9. Hi guys! These are my previews for the freeware TDS 737-800 that will come sometime in the future Model by: Hiroshi Igami Paintkit by: Kyle Schurb Repaints: me, Stian Svensen
  10. LN_OSS

    PMDG 747-400X -8 Extension SP1

    Great thanks!..But still no lights outside for me. Just landing lights... What is the name of the light files that PMDG uses for the lightning?Maybe i have to restore them from my FSX CD!CheersStian
  11. LN_OSS

    News from AeroSim.

    OMG :D... luvely news !!!Stian
  12. LN_OSS


    One shot by me !Stianhttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b10/ossven/klm772LR.jpg
  13. LN_OSS

    black screens in VC..

    Hi guys !After a month in my hangar the VC on the 744 is appearing black. How do i fix this ?And yes i have also tried to reinstall with the same result !!CheersStian
  14. LN_OSS


    Ok Graham..When removing cargo from payload the containers on the model also dissapear :)..Any other hints ??.. Come on !!! bring em all
  15. LN_OSS

    Vapor effects

    Yeah i was just dreaming about to see it so had to add it on that shot :)CheersStian