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  1. OMG :D... luvely news !!!Stian
  2. LN_OSS


    One shot by me !Stianhttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b10/ossven/klm772LR.jpg
  3. Hi guys !After a month in my hangar the VC on the 744 is appearing black. How do i fix this ?And yes i have also tried to reinstall with the same result !!CheersStian
  4. LN_OSS


    Ok Graham..When removing cargo from payload the containers on the model also dissapear :)..Any other hints ??.. Come on !!! bring em all
  5. LN_OSS

    Vapor effects

    Yeah i was just dreaming about to see it so had to add it on that shot :)CheersStian
  6. Hi there :)Owen Hewitt did do an update on it, but now you have to pay for it over at FSD :) http://www.fsd-international.com/It's a nice bird and well worth to buy if you like the C17 !Stian
  7. Yep as the pics above ehe :)..Stian
  8. Hi Bob !.. She looks much better now on the ground with all wheels on ground !..She still floats a bit on arrival and departure.. Maybe you could try a bit more to get that correct to ??Stian
  9. Yep maybe i'll try to reinstall to..IS there any files that gotta be removed manually ?Stian
  10. >Sorry but I'm still not seeing anything close to the picture>of the Malaysian livery?>>I do exactly the following, load the 777-200LR, default>settings for loadedit, full fuel, in spot view the wheels are>nicely touching the ground>>Adjust the fuel load using the Setup panel to 50%, same thing,>wheels are touching the ground>>Repeated same for the 200LRF and 300ER, no problems>>Several other testers have tried the same procedures with no>problems>>>John>PSS SUPPORT>support@phoenix-simulation.co.uk>Well.. i have tried all fuel settings etc.. I have also talked with my friends that got the bird (3 persons). They do also got the floating problem !So its wierd that you guys at PSS dont have the problem when the customers got the problem :)..Hope there will be a solution on this.Stian
  11. Norman..The latest shot shows a departure.. The same happens upon a landing !CheersStian
  12. Hi :)Maybe this will help.. As you see in the first shot in this post.. The main wheels are floating. As far as i and others mean the wheels should be on ground in this condition... The ground should have been where the red line is made.CheersStianhttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b10/ossven/floating.jpg
  13. Well we have given you the details about this issue. So.. We hope to see this fixed.Every shot i have seen from others also got the floating.. So honestly i think you guys at PSS got the same (the floating) !As also seen here http://virtual.planepictures.net/show.cgi?96568Have a great weekend !! ;)CheersStian
  14. Hey :)There you see it... Thats what i mean with floating !!(not my shot but BrzI)http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/132737.jpgThats the only thing i wish you could fix !..CheersStian
  15. Hi guys :)I do love the T7.. Amazing job !!!But i do hope that you fix the contact points for the wheels. They are floating above ground when we are rotating and landing...I really hope to see this to be fixed !.. Think others think the same as me :)Stian
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