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  1. Oddly my laptop install updated.. Nuked my desktop install and was trying to reinstall. I've stopped that and started copying files over via a portable HDD
  2. I don't think bandwidth is the issue for Microsoft. Something else is at play I'd say.
  3. Absolutely pathetic. They need to stop the mandatory update till the issue is fixed.
  4. Still not joy hours on. Why they thrust mandatory updates upon us is beyond me.
  5. Same. After being stuck on the final package download for an hour and quitting again. Quite frustrating. It shouldn't be this hard.
  6. I think it's just jealously.. BlackBox is a well respected gent.. Alex, well.. I think we can all make up our mind there.
  7. To be honest, my temps haven't been that bad using MSFS considering the position in the case. For reference this is how close it is
  8. I was in the same conundrum. I really like my O11D as well. The vertical mount prices are silly! I couldn't get a Lian Li mount, so I ended up getting a Cooler Master V3 mount. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/accessories/vertical-gpu-holder-kit-v3/ It's a bit chunky, but it works okay. It does have the card sit close to the window though.
  9. Lian Li Lancool 216. There's a non RGB version https://lian-li.com/product/lancool-216/
  10. Is it the Evo model, or plain O11D? If it's not the Evo you'll need a veritcal mount
  11. I decided to get a Strix X670E-E WiFi and 64GB of G.Skill Z5 CL30 (2x 32GB) to go with my 7950X3D.
  12. I ordered a 7950X3D last Fri from PCByte and it arrived today. I see MWave & JW Computers also have them. They seem to be dripping in slowly 🙂
  13. Of course. You might be GPU limited, but it's not going to cause you much bottle neck. It's still an incredible GPU.
  14. I was hoping the 7950X3D would be a bit better. I'm glad I held off buying a new mobo/ram combo before seeing reviews. I think I'll stick with the 5800X3D for the time being.
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