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  1. John_Tavendale

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    I did a new colour LJN. Does it need to be LJA specifically?
  2. John_Tavendale

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    Sorry! Export issue on my behalf. I reuploaded. Enjoy B-LJC though 🤣🤣
  3. John_Tavendale

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    N605UP with Spirit of Joe Sutter decal now available
  4. John_Tavendale

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    Thanks, Curtis. The font is called UPS Sans
  5. John_Tavendale

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    UPS 747-8F N609UP is now available to download. This has been saved as 32bit, so the file size is a bit larger, but it's better quality. Enjoy!
  6. John_Tavendale

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Little wonder people up and leave with some of the rubbish I've seen written in this thread. Sean doesn't owe anyone an update. You know he was a real life and other things to do along with working on this. It'll be out when it's finished. His reputation for quality and delivery speaks for itself.
  7. Means nothing unless you're trying to overclock the absolute limits out of it. For 99.99% of people it won't make a shred of difference.
  8. John_Tavendale

    The Great Orbx Confusion

  9. I got a bit lucky. Was browsing a few sites just looking for 9900K's. One had listed as in stock at supplier with 2-4 days before it's shipped. Took a gamble. It shipped Monday and I got it yesterday. Now waiting on a motherboard to arrive.
  10. John_Tavendale

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

    Dynamic reflections need to be on. The tool adds dynamic reflections.....
  11. John_Tavendale

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Even if you just want to fly from A to B the FSL is streets ahead of Aerosoft. Better flight model. Better sounds. It might not be as pretty, but it's not something you can beat.
  12. John_Tavendale


    I can be punny at times. Been trying to work on a Atlas 748 but can't find my mojo right now.
  13. John_Tavendale