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  1. Confirmed. I communicate with him quite often.
  2. Agree. I miss the changes Tomatoshade/PTA allow in the shaders.
  3. TomatoShade isn't coming to v5 - not for the foreseeable future, if at all.
  4. VRAM wasn't an issue in v4.. it is in v5
  5. $100 and they can't even do the VC correctly.. pathetic.
  6. The visuals are usually very good.. but it's the important parts that lack.. the systems and flight model.
  7. if you want high quality, you won't find it at Captain Sim..
  8. Saw a preview video (which is now removed..) seems the VC is a copy/paste from the 757 with the same window frames etc (which are incorrect for the 767..) It was listed as alpha, but I doubt it'll be fixed/changed. Shouldn't expect anything else.. other than wasted time on APU and Engine internal detailing
  9. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/56214-12apr20-easter-morning-with-a-social-distancing-bunny-your-pmdg-weekend-update Prepar3D v5: (P5D)We have been guests of Lockheed Martin in their testing program now for some years, and with the public pronouncement of the arrival of P5D I want to give you some clarity on how we plan to handle the transition:Prepar3D v5 is a major version change for Prepar3D as evidenced by their decision to change from 4.x to 5.x. When we first entered the Prepar3D marketplace, we indicated that pricing on our products would be higher in part because the platform is evolving and this will require development time and management to keep products up-to-date moving forward. The benefits of this have been realized as Prepare3D moved from v3 to v4, and from v4 to V4.4 with PBR, and now to v5. We continue to keep the product line in step with the changes, and we are continuing to roll those changes to you so that you can also keep in step with the platform changes.What'll It Cost?: At this time we do not see any compelling reason for additional costs to our Prepar3D customer base.
  10. $12.99 upgrade price. Performance is better than the original, and it looks great.
  11. FSE must be desperate for views.. what rubbish
  12. There's some liveries here that may appeal.. https://goo.gl/4MUFSf
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