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  1. Hi there, I've got good news because I found a post at the supportforum of simmershome.de (thanks to member Artox67) in which was described how to adjust the strenght of dynamic lightning on the "professional" airports of Aerosoft. This is the solution: - go to the installation folder of the airport (e.g. F:\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional) - folder "effects" - search for files with an "-E" at the end (e.g. AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDF-E.fx) - open them with editor - edit the number in red: [ParticleAttributes.0] Color Start=65, 62, 30, 0 Color End=252, 241, 190, 60//120 the 60 is the new number, the //120 is inactive (just a reminder of the old value) Bounce=0.00 X Scale Goal=0.00 Y Scale Goal=0.00 Z Scale Goal=0.00 Falloff Exponent=1.0 Inner Cone Angle=90.00 Outer Cone Angle=120.00 - save the file and there you go! - 60 is an value which is okay for me, you can adjust to your taste. Nice effect: the lower the value, the higher the FPS!!!! - you can do this with any fx-file inside this folder with an -E.fx ending. Happy easter, Regards Thomas!!
  2. Good morning! @ ray huges: Were you able to get the cloud9 landclass running? Just saw on the forum of FSDT that you got the advice of using a migration tool... Would also be interested in using the landclass data for africa and asia! Regards Thomas!
  3. Good morning! Has someone tried some ai sound packs for these great ai planes? I cant't hear any ai sounds with the aig package with the standard installation procedure - or am I doing something wrong?? Regards Thomas!
  4. Hi there, Unfortunately I don't have a free axis anymore... And FSUIPC doesn't help because it can't see the buttons 34 to 36 on the joystick... I'll try something else, no big deal. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Hi guensli, PMDG 747 Module functions --> Pedestal Control Stand --> Speedbrakes arm (Speedbrakes arm off) works fine, thanks... But is there a possibility for speedbrake "up" and "down"? Happy easter, regards Thomas!
  6. Ok, is there a possibility for speedbrake up and down?
  7. Hi Guensli, unfortunately this didn't work... Tried "FSX: Spoilers off / on / arm set" with the optional parameters 0,1,2... Any idea?? Regards Thomas!
  8. Thanks, will try tonight! Thomas
  9. Good morning, where can I find the standard FSX speedbrake arm functions inside LINDA? Inside LIB: Default FSX there is nothing... Assigning # to the button of the joystick doesn't work...
  10. Hi there, I'm just assigning the buttons of my Saitek X56 HOTAS to the PMDG 747 (P3D V4.2, FSUIPC 5.124, LINDA 3.05, PMDG 747 QOTSII module version 1.1). So far, everything's okay. Now I want to assign Speedbrake up / down and arm to buttons # 34 - 36 on the throttle. I can't find assignments for this functions in the "PMDG 747 Module functions" of LINDA. The PMDG custom event ID's should be 70625, 70622 and 70623. Assigning these buttons to the PMDG 737 NGX speedbrake functions was succesful. Am I doing something wrong in the 747 - is it possible to assign PMDG custom event ID's directly to LINDA (doing so via FSUIPC doesn't help, because FSUIPC can only manage the first 32 buttons...)? Help is greatly appreciated, regards Thomas!
  11. Good morning, I recently bought the Saitek / Logitech X56, too. Now I am searching for software to map the P3D settings to the buttons and axes of the controller, and wonder if spad.next or FSUIPC will do the job better. Has someone compared the two programs - what are the pro's and con's? By the way - is the registered version of FSUIPC required for spad.next? Regards Thomas!
  12. Hi Ian, thanks for your reply! meanwhile it looks like it's working - just pointing to the P3D V4 folder during installation didn't work... I had to copy the content of the virtualcol-folders "effects", "gauges", "sounds" etc. to the folders inside P3D. I'll do a test flight tonight. Regards Thomas!
  13. Good morning gents, could someone please give a little instruction of how you got the VirtualCol Embraer 190/195 to work with P3D V4??? Help would be greatly appreciated.... Regards Thomas!
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