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  1. While i agree it did take a little longer to be great, the 717 did end up being one of the planes I really did enjoy having in the hanger. So its clear they wont just release and leave the product behind. I'm looking forward to this one.
  2. You need to do that through the SDK, enable dev mode and then create a scenery package, add an exclusion. Check on youtube on how to get started.
  3. This is one of the immersion killers in fs since back then. I'm surprised it hasnt been brought up more often. And as mentioned the same with clouds.
  4. This is interesting, I think this will be adding a whole differnent level to IFR flights.
  5. I actually find this a good looking design and the other diamond aircraft good looking too.. each to their own I guess.
  6. This one’s got my attention but will wait on reviews to see what the word is on the fm.
  7. Nothing about the flight model in the description is worrying, however it does look good.
  8. As mentioned above, more info. What addons are you using?
  9. Hi all, hope you've enjoyed our little scenery. Our next project is going to be a little more bigger and full of new roads and bridges 😉 For the meantime, thanks to all who have supported us! Due to quite a few requests, we are currently working on a small fictional fun pack with helipads scattered around YRAY, if you have any suggestions for helipad locations, let me know!. It will be a seperate package. Cheers, Rick
  10. I'm a simple man, the 767 with the good ol rb211's.
  11. Andy, I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any feedback and we will get onto it.
  12. @JaseMelbo thank you so much for the comment and support, the original price was around the $20AUD mark, including gst. I think the previous comments do have weight, it was priced a little too high once you take it from a different angle as mentioned by @AnkH. So I was ok with lowering the price. Regarding other seaplane bases, if you have any recommondations send them through to me on our instagram or discord and ill look into it 🙂 Our goal is to work with the FS community and give them what they want.
  13. @jason74 we are simply modeling the Sea Plane Base, Empire Lounge, Shark Island and Cottage Point Inn, we cant speak on any incidents related to any carriers or companies.
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