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  1. I would wait, yes. In the meantime, I see people are stopping FSUIPC and restarting it once in sim. Seems to solve issue for now. Does for me.
  2. In the FSUIPC7 forums, an issue is being looked at. I suffer from the same problem. Has to do with the most recent version of FSUIPC7. Apparently impacting MFDs in aircraft. Scott
  3. Hi everyone, I recently updated my graphics card to a 4080 super. So, I no longer need the frame GEN mod. I disabled the registry tweaks and removed the two files from my fight simulator content directory. I followed the proper uninstall, but I’m getting an error message now about the mod not loading. Any ideas? Thanks for your help scott
  4. Hi Dave, With this version, I am noticing that the voices are skipping and restarting when responding. This happens when copilot auto responds. Not when I respond. Thanks Scott
  5. Hi Nico, I'm using the latest MTL package for AI from IVAO and I'm getting this error in SU10 beta. Not sure why I'm seeing this. Thanks for your help. Scott
  6. After installing, everything went OK. However, after selecting FSReborn optimized for 4K on configuration page, I get "Source Lockheed Martin Shaders for 5 cannot be found." Thanks. Scott
  7. Hi, When I close program or change settings I get this message: FATAL ERROR Could not find a part of the path \AI Lights Effects V5\texture\T10.bmp. Thanks. Scott Gerfen
  8. I like this program. Does what it says it will do. I run DX10. it seems like my VAS is lower. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Thanks Ray. I resolved the issue. It was a flight plan error.
  10. Hello, I have reinstalled radar contact on network setup. I'm getting this error with mention of "fsuipc.rc4" when I go to contact ground. It happens at the same point every time. Thanks Scott
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