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  1. Another vote for uk2000 Manchester, just had a really nice sunset landing there after departing Munich earlier this evening in a boeing 717, and as with tutmeister, I've flown 747s down to the little D8 Q400 at Manchester, Cheers
  2. that's p3d. very nice scenery that, I bought it yesterday and half hour later bought the Gold Coast CityScene to go with it which I think is fantastic and really brings it to life. thanks for sharing the video, cheers!
  3. I too used this video a couple of weeks ago to overclock my new i5 8600k on the Maximus X Hero with some Corsair 3200MHz RAM and was able to get a stable 5GHz overclock at 1.35v straight off the bat. Cooling is air, a Noctua NH-D15S. I'd recommend anyone with a similar setup try the video, he also did the same video spoken in English which is something he's done with loads of his videos. Another useful resource is the Asus ROG forum for anyone running an Asus motherboard, I used that back when I clocked my old i5 3570K to 4.6GHz on an Asus p8-z77. edited to add that this is a just a retail boxed CPU from my local computer shop, and I've not de-lidded. Cheers
  4. StChalky

    Just bought the FSL A320

    I bought it last September a few weeks before the P3Dv4 version released, buying both FSX and p3d upgrade versions, meaning I even returned to FSX from p3dv4 for a month just to fly the A320 (jumped from p3d v2.5 to 4). I can honestly say that since I bought it, despite having the NGX, Q400 and QOTS2 in my P3Dv4 hangar and many more in FSX, I've done no more than 10 flights in the 747 and q400, and poor old NGX and others haven't had a look in. Every other flight since September has been in the a320 and that's generally 5 to 6 flights a week. Lovely to hand-fly, just feels real and alive in the VC, and with the latest update it's flying even better, despite having a somewhat aged computer setup. Despite it generally coping ok on 8GB of RAM albeit with occasional stutters, after reading of David's initial woes with the update and v4.2, I followed his lead and have also ordered another 8gig of RAM to take me up to 16gigs, hopefully should arrive in the next few days. Awesome aircraft, and looking forward to the A319. Cheers
  5. StChalky

    Can't purchase! (solved)

    Are you running windows 7 or 8? If so, try this: It is instructions on enabling Internet protocols called TLS 1.1 and 1.2 which are generally disabled by default in Internet options in win 7 and 8. For a long time I've had no issues connecting to F1 through their wrapper until recently when I couldn't connect to their server for a re-install and got the message about firewalls even when I'd disabled windows defender. Anyway, it did the trick for me on win7. If the above is not applicable to your case then I hope you get it resolved soon Cheers
  6. StChalky

    I'm DONE with PC Aviator (US)

    Gents, try again. I too had the same issue and just did a last ditch attempt to use my coupon before buying from Just Flight and it worked fine, also got the 10% black friday discount. The airport I bought worked out £5 cheaper with this discount so couldn't pass on it. Cheers
  7. StChalky

    Holiday sales are almost upon us!

    Simmarket occasionally have reductions on FlyTampa, and sorry to break it you but only a matter of days ago a 30% off sale on Copenhagen and Athens finished. I've never seen a sale on FlyTampa's own online store. Cheers
  8. StChalky

    PMDG 737NGX vs FSLabs A320 vs Aerosoft A320

    I can only echo the posts above. Whilst my old i5 3570k and gtx970 thankfully cope rather well with all the PMDG birds and FSL A320 at pretty good settings, the Q400 is by far the best performer and a great plane all round. The NGX and FSL A320 both run similar on my system but, noticeably less smooth than the Q400. Cheers
  9. StChalky

    Inroute LEBL

    Great set of shots, thanks for sharing! Cheers
  10. StChalky


    Hi, No, coutal is not required for the bus Cheers
  11. I had v1 in FSX which was hard on frames; found v2 much better looking and also ran better for what is a large airport, it gets the balance between looks and performance just right in my opinion. I found v2 Professional in p3d v4 works just as great, it's one I fly into regularly for both cargo and passenger, love flying into it so much so I rarely takeoff from there! Cheers, Stu
  12. You can buy the upgrade from whichever reseller you prefer, even if they're not the same seller from whom you bought ASN. I bought ASN years ago from PC Aviator, and the upgrade to ASP4 from FSPilotShop.
  13. It's Umberto from FS Dreamteam's 50th birthday today so over at the FSDT site there is 50% off ANY product for today only, 3rd September. The code is at the following link,16447.0.html Cheers
  14. Nice, thanks for the heads-up, I've been hoping for a sale having already spent a few quid on upgrading planes and things for P3Dv4, and was really missing decent weather, but this is a nice little saving! Cheers
  15. StChalky

    Orbx 48% off most items

    I really like it even though it is lacking ground traffic and clutter, and some of the terminal textures were not brilliant however, a service pack is ready soon which adds in the much needed traffic/clutter and they've done a lot of work to add higher resolution terminal textures, glass, ground textures, optimization etc. Previews of the service pack here: and the most recent preview here: One thing still being implemented and won't be in the service pack is moving jetways but, I still enjoy the airport and the previews look good. Cheers