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  1. Hi Stan, yes it is, just logged in and a new installer is available for use with v5, though I haven't gone to v4 yet so can't advise on how it performs Cheers
  2. Yes EDDK is very nice, even got revolving doors modelled at the entrance to the terminal! I'm running a fairly old setup now, i5-8600k at 5GHz and a GTX 970 4GB graphics card, and find I'm able to run at decent graphics levels (not 4K though!) at CYUL and CYYZ without it becoming a stutter fest. V2 of CYUL which came out last year I think had PBR added and other updates too, and despite that it runs better than the first version. Yes, CYYZ is a bit harder on frames than CYUL but a nice airport so I ignore the odd stutter I get usually when panning the camera or turning during taxi. And generally, aside from the odd flight in the PMDG 748, I'm mostly in the FSLabs busses so all things considered my system copes reasonably well. Of course as I say I'm not running at 4K as my monitor can't do that, so might well be more of an issue for anyone that does. Can't give you frame rates as I don't check. Cheers
  3. For north America a favourite of mine is Flytampa KBOS, nice approach and just find it an interesting layout as well of course with the usual FT quality. Also Flightbeam's KMSP is good. For Europe, flytampa's Copenhagen is good as is Orbx's ESSA. Another nice one I picked up last week is Orbx'd LYBE, Belgrade if you want to venture down that way. Cheers
  4. I did the Negal1 departure which you mentioned in the other thread, yesterday afternoon in the 747-8F, fantastic! Had some fairly low bits of cloud cover, which pretty much meant I couldn't see what was in front of me, only saw glimpses of either huge drops or mountain peaks off to the sides. Well it did clear at one point in front of me just as I just skimmed the top of a peak and got a "Pull Up" warning! Might have been the 318.0Kgs ZFW and 70.0Kgs of fuel which made it a bit of a slow climb out! I think it pretty much takes top spot for me now in terms of the beauty of the surrounding scenery and also the exhilaration/fear factor! The whole flight in fact ranks up at the top of my simming, that amazing takeoff finished off with a gorgeous sunset approach into KMEM.
  5. Had first landing there last night. Usually I have a look round a newly installed airport before doing full flight in/out but decided to save the magic as it were until my first approach. Although night time, thanks to the clear night sky I could still see so much of the surrounding area and it really got some "wow" remarks from me, looking forward to doing a daytime departure this afternoon so I can see it in all its glory. Cheers
  6. Lovely approach shot! Did first flight into SEQM last night, and even though it was night when I landed it still looked amazing and I could see how spectacular the surrounding scenery is. Will do another flight there today, daytime this time though! Cheers
  7. I work my way round my airports either on a whim because I just fancy heading to a certain part of the world or, I fancy pretending I'm based at the airport in which case I'll fly in/out of it for maybe 4/5 flights before I move to another base airport. Probably once a year I'll use a default airport and mainly that is because I want to scope out the area if I'm thinking of buying an add-on version of the airport but not familiar with either the airport or that part of the world. Certainly using one as a base helps me feel I'm getting good use out of it. Got in the range of 30+ add on airports. Cheers
  8. Don't have it bookmarked on my phone but, pretty sure he has his own website with loads of resources on flight SIM, so might be he has a copy there. Cheers
  9. I too am running FSDT's version fine in 4.4 and as David noted, it's showing its age but, I still enjoy flying in and out of there. Cheers
  10. StChalky

    Ethiopia crash

    BBC news has the following article just published, stating some Chinese local carriers have been ordered to ground their 737 Max 8 jets, and Ethiopian has done likewise: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47519929
  11. Have to agree with this, did my first proper flight from it in the NGX yesterday and taxiing to runway 09, with the houses and industrial units showing in the background along with the street lighting, made it feel so very real, fantastic. UK2000 version has served me well this last 2 years but, this rendition has really made it an immersive experience to fly in/out of Liverpool. The texturing of the ground in the rain and fog yesterday was also fantastic, really adding to the feel of it all. Cheers
  12. Nice shots, thanks for sharing. I always liked the airport but, the improved textures and added airport clutter, amongst the other improvements that came with the update have made it a real pleasure to fly into. Cheers!
  13. Another vote for uk2000 Manchester, just had a really nice sunset landing there after departing Munich earlier this evening in a boeing 717, and as with tutmeister, I've flown 747s down to the little D8 Q400 at Manchester, Cheers
  14. that's p3d. very nice scenery that, I bought it yesterday and half hour later bought the Gold Coast CityScene to go with it which I think is fantastic and really brings it to life. thanks for sharing the video, cheers!
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