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  1. You have to apply preset in Tomato and then add reflections to the aircraft model. I also had the same problem. I had a preset applied in the PTA and I added reflections to the aircraft model and textures were black and had some weird colors on them. You have to apply Tomato Shade preset in order to work.
  2. Branimir

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I saw this line in V4.5 changelog: "Added more building scenery objects v4.5" Does that mean LM added more scenery buildings in default airports/cities?
  3. Branimir

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I am using Matt Davies preset in the PTA. I don't know if LM fixed this but is saw some improvement in autogen loading.
  4. Branimir

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I have just made another flight with V4.5 and performance and visuals are absolutely wonderful!
  5. Branimir

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Just made a successful flight from EDDS to LJLJ, smooth performance as always, I have no complains about V4.5.
  6. Branimir

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I updated my P3D without problems and many addons work without updating (I had to update PTA and Active Sky). For me, it is one of the best updates I have seen in Prepar3D! And loading times are much faster!
  7. Branimir

    P3D v4.5 Add-On Compatibility List

    Compatible: PTA Active Sky Aerosoft (I have asked about compatibility on their forum and they said that all of their planes are compatible without updating them)
  8. Hello! I bought CDU for CRJ and it works perfectly on my phone. I have an old tablet Acer Iconia A500 and it is 8 years old but it was one of the best tablets when it was released. It has an old Android 4 with default browser. I cannot install new browsers like Chrome because they are not available for this version od Android. I have very annoying lag on this tablet with default browser and screen flashes with blue overlay everytime I press a button on a CDU. It works perfectly with Virtual Avionics, because they use a dedicated app for CDU. My tablet is very old and I am planning to buy a new one and I want to know what specs are recommended for my new tablet? Regards!
  9. Have you tried A2A C172?
  10. Branimir

    P3D V4 White & Red Pixels(?)

    I have the same problem with Aerosoft CRJ only on Aerosoft Frankfurt Professional and it only happens at night. I only have this problem if I turn on cockpit lights. I have black boxes appearing and dissapearing and it is the most noticable on white surface for example captain seat. I think it has something to do with dynamic lightning.
  11. Hello! I have a big problem. If change settings (for example limiting frames...) in nvidia inspector I get input delay in Prepar3D V4.3 even with 30-40 FPS. I didn't have this problem when I was using V3.4 a year ago. If I revert profile settings for Prepar3D.exe in nvidia inspector to default I have no delay. Do you know what is causing this problem? i7-7700 (HT enabled, running at 4.2GHz)) 16GB DDR4 KFA2 GTX 1060
  12. Branimir

    P3Dv4.2 Good nVidia Inspector Results!

    I have problem with nVidia inspector. If I limit my FPS for example to 30FPS I get horrible input delay in P3D V4.3. I didn't have this problem in V3.4.
  13. Branimir

    LGA 1150 CPU for P3D V4 I think you will not see huge improvements with this CPU. You will see big improvements by replacing your MB and buying newer generation CPU. You will also see differences for example by upgrading CPU from i5 to i7 or i7 to i9.
  14. Branimir

    Assigning SPAD.neXt profiles to aircraft

    I also have SPAD NEXT and I never had this issue. Try reinstalling SPAD NEXT.
  15. I also don't know if there is any recorder capable of recording displays in PMDG 737 because it is very complex addon. I am not sure but I remember FSrecorderX was able to record this in FSX but FSrecorder is not compatible with V4.