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  1. Hi @mtr75, not sure about HF3 being the cause. I was using P3D v4.5 with HF3 for about one or two months before the problem appeared. Also after reinstalling v4.4 the issue was still there. Using v4.5 HF3 again now with after the reinstall and fullscreen optimization off and everything is perfect again.
  2. Hi everyone, As promised, I'm reporting back after having had a chance to reinstall my add-ons. Performance is still great, significantly better than before my reinstall. For me, what helped most was deactivating fullscreen optimization. I'm guessing the optimized OC settings and general "decluttering" of my system also contributed, but fullscreen optimization turned on for P3D was most certainly the main cause of the issue. For whatever reason, it didn't cause any problems for three years before though. Cheers, Daniel
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies! I did a quick OS reinstall, not too much of an issue here, because I only use the PC for P3D and there is not much else on it. Then I installed P3D again, which was a 100% guaranteed clean version this time, after having formatted my drives beforehand. 😎 To rule out any hardware/temperature issues, I did some more benchmarking and took care of my overclocking settings. Now the PC was running faster than ever with a fresh OS installation and overclocking optimized. But to my horror, P3D was still performing awfully! The only way to get reasonable performance was by using very low settings. Thanks to @Rogen's tip, I turned off fullscreen optimizations and all of a sudden, I could actually use P3D with decent settings again. The regular pattern of stutters and graphical FPS "spikes" (monitoring via RivaTuner) I was seeing, had disappeared. So now I will carefully reintroduce my add-ons one by one and hope everything stays as it is! My preliminary testing in P3D's default scenery world worked fine, even on ultra-high settings in areas like New York City. I'll report back once the add-ons are back in the sim. Fingers crossed, the issue should be solved now. Best regards, Daniel
  4. Ok, thanks. I'll go for a full reinstall now too. :-(
  5. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some support here, as I'm honestly quite lost right now. Up until a few days ago, I was flying around without any issues in P3D v4.5, all of my settings being unchanged for months and using all sorts of add-on planes, scenery, weather, shaders, textures, etc. Everything was looking beautiful and I was enjoying it a lot. Without changing anything in the sim, I suddenly experienced a massive drop in FPS (to < 15) and blurry textures in scenarios that were no problem before. This issue unfortunately still persists, despite my desparate attempts to narrow it down. This is what I've done since the problem appeared (in the following order and with reboots/tests in between): Disabled VolFog and AA Disabled all add-on scenery Disabled all other add-ons (weather, GSX, SODE, FSUIPC, etc.) Restored P3D's default shaders Restored the default P3D.cfg Removed all user generated files (as per LM's general debugging steps) Reset all NVidiaProfileInspector settings to default Installed a legacy P3D v4.4 client Updated my graphics card driver Installed an older graphics card driver again Disabled my CPU and GPU overclocking None of this solved my issue or caused even the slightest improvement. The only way I could get back to my old FPS performance was to dramatically reduce scenery complexity, LoD radius and draw distance through the settings (complexity sliders at "sparse" instead of "dense" or even "very dense", the latter of which I used for VFR flying without any issues a few days ago). So, I decided to completely uninstall P3D and all of my add-ons, as I thought one of my many add-ons might have messed up the sim. Afterwards I set the CPU and GPU overclocking back on. Today, I started testing with my fresh P3D v4.5 installation which I had downloaded again. P3D default scenario, all settings unchanged = all fine (as expected due to low settings) P3D default scenario, all settings back up to the low range of what I was using before = bad performance again (stuttering, low FPS) This is with no add-ons enabled and a complete clean installation. I locked my FPS to 30 via RivaTuner which took some load off the GPU, but the problems are still there, no matter if the GPU is working at 70% or 100%. Currently I am experiencing stutters again with GPU load at approx. 80% and the CPU at approx. 70%. This is flying from KVPS (P3D default) in the default F-22, using settings that would normally be fine for flying an add-on airliner out of Frankfurt with a complex weather scenario. Of course I was used to FPS going down in other cases before too, but not to the current level that really makes the Sim impossible to use, unless I fly virtually without any objects in the scenery. I tried to rule out a hardware issue. So I performed a test via userbenchmark.com, which resulted in all of my components performing "as expected" or "way above expectations". Not sure if this is enough to rule out any issues here? Right now, I'm completely lost and don't know what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Let me know if I should post any further information and I'll gladly do so. Best regards, Daniel tl;dr: My P3D v4.5 has become a complete FPS and stutter desaster out of nothing, even after a clean reinstall, with no changes made to the settings My system specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K OC@4.4 GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB SSD: Intel SSD 256GB HDD: Seagate ST1000 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 3000 C15 4x4GB MBD: Asrock Z270 Pro4 OS: Win 10 Home 64 Bit Sim: P3D v4.5
  6. Similar issue here. Same scenery addons, their order is correct in my P3Dv4 as described in various manuals, websites, etc. For me disabling FreeMeshX didn't help, as the problem seems to be an issue with ORBX FTX Vector and FreeMeshX working together in the North American geographical region. This is what I learned on the ORBX support forum. I didn't notice any similar problems in other geopaphical regions. See my screenshots for an example, this happens at many North American airports though. Image 1 Image 2 Any advice on what to do? I'm using FreeMeshX 2.0. Best regards, Daniel
  7. Hi all, Thanks to your help I could pinpoint the error down to the dll.xml from the scenery.cfg folder (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4). The culprit was CMeteoXml (path: .\CMeteoXmlx64.dll). I googled the issue, and the result was that the cause has something to do with Carenado's weather radar. I don't really get the connection to why this error only happened flying around North America (and not even once in a Carenado aircraft), but I'm happy that it's now gone! My solution was to simply deactivate the entry in the aforementioned dll.xml, as there was no other solution I could find on the internet. So, @Jim Young, I followed your instructions step by step and did some extensive test flights inbetween to make sure I didn't miss anything. That's a very kind and generous offer, thank you! @B777ER, that's absolutely right. There are lots of resources out there, but there's nothing like personal assistance that allows you to systematically go though the debugging process while also learning something about the way the sim works. Without this help, I would have just tried some random options without actually knowing what I was doing. These forums actually remind me a lot of the comradery I value so much from the "real" world of aviation, me being a GA pilot. So, thank you very much again, now I can actually start flying in P3D for the first time (I was just done with all of the installations as this error occured). Best regards, Daniel
  8. Hi Jim and Simbol, Thanks for your quick and detailed answers and instructions. I’ll go through your to-do lists tomorrow in the morning (German time) right away and let you know about the results.
  9. Dear all, I am experiencing a very weird and frustrating CTD phenomenon in P3Dv4: If I start the sim at the default airport with the default plane (F22), it crashes after 1-3min of flying around. Leaving the plane on the runway without any movement does not crash it. Taking off from the default airport (Eglin AFB) in a different plane also causes the crash to happen, most of the time slightly later than in the previous set up. Sometimes I get a Windows error message telling me that P3D has stopped working, but in most cases the simulator simply freezes and exits directly a few seconds later. Now comes the weird part: I can fly around in other areas (e.g. Europe, Pacific NW, New York, etc.) and there will be no problem at all in some cases. To narrow down the problem, I loaded a flight from Destin/Fort Walton Beach Airport (geographically located near the P3D default airport Eglin AFB in FL), this also caused the crash to happen. I referred to the Avsim CTD guide for some tips. At first, I received error logs (in dxdiag.txt) pointing to kernelbase.dll and facilities.dll as the culprits. Another issue that does not neccesarily make the whole process easier, is that the program AppCrashView does not detect and log every P3D crash for some reason. I tried some tips from the CTD manual and this forum, which included installing an older version of my graphics card driver and running Windows Repair from tweaking.com. The result was that the same crashes occur, but with the error logs additionally pointing to atc.dll now in some cases. For addons, I am running ORBX FTX Global, Vector, Trees, OpenLC Europe, Germany North, Germany South; ASCA, AS16, ENVTEX, PTA with the THOPAT preset, FreeMeshX, a number of European airports and various planes (e.g. PMDG 777, 747; AS/DD CRJ, A2A C172). I am not 100% sure when this issue started, because I performed most of my post-addon test flights in Europe due to the scenery installed. ASCA, AS16 and ENVTEX were installed last. Loading various PTA presets did not seem to cause the problem (I did some test flights around the default airport at that time). Apart from reinstalling the graphics card driver and running Windows Repair I have performed the following actions: Uninstalled and reinstalled MS Visual C++ Uninstalled and reinstalled ASCA, AS16, PTA and ENVTEX Disabled all of the add-on sceneries Uninstalled FSUIPC Uninstalled add-ons that showed errors in P3D's content error log None of this has proven to be effective. At this point I am quite frustrated. Crashes also occour in other scenery areas (althoug much less often and not as fast as in the default scenario). I could now blast you with a list of my PC specs and all add-ons. To not make this post too long to read, I will only include the most recent crash log from AppCrashView and a dxdiag log. Of course I will provide you with all other the information that is necessary ASAP. But please let me know what exactly is required, because I don't just want to take a random guess. I apologise for my system language as shown in the logs for being German. I hope you can find all the relevant information anyway, as the logs are standardised. Here is the most recent log from AppCrashView: dxdiag.txt contents from a previous crash pointing to atc.dll (the aforementioned one was not logged in dxdiag.txt): Your help is greatly appreciated. As mentioned above, if you require any additional information, just let me know and I will provide it as quickly as possible! Please let me know what the next steps could be in resolving this issue. I hope that I do not have to go for a P3D or Windows reinstall. Best regards, Daniel
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