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  1. Rex weather download

    I will get verified, I'm just waiting on it, but I've heard it can take a while It's got firewall permission as well so it's not that :(
  2. Rex weather download

    Hi, I'm having a problem with Rex essential and I'm not verified on the Rex forums yet so I thought I would checkk here. When I start Rex it does the weather download process like usual and it was working fine yesterday but today it is taking a really long time. The download process gets stuck on converting taf reports or something and it stays on it for about 15 mins then it loads the main Rex screen but with no weather data
  3. Rex failure

    Hi, I use Rex essentials and I load the real world weather weather manually, by clicking fly now once I've loaded the aircraft and everything and it says loading real world weather and then it comes up with a message saying "couldn't load textures (or something like that) please check they exist and try again" and then the whole screen goes sky coulour where all I can see it the cockpit, Can't use the Rex forums either because they are a blocked site on the network I use
  4. Fsx addons?

    I like the look of the active sky, how fps friendly is it? I like the look of the active sky, how fps friendly is it?Sorry about the double quote, I'm new at doIng that
  5. Fsx addons?

    hi, i want to improve my current fsx with payware addons. what would you guys recommend? i usually fly within australia. So far i have: - PMDG 737NGX - PMDG 777 so yeah, what sceneries weather, traffic files would you consider essential that are PAYWARE?
  6. AU Ai traffic and WOA traffic conflict

    Thank you!! Can you please provide me a link for the AIFPC program?
  7. HELLO ALL!!!!! I run Australian AI AU traffic (freeware) and that is brilliant because it includes atc files and everything. but the skies get a bit lonely when i fly outside australia. say when im in america, there is absolutley no airport traffic so i installed each american airline individually from the World of Ai website and this all works fine and the airports are full of planes except when i go back to australia there is NO traffic. is there a way for both???? Thanks Cooper