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  1. The answer to the OP's question, inane as it is, is that this software is whatever YOU make of it. You wanna make it a "game"? Go for it. Bingo! You're a GAMER! Feels good, right? OTOH, some of us who happen to be licensed pilots IRL see an opportunity to use it to practice our flying skills without spending our money for flying time, and the software offers that opportunity, within reasonable limitations. Real life flying can kill you; we take it seriously, and we don't see flying as a "game", whether on the computer, or in our cockpits. Is that a problem for someone? Seriously? Take today's simulation software however you want to - your choice - and don't presume to criticize anyone who choses to see it differently from you.
  2. Very prescient of you, sir. I don't enjoy environments where everyone's so bunched all the time. This is my last post. Buh-bye - I'm gone.
  3. As noted in the hotfix change log, the "new VRR option" pertains to monitors which have Variable Refresh Rate capability, making it irrelevant to those of us using monitors which are not.
  4. "So" ... consider that beginning a sentence with "So" adds nothing to the content - it's fine without the "So". But, to the point, why would anyone buy the 737 NGXu simulation for P3Dv4, now that P3Dv5 is upon us? It's not yer daddy's P3Dv4 anymore. Your money, but, why?
  5. Absolutely correct. But anyone with some experience simming knows that smoothness and fps are directly related. Let frame rate drop below some nominal level, and it's a slide show. "Smoothness" is gone at that point. IMO, the main question of the thread, the VRR option, should easily be answered with a little experimentation.
  6. "Monitor refresh rate of 100hz"...LOL. My Samsung 4K monitors can't do that, but it's unimportant, since anything above 15fps or so looks "smooth" enough for me to enjoy the experience. And YES, forumites, those one or two of you who became apoplectic a few days ago when I posted that I can even tolerate as low as 12...that would be 12...fps, and still fly. 😄 Do I like it? No, of course not, and I do everything I can to get it higher. With v5, it's not that difficult to do. The thing is, I use P3D's Viewgroups to spread P3D across three 4K monitors, and that's moving a HUGE amount of pixels. I set my FPS limit in P3D at 30, and in flyover country, I get that. High density areas, New York, Houston..etc, it drops to 25 or so, but hey, big whoop - still very much flyable. And having the scenery spread across these three monitors is VASTLY more immersive than having to view the world outside through the peep-hole of just one, no matter how large that "one" might be. Note that this is with Viewgroups, not just stretching the view over 3 monitors. Big difference - cockpit instruments stay round. But, Vsync? Nope - doesn't improve anything for me. And I've also tried Samsung's "Freesync", which is their G-sync clone, and I've found that THAT doesn't improve anything either. So for me, no Vsync, and no Freesync...and it's optimal that way FOR ME. YMMV
  7. I saw someone recommend turning vsync on to improve performance a while back. I tried it, and lost a bunch of fps. Vsync OFF works best on my system in P3D. I'm convinced there's no "magic bullet", no "one-size-fits-all" settings that can universally optimize performance - just way too many variables, and also variables that interact with each other. No way to just say "Do this and it'll work". Not that simple in most cases.
  8. Well, maybe, from a "purist" perspective, it's not. But for me, for all intents and purposes, Alt-Enter accomplishes the same end result, and that's all that matters, regardless of any esoteric arguments to the contrary. I run P3D using Viewgroups across 3 4K monitors, and already have to deal with the 3 monitor bezels - I SURE don't want to also see any Windows borders. Alt-Enter handles that, whether it's "full-screen" or not.
  9. Whoa! You're in my time zone. Beer @ 5AM? You're a man after my own heart! Go for the gusto! 😉
  10. Yeah, people keep pointing him to the "standard" controls xml, and that's not what I understand the question to be. To transfer existing control assignments from v4 to v5, EXPORTING the settings to a file, then IMPORTING them to v5, will accomplish that. My experience doing it has been that the process is a bit flakey, but it's the best way to get it done (fingers crossed).
  11. Prolly OBE by now, but I would have proceeded as follows: Rt-click on Win Start > App / Features, click right side Programs/Features, then uninstall the several P3D components. If you do "Professional" first, most of the rest will be also uninstalled. And when you uninstall P3D, don't forget to also uninstall Documents/P3d Addons and Docs/P3d docs, as well as Appdata/Roaming/LM and Program Data/LM. Not a good idea to just delete the root folder. Why? Because it leaves your Windows registry full of literally THOUSANDS of entries related to P3D, and those could conflict with a reinstall of P3D if anything's different on the second install - could be a different location on your system, updated files, yada, yada. Just never a good idea to short-circuit the uninstall process. Anytime I uninstall a major app like P3D, which is pervasive throughout your system, I also do a jv16 Power Tools registry clean to get rid of uninstall remnants which the (sloppy) uninstall process left behind. It leads to a more hygienically-correct system, if you catch my drift.
  12. Well, "FS98's" not gonna' be the solution to ANYTHING at this juncture. But faced with the issues you're having, I'd be running some "repairs" on the P3D components, and if THAT failed, I'd be considering a complete uninstall/reinstall. I'm an Intel guy, with no AMD CPU experience. But your system specs look like you ought to be seeing at least 40fps with sliders somewhere in the middle, single monitor, and fps unlimited.
  13. Dunno. I have Orbx Base Pack and openLC NA - no Vector in v5, as others have noted, and my "Bahamas" looks like this: https://ibb.co/Fnjp5Nw OP's altitude looks like around 10K ft, and mine's lower - about 2K. But still looks OK to me.
  14. Many young people these days have very short attention spans. When they're confronted with lengthy technical details and the like, their eyes glaze over.
  15. Makes no difference to P3D where it looks for resources - one drive is a good as another one. BUT...and it's a big BUT...you should consider the read/write speed of any drive you use for obvious reasons. P3D is resource-intensive, and I try to make sure everything is on my faster drives of the 4 in my PC. I suggest you do some benchmarking to be sure your HDD is working optimally.
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