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  1. Hi Mark I happy with using Edge, just wanted to report it 🙂
  2. Hello I mainly use SimServer on my Surface Pro 4 with Google Chrome. Since Chrome v70, if I remember it correctly, the Touch Input has stopped working. I'm still able to click the Keys with the Mouse, however no Touch Input is possible. Maybe anything in newer Chrome Releases broke some stuff? I'm currently using Microsoft Edge, here the Touch Input works without any problems. Thanks.
  3. Managed to solve it. For some reason the "Amsterdam_LC" Scenery Entry wasn't added during the Installation. Added it manually and placed it below the Amsterdam Entry which corrected the Elevation Issue.
  4. eXpress48

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    wrong post, can be deleted.
  5. Same here. I did a complete fresh install of 4.4 and noticed the Elevation problems at EHAM yesterday. Running the Orbx Vector Elevation Correction Tool hasn't solved this unfortunately. Never seen this in 4.3 with the same Addons though..
  6. eXpress48

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Great! Thanks for the feedback.
  7. eXpress48

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Has anoyne tested some Aerosoft Sceneries with P3D 4.4? I couldn't find anything, however I suppose they should work. I own the following Sceneries: Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 professional Berlin-Tegel professional Mega Airport London Heathrow professional La Palma professional Balearic Islands professional - Mallorca Valencia X Napoli X Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 professional Milano Malpensa professional Malaga professional Heraklion X Cologne/Bonn professional Thanks.
  8. A Malta (LMML) Scenery would be great to have for P3D v4.
  9. Are the other Packages not needed for P3D v4? Thank you!
  10. Hello, Are the Download Links from the first post supported on P3D v4? Thanks
  11. eXpress48

    NVIDIA Control Panel settings for P3D v4.3

    @otreblA Sorry, I meant NCP. Thanks for sharing your settings.
  12. eXpress48

    NVIDIA Control Panel settings for P3D v4.3

    Out of curiosity, which graphic settings have you applied in NI and Prepar3D?
  13. eXpress48

    P3D v.4.3?

    I would also like to know this 🙂
  14. eXpress48

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Has anyone tested ASCA and GSX with 4.3? Thanks.