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  1. eXpress48

    777 Thrust Lost during Takeoff Roll

    Just tested this, moving the Throttle all the way forward after pressing the TOGA Button worked. No more sudden Thrust Lost 🙂 Thanks for the help.
  2. eXpress48

    777 Thrust Lost during Takeoff Roll

    @Olympic260 Thanks for the hint. Signature added 🙂 Thank you for the replies. This was one my first guesses that my Throttle is actually interfering. After applying 50% N1 and pressing TOGA I haven't touched the Throttle, however the Reduction still happens. I'll try your suggestion with moving them all forward after pressing TOGA.
  3. eXpress48

    777 Thrust Lost during Takeoff Roll

    Hello I own the PMDG 777 for P3D v4 for a few days and I have one little issue that I'm currently unable to solve on my own. During Takeoff Roll, when the 777 accelerates, the thrust suddenly goes back when V1 / VR is being reached. As far as I'm aware, I've completed the MCP Prepration as followed: - Both Flight Directors are armed - Both AT/R are armed - The V2 Speed is entered in IAS - LNAV / VNAV is armed During takeoff, I manually set about 50% of N1 and then I press the Toga Button. The N1 then goes to about 90%, based on my Temperature Setting in the FMC, and suddenly goes back to around 50% when the Plane reaches V1 /VR. Has anyone seen something like this or if I'm making a mistake? Thanks.
  4. eXpress48

    TomatoShade Excessive Reflection

    Did you apply the Reflection Tweaks using the "Dynamic Reflection Maker" Tool as prompted by TomatoShade? The Tool is located in the same folder as Tomato Shade.
  5. eXpress48

    New ai traffic in development

    Early Access seems to be available now, along with a new Trailer.
  6. eXpress48

    Anti Aliasing - Constant Shimmering

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, I will certainly try them out :)
  7. Hey Guys, I read through pretty much every AA Thread, but I couldn't find a solution for my Problem. I'm running P3D 4.2 on a 24" (60 Hertz) Monitor with a 1920x1200 Resolution. No matter which AA Settings I choose, I can't get rid of the Shimmering in the Sim. I'm using a 1080 TI, so I could turn AA up to 8xSSAA which however affects Performance even on this Card. Those are the current Settings, that I use in P3D and Nvidia Inspector: I appreciate any help. Thanks!
  8. eXpress48

    P3D v4.1 CPU usage with 4790k

    Thank you very much for your answers @Mikelab6 FPS are currently set to unlimited. If I set them to e.g. 30, I get massive FPS Drops @w6kd My current Setup unfortunately is not really overclockable. I'm currently saving to upgrade the MB / CPU and RAM.
  9. Hello, Yes I know, another AffinityMask Thread, but I'm really running out of ideas.. I'm using a 4790k (HT off) and have currently the Problem that Core 1 only has a usage of about 50%. Core 2 and 3 have a few drops as you can see on the screenshot but are basically doing their job. I already tried tons of AffinityMask Configurations, but they only made things worse or moved this behaviour to another Core. Below is a Screenshot of P3D v4.1 running without any AffinityMask configured. Is this behaviour "normal" or does anyone know how I can max out all Cores? Thank you in Advance!
  10. eXpress48

    P3D v4: AI Traffic Seperation

    @simbol If you need a Beta Tester, just ping me :)
  11. eXpress48

    P3D v4: AI Traffic Seperation

    Will do, thanks for answering!
  12. Hello, Back in the Days with FS9 / FSX I had this incredible useful Program called AI Smooth, which made sure that the AI Traffic went, as the name implies, "smooth" and that not like 10 Planes fly the Approach at the same time. Does anyone know if there is a similiar Tool available for Prepar3D V4? I own UT Live and London Heathrow for example looks like this :/ Thank you!
  13. eXpress48

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    You can rollback to the previous Version in the Settings App within 30 days after the Upgrade. How exactly did you block the module? The only workaround that I currently know is to uninstal the problematic September Update and later Updates. (Which in fact is no longer possible if you are on the Fall Creators Update as the Update is baked into Windows)
  14. eXpress48

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    Great to hear, thank you all for the feedback!