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  1. I did nothing special. Just running TrackIR and the new SIM and everything is working. Make sure you update the List of Supported Games within TrackIR if not already done.
  2. Is TrackIR working through Chaseplane? I read about some issues regarding TrackIR and P3D v5.
  3. Is anyone able to access the Insider Forum? I can follow the link from the latest E-Mail but it redirects me to the public forum which says "PUBLIC FORUM COMING SOON"
  4. I'm using Dark Mode in my E-Mail Client which darkens the Background. I just looked at it again without dark mode on and the Background is Grey and White. I removed the Space between "So sit back..." and Thank you in my Screenshot, so it looks better. Didn't think someone would look that closely 😛
  5. @Lorby_SI Just checked the Mail again. The Header Image links to the official "https://www.flightsimulator.com/" Website and the sender email and the links look all legit.
  6. Sweet, I got the Invite for the Alpha 2 yesterday 🙂 It was flagged by (ironically Microsoft's) Spam Filter, so I just saw it today.
  7. Hello, I'm new to VATSIM and currently preparing for my first IFR Flight. Regarding ATC Procedures, the VATSIM Pilot Resource Centre lists the order of Controllers that you need to contact as followed: https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/general-lessons/airport-atc-procedures-cd-gnd-twr So let's say, I fly from LSZH to EGLL and there is only a controller for "LSZH_APP" right now. From the statement above, this controller would also serve Delivery, Ground, Tower, Approach/Departure. My question now is, do I only need to tune the Frequency for LSZH Approach and DEL, GND, TWR, APP/DEP would be handled on this single frequency or does the Controller handle every single station (DEL, GND, TWR, APP/DEP) on their dedicated frequency? From what I read, after Departure, the Controller would hand me off to UNICOM (122.800), when there is no Radar/Center or Enroute (Eurocontrol) Controller. As soon as there is a Controller and I'm on UNICOM, they would contact me via a "Contact me on xx.xxx" private message in vPilot. Is this correct? Thanks!
  8. Thank you. I fly the FSL A319 and A320 regulary, didn't know how I could have missed this 😕
  9. Do you have a Download link? I searched the FSLabs Download Area but couldn't find those. Thanks 🙂
  10. The Error Message clearly comes from the Setup Engine (SetupBuilder) and thus the Vendor should be able to provide the information on what condition this error gets thrown. I guess the Setup is executed as an Administrator? I previously saw weird behaviours with different Installation Programs when User Account Control is active and the setup is just double-clicked and doesn't run with elevation, even though the user is an administrator. Is the Setup able to generate a log file? With MSIs for example you can write a verbose log to troubleshoot installation issues.
  11. Can you elaborate "unable to launch"? Does the error message "security is preventing the update" come from the Installer or from Windows? Are the latest Windows Updates installed? Are any other Security Programs installed which could interfere? (Uninstalling Avira will reactivate Windows Defender on Windows 10).
  12. Hi I recently bought Rex SkyForce 3D and set it up together with ASP4, ASCA and Envtex, as described here in the last option (REX Sky Force 3D and Active Sky plus ASCA for dynamic skies with ENVTEX sky textures) Now, whenever I start a flight, my Clouds are pretty much have this greyish look as seen below: I'm getting this when I choose the normal "Fair Weather" settings as well. I already restored my Shaders to default for testing, however it didn't change anything. Are the clouds supposed to look like this or does anyone have a clue for me? Thank you!
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