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  1. None of the instruction in the video above apply to my Bravo because pressing any of the buttons demonstrated in the video simply do nothing. The hdg and v/s buttons both have their lights on and pressing them does nothing , the lights stay on. So I have no alternative but try to configure everything in the controls of MSFS. But nothing works except ALT which I was able to get going using the Increase/Decrease AP Reference Altitude and binding Button 21+14 and 21+13 and I now have altitude selection!!!! I thought that I would then be able to use the same for the other selections using the Reference but none of the others work. So it seems I have a dude Quadrant?!! I have wasted days fa----g around trying to get it to work so I think I shall just use what I have got and be done with it. Can not send it back as I have chucked the box out so that's that. Over and out, Kind regards Richard
  2. I wonder if there is a default profile somewhere that I could download? PHLMerc said that the top A/P buttons worked out of the box, but with me I have had to try and configure everything. That is very strange. I just want to get the left select button to work with the increase/decrease button on the right. The for example I can then select Alt with the left button and using the right button can increase or decrease the Alt. Kind regards Richard
  3. I have looked at most of these videos about the Bravo but they all just show how to select and then adjust but they do not show how the left and right are made to work together. The configuration of these buttons are already set up somehow in these videos. Kind regards Richard k
  4. I have wasted soooo many hour trying to get the A/P on the Honeycomb Bravo configured correctly. I have watched many videos on ways to do it but none of their ways seem to work. I have at least got the throttles, speed brakes, landing gear and flaps working OK which in its self is GREAT but do what I may I cannot work out how to get the select switch on the top left to work with the Incr/Decr on the right. And the buttons in between only seem to work now and then but I can live with that. It would be so good to have all working. I am 79 y/o so may be that is half my problem!!!!? Why such a GREAT piece of hardware is sooooooo hard to set up is really beyond me. I am using the Development/Experimental FlyByWireAirbus A320neo. I have not tried any other aircraft yet but I hope they are not as difficult?? Could someone out there help me please? PS. I should have said that I am using MSFS 2020, sorry.
  5. Thank you very much for your help chaps, I am full bottle now!! On my to KJFK. Kind regards Richard
  6. Using the Experimental FlyByWire A320 when I load a flight plan from Simbrief I get a flightplan as a dashed line instead of a solid green line on the ND, so the autopilot cannot follow it. I wonder if someone might be able to tell me what I am doing wrong please. I include a screen shot if that might help. Also it seems that I have 2 Kms to get to 35000 feet? Should be fun!! Yes I know that this is Experimental FlyByWire A320 but I rather enjoy it, wondering what is the next exciting item to be added!!. https://imgbox.com/HIr4zB83 Kind regards Richard
  7. I cannot get my Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle Quadrant to work. I have gone thru the firmware update OK and then the run thru setup as per video: https://youtu.be/jVI6fy5wzn0 but to no avail. It is always out of whack. When I first touch the quadrant it goes into reverse thrust showing positions 12 and 16 on the Thruster Flight Control Panel but according to the manual 12 and 16 should be idle. When I put levers into idle nothing is selected on the Control Panel. The thing is how do I change these settings so 12 and 16 are at idle not reverse thrust? I really hope somebody with the knowledge may be able to help me. I enclose 4 pics which I hope will help in explaining what I mean. Kind regards Richard https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqb6n8II43mAr2ktVv1jrORx_AKE?e=2dSDgG https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqb6n8II43mAr2ojKyzbkwyqiW0p?e=p4XdY8 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqb6n8II43mAr2cHdmjLx_b5fJoz?e=zBajhw https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqb6n8II43mAr2i9XWKz-_tLRzbQ?e=A4iUHa
  8. I was interested to note the directories that MSFS opened when they updated my copy of MSFS 2020 and I presume used in their update to my Steam copy of MSFS 2020. I attach 2 pics with details showing directories opened on the 14th Oct. Kind regards Richard https://imgbox.com/mIvCyAG1# https://imgbox.com/vHADrfMA
  9. Has anyone tried this https://github.com/bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map yet? It just says to put into the Community folder and that is it. How do I tell it where my LN Map is. When I start up MSFS and click on it an empty window pops up and that is it. Would be very nice to have LNM integrated into MSFS. Kind regards
  10. Goodness me, these chaps are magicians, just amazing. Thank you for telling us Sir.. Kind regards Richard
  11. Yes indeed I never thought of it like that even though I was part of that era. I first played it on Apple-Mac in 1982. According to Prof Google it is the longest-running software product line for Microsoft, predating Ms-Dos and Windows by three years. Microsoft Flight Simulator may be the longest-running PC game series of all time. ( forgetting the 10 year hiatus!!) Kind regards to all
  12. I have experienced the whole life span of flight simulation from 1982 to 2020 and cannot believe where we are now. MSFS 2020 is absolutely fantastic. I have been flying low all over PNW into places I never bothered to go in P3D v5 - even though I had many of the Orbx airports. I was mainly flying airliners but now I am a GA guy and discovering amazing places all over and really enjoying it (even with some rather wonky aircraft🙃). I see wonderous clouds with glorious golden linings on the horizon. Never thought I would see such an advance as this in my lifetime. So now I am going to fire up my Cessna 172 (steam gauges) and island hop from KORS to KFHR and onto CYWH to see my sister. What FUN ( I am definitely having my second childhood). Congratulation Asobo Studio and Microsoft your are doing very very well indeed. Kind regards to all.
  13. Thank you very much Sir, got it at last Kind regards Richard
  14. I wonder if someone could please help me and tell me if these photos show up. Thank you. Kind regards Richard
  15. Can admin please remove this post, thank you, kind regards Richard
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