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  1. I have spent sooo much time trying to assign the Airbus flaps lever on the Honeycomb Throttle quadrant it is driving me up the wall. Nothing seems to work. Is it possible or can some kind person kindly help a 81yo in distress? Also maybe with the reversers they do not work also. Kind regards Richard
  2. Thank you for your help. Yes, I am using MSFS2020. It says that it is connected to PMDG737 NGXu and that the same is licensed [FS2020] but then it tells me Connected clients 3 747 CDU L [Galaxy-Tab-A8.modem] 747 CDU L [Galaxy-Tab-A8.modem] 747 CDU L [Galaxy-Tab-A8.modem] Why 747 and not 737? And I am still getting says No License Found Yes there is a green "connected to PMDG 737 NGXu" status message .
  3. I am having a little trouble getting it up and running. I have purchased the PMDG 737 CDU and have got it onto my Galaxy tablet but it says FMC TIMEOUT and when I press any button it tells me -No License Found You will need to purchase a license to send key presses. I have inputted my license # and selected PMDC 737 but if I click on top right hand screw it says connected to PMDG 747!? I must say what I see is really nice and look forward to getting it going. Hope that you will be able to help me and look forward to that moment. Kind regards Richard
  4. I wonder if this is still a going concern? I really hope so.
  5. I have been getting "Bandwidth is too low for data streaming, switch to off line mode now" for a number of days now since the latest upgrade. Never had this before and I have been flying in MSFS 2020 since it first came out first using the FBW A320 and then with the PMDG 737 and the Fenix, my system was able too work very well indeed. It is rather distressing as I can only fly off line now. One good thing is I am able to concentrate on the 1000 aboard the C 172 and flying using the instrument as per pic with the occasional look outside at the dreadful off-line scenery. Better than nothing though I suppose!!! Does anybody else have this problem? I have a fairly powerful computer which has been working with my custom settings for a few months but now THIS. What can be the problem I wonder?? Could anybody out there help with any ideas please? https://icedrive.net/s/wtGARP3B7ZNbTBYXfxk6ZPfkg8Gg https://icedrive.net/s/GRTC8yCDTfzjC7aAX4jkGWNyWZTG Kind regards Richard
  6. I had to resort to reinstalling Windows and everything else and it is all back to normal now. So of course I never found out what was wrong but I presume is must have been a corrupt file in there somewhere. It is great to be back to normal as I have just purchased Fenix Airbus. Kind regards Riichard
  7. I use a Elgato Stream Deck and have spent many hours setting up many aircraft cameras in each cockpit. Everything was fine until the SU10 beta. Now nothing works, all the cameras (CTRL/ALT /# 1-0) have stopped working and not only that but L/R and U/D arrows, Esc , the F keys etc all do not work, but when I enter these from my keyboard they all work fine (bypassing MSFS) When I use other program’s and apps without MSFS running the Stream Deck works fine. So there is nothing wrong my Stream Deck. The trouble is only when I am using MSFS. Could this be something to do with the SU10 update I wonder? Hope that somebody may be able to help me with this strange happening. I have also posted this on the MS SU10 forum but nothing far. Kind regards Richard
  8. Astonishing and beautifull work Sir. A wondrous addition too MSFS. Many thanks indeed. Kind regards Richard
  9. Oh dear, my mistake again. I still had MSFS 2020 open at their start page, shut it down and all is well again thank goodness. Sorry chaps I really am getting far too old. Kind regards Richard
  10. Going to the FlyByWire Simulations web site I see that the Stable, Development and Experimental versions are all now unavailable. I am wondering why this is so? Have they stopped work on this amazing product which would be very sad indeed. Kind regards Richard
  11. Having read the link below it seems that the i5 12400 might be the best for MSFS and gaming in general? It seems we may not need those E cores for gaming. Or do we? Core i5 12400 processor review - Final Words & Conclusion (guru3d.com) Best CPU for Gaming in 2022 - Top Gaming CPUs for the Money | Tom's Hardware (tomshardware.com) King regards Richard
  12. Having read the link below it seems that the i5 12400 might be even better for MSFS and gaming in general? It seems we do not need those E cores for gaming. Core i5 12400 processor review - Final Words & Conclusion (guru3d.com) King regards Richard
  13. I have decided (I think!!?) to get the MSI MEG CORELIQUID S280 Liquid CPU Cooler which supports L1700 out of the box. Rather expensive like the m/board but what the heck. Do you think the 12700 would be a better choice of cpu for MSFS 2020? Kind regards Richard
  14. I have got a ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI DDR4 motherboard ordered and on the way (hopefully?!?) but then I will have to wait until after Christmas before I purchase my i5 12600K Alder Lake. I will have a longer wait until I am able to replace my jolly old EVGA GTX 1070Ti SC Black. But never mind I will manage as it is a VERY good card. Will also have to get a new AIO. What sort of cooling system have you got Jon? Kind regards Richard
  15. Have a read of some of the reviews they are amazing. Intel Core i5-12600K Review: Intel finally gets its revenge on AMD. - PC Components - Processors (CPUs) - PC World Australia (idg.com.au) Kind regards Richard
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