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  1. Hi, is there a way to make the contrails dark in Night ? Behind my PMDG 737 ng they are White in the Night, as on day.
  2. Alti

    troubles with 3.3

    thanks for reply.
  3. Alti

    troubles with 3.3

    Hello byork, more then a half jear is gone. so let me ask: is there an correction in sight?
  4. Hello, its possible to set chaseplane to panning the head only when taxiing to the left or right on ground, but not panning while in flight? thanks.
  5. Alti

    Drzewiecki Moscow ATC fix?

    same problem here. the developer want or cant help... so i never will buy again any product from them.
  6. Hi, not easy, the Windows10 - recorder did not record the chaseplane overlay. which recorder can this do?
  7. Hello, Windows 10 Pro Update 1809 latest Driver NVIDIA 416.16 GTX1070. P3D4.3 Chaseplane 1.03 i got Flickering (black squares) from the Chaseplane Overlay in Cockpit and much more Flickering in cinematic Mode.
  8. Alti

    PMDG Sound Mute when lost fokus

    there is only setting for "Play in Ext. View" this i have on, it plays Cockpit sounds, when i am on outsideview for the plane, but plays no sound when i lost fokus. Maybe PMDG can make this available in the 737?
  9. Great Job Umberto! Maybe we can get Childrens too in the future? Many Familys flying to holidays with her childs.
  10. Alti

    PMDG Sound Mute when lost fokus

    Hello, thanks for reply. i mean: my Setting is the same as in my default Windows: Mine is "default Lautsprecher (Realtek..)" Same i use for all Sounds in Windows, also P3D.
  11. Hello, in my P3Dv4.3 is the sound option "Mute On Lost Focus" unticked, so i can hear all Flightsimulator Sounds when i change windows programs. But only the PMDG-internal Sounds did Mute when the Flightsim is not in Focus. In the PMDG-Sound Options is my windows-standard audio system set. Why the Problem only with PMDG? thanks for Answer, Thomas
  12. OMSI Grandma meets Flightsim! You knew OMSI? Its the Bussimulator: And now in GSX: i think, thats great, i can drive my grandma to the airport, and then fly to all over the world! 🙂