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  1. you can try to save a Situation in external View and set this to "standard".
  2. when i use EA then i set maximum visibility in ASP3D to 99. so i think, i have not so much problems with disapearing clouds. also i set always a flightplan. try it, you can lose nothing except the clouds 🙂
  3. I have never buyed FSims YVR for P3D, and got it for MSFS for free. i did not know why, but iam lucky that i have became it for free. thanks to Fsim for this one. my Receipt says: CYVR Vancouver International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator x1 $0.00 AUD Total: $0.00 AUD Maybe ORBX Central give random goodies to users? I dont know...
  4. Hello, got a free copy on ORBX Central for MSFS CYVR from FSimStudios.
  5. official its NOT fixed: Open Issues in Version 466.11 WHQL Windows 10 Issues [Prepar3D]: The application crashes to desktop after launched. [3285067]
  6. have deinstalled it. Weather engine is not good. there are extreme changes in weather conditions, no smooth weather changes. it brings nothing to EA, the experimental EA mode does what? in the PMDG no weather radar work with it. have disabled the weather engine from REX, use ASP3D with it and only cloud sync on, the sim will get during flight problems with my 737NGXu (textures from the flightdeck goning to black,and the sim goes down to 3 frames/sek). Rebuild shaders during flight did not fix this issue. when close REX during flight, my sim crashed. this is happens two times in two flights. so i deinstalled it - the sim run again without REX no troubles.
  7. Nvidia shows this in the release Notes: Windows 10 Issues: [VR]: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VR may stutter if Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is disabled. [3246674]
  8. We would Go to MSFS, But in the moment we have no chance to get our 737 full hardware cockpit running with the new Simulator. The sim is Not ready for exclusive hardware in that moment.
  9. Fsdreamteams product Page shows 4 products only for P3Dv5 ?
  10. thanks steve. i pressed the Update-Button in the app often. It did not find any other version. the app says 1.2.87, no update available, Central says 1.1.97 is installed. have createt a ticket on //42
  11. Hav anyone here the same trouble? Got an Update via ORBX Central, since Immersion Manager for NGXu is broken. Did not work. All settings are red now, all says that its "uninstalled" - no settings available. version is 1.2.87 Click on update says that i own the latest version. ORBX Central says to me that 1.1.97 is installed, check the files tid not help. Press any button did not give any action, it opens the ORBX Central, to buy this again.
  12. Hi Byork! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! Its your work to update your MANUAL. The "Enable Flag" for FS2Crew is on a new place in the Loadmanager. Your MANUAL is outdated. It shows what you see in my first post. But it have to show this one - found in "Additional Options" Usually the people who don't read manuals are the stupid ones, but those who read outdated mauals are the stupid ones here. best Reagrds, Thomas
  13. Hello, the file "FS2CrewMadDog.gau" is in this folder: "J:\Prepar3D v5\gauges" I have downloaded the file "FS2Crew MaddogX Reboot.exe" from my account again. it says Version: 2.1 Last Updated: 17 May 2020 installed it again with admin rights. my loadmanager looks this one, no FS2Crew button in any from these available settig-tabs
  14. Hello, where ist the button to enable FS2Crew in 2.0b784 this one is not visible in the newer version? thanks.
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