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  1. Hello i have not a fix for your issue, but an Idea: you can simulate the real live and do an none precision approach. In real live its possible that an ILS did not work.
  2. Have here anyone the german options to check this out? Hat jemand von Euch für die richtigen Optionen im deutsch MSFS ? Thanks
  3. same here, swapped files, settings like in manual , right mousebutton did not work. have wrote in PMDG-Forum. no solution so long... maybe a problem with german version from MSFS?
  4. Hello, for the speedbrake i see there is a way to define an axis if you have an yoke. but when you set an axis, you will have to turn on manualy with axis on landing, so automatic arm maybe not work i have set speedbrake like PMDG suggest in document PMDG_737_MSFS_Introduction.pdf with keyboard. for Reverse trust i use keyboard command F2 - so i think its standard in FS? sorry for maybe bad english. hope it helps.
  5. I also read this. I Also would support the developer, but an other tool "Aerosoft ONE" which take place many hundreds MB on my SSD, this tool brings new things, that i never willuse, also maybe this tool is a spy for Aerosoft? So its a NOGO for Simwings. if the could bring an normal installer i will buy this.
  6. no troubles here with P3D and LNM V2.6.17. both runnig as admin in Windows10pro.
  7. that problem is postet in P3D-Forum one Day after Release from 5.3HF1+ https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=251672#p251672 but no responce from P3D-Team.
  8. Probably the only way to avoid all these problems with the seasons is: Set a date in the P3D with the desired season and then fly with real weather. If a program records the flight (STKP or Volanta) then change the date of the finished flight after the recording. All tools that artificially change the seasons in the simulator scenarios only lead to further problems that one would never have with a complete change of the date in the sumulator.
  9. Hello Piepal when in the registry from your Windows System these entrys are not empty, then it should be good. in my case this entrys in windows10-registry was empty, so the installer did not work. it seems that you have an other problem. sorry more i can not help.
  10. Hello, I had a similar problem, the error was: in my Windows 10 was no username and no organisation was entered in the registry. I was able to fix the problem using this link, put a username in the registry, then the Installier worked again as usual. i hope for you that this maybe helps: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-registered-owner-and-organization-info-windows-10
  11. Hi, 5.3, i see this refelctions over Water over Japan: Reflections from the sun is complete broken
  12. Hello! folder delete (save bevore) C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SceneryIndexes_x64 did it. now 5.3 run without error. thank you!
  13. Hello, some Errors in scenery now after update from 5.2HF1 to 5.3 the Program 5.3 run fine but we get an "scenery Dat File Error". We have backup data from Lorby, which cfg-files should we restore to repair this? i think its "addon.cfg", in C:\ProgramData.. P3DV5 "scenery.cfg" in C:\ProgramData.. P3DV5 "addon.cfg", in C:\users\..raoming\...P3DV5 are there more configuration files which should be corrected ore restored? thanks for your information.
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