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  1. I find it more than impractical to have to confirm every single point of a push and before I can do that I have to open the UGX window every time. The window should be able to open automatically. Thank you. sorry bad english? Its tranlated with google!
  2. You do not need to change settings in the registry: just rename all 4 folders from "Prepar3D v5" to "Prepar3D v4", install your Product, run the PMDG updater, dont forget FS2Crew when you own it, rename the 4 folders back into "Prepar3D v5" and rock the planes.
  3. same here, all outside Views broken and not usable Maddog in V5
  4. Yes it is, new Installer V2.1 you can install in V5!
  5. First Flight from LOWL to LSZH well done, My P3Dv5 took 5 from 10 Gig VRAM; With a lot of Scenery installed, most settings maxed out. All smooth, always min 30 Fps (set to 30).
  6. Hello, is there a chance to create a camera whis is follow my plane? excample: I will position a static cam on the Öresundbridge, whis is follow my plane while landing in Kastrup. Thanks. Thoams
  7. Hello, just a Test if Flytampa´s Scenery works correct:
  8. TURN IT OFF! You can get Problems with so much installers, that not work with this security from Acronis. Acronis is good for Backup, for security it is very bad!
  9. Actualy there is anything wrong: my CPU is still at 100% and my GPU still at max 4%. i can switch all Antialiasing modes, nothing make my GPU to work harder. so i Get max 17 fps with my I9-990k and 1080Ti Edit Win1909, latest Nvidia driver.
  10. Fresh install V5HF1: Back to the roots, horrible Performance with all standard scenery, standard plane, CPU now 100% again I9-9900K, GPU only 4% GTX1080Ti with 4096 and Full SSA. Locked my Frames in NVIDIA driver to 30Fps, this V5 can not hold now. When i set in V5 to unlimited, then 20 to 25 Frames, when lock V5 to 30 ig get maximum 17Fps. Autogen popping in is there again, i thinks its more sad the 4.5 now. ... LM, what have you done again? ...
  11. i forget to switch on the inverters. Thanks for this, all works now. thomas
  12. Hello, i have read, i must press "steer lock". i have set G1000_MFD_SOFTKEY2 for ON to "T" in Fligtsim settings, G1000_MFD_SOFTKEY3 for OFF to "shift +T" in Flightsim settings. But this did not work. it did not press the button on the Yoke. When i press the orange button on yoke with mouse and hold also not work. the steer wheel did not move left or right. Hydrauliks are on. how to taxi this plane?
  13. Downloadet file "LFKC_Calvi_Sainte_Catherine_110_24042020.zip" from Simmarket, My defender did not found any Issues.
  14. Redownload the zip file and install Again. shoul help.
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